BoJay's Time Warp



After months of scanning, tweaking and trimming
an incredible collection of BoJay's unique artistry.


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Now YOU can own this amazing collection!

So what's on this all original collection?

All never before seen material!

Over 750 pages of artwork all by Bojay.
That's pages not artwork. Some pages contain several drawings or sketches. So in reality you are getting literally thousands of illustrations.

Some of the categories are:
  • Age Regression
  • Spanking
  • Age Swap *
  • Animals
  • Diaper Girls
  • Rita
  • Sketches
  • Girls
  • Thumbnails
  • Adult Baby Source (see below)

* Although age progression does not have it's own specialized folder it is included as part of the Age Swap category and there are several other illustrations that appear throughout the many categories above.

NOTE: Please be aware that not all of the images contained on this CD are age regression or age progression. However, there are many pieces of art depicting beautiful women, ideas , sketches and thumbnails all drawn in the BoJay style.

BoJay's Time Warp

A collection of BoJay's comics, drawings, sketches, ideas and thumbnails.

All on one convenient CD divided into individual categories for quick reference.

Diaper girl courtesy
Adult Baby Source

Click on the above image
to see a larger version.

Bonus material included:

With special thanks to DonnyG and the owner of

the Adult Baby Source website.

Through DonnyG they have graciously allowed us to include almost 200 pieces of art of adult baby girls. These were drawn exclusively for the Adult Baby Source website.

Now you can see them too!

However if you enjoy beautiful and cute photographs and movies of adult baby girls and their Mommies check out their website by clicking on the link below.

All of their content is original and exclusive - you won't see it anywhere else!

Adult Baby Source


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