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Discussion Board
Re:Male ARs in Dame x Prince Anime Caravan
maniacaldude 24-03-18 05:52
Re:Still more ad problems?
azerty47 23-03-18 22:36
Re:Video: The Unbirthing of Edward Neezer
filthymind 23-03-18 10:24
Re:AR in Dame X Prince Anime Caravan
azerty47 22-03-18 23:58
Re:AR in Dame X Prince Anime Caravan
Neverlander 22-03-18 22:18
Re:Still more ad problems?
Sebtomato 22-03-18 21:09
Still more ad problems?
azerty47 22-03-18 19:50
AR and AP to death in comic
Tazz 22-03-18 17:41
Re:Video: The Unbirthing of Edward Neezer
magicformula 22-03-18 04:58
Re:Video: The Unbirthing of Edward Neezer
magicformula 22-03-18 04:57
Updated Stories
  • The Tapes Party by 1magus
    Category: Infantilist
    A young couple is left a strange tape to watch for a baby shower... little do they know just what the tape entails. A commissioned tale, please contact me if you would like to commission your own!

  • The Couple's New Life by 1magus
    Category: Mental AR
    Jamie, her boyfriend Jack and her mother end up a pawn in a mad scientist (yet loving mother's) schemes to keep her son her loving baby forever. Notes: Commissioned by a lovely group of people!

  • Stephen's Lotion by 1magus
    Category: Infantilist
    Stephen can't seem to figure out why an odd bottle of lotion makes him feel so weird when around his mommy. Or was it mother? (A commissioned tale)

  • Stephen's Diaperality by 1magus
    Category: Infantilist
    Stephen wakes up in a fantastical, highly sexualized world filled with other adults who get treated like big babies, toddlers and even pre-schoolers. The world around him shifts and changes almost magically, but why? A Commissioned tale! (Contains suggested incest)

  • Cindy-rella (A modern ABDL tale) by username
    Category: AR Stories
    Many recall how the mouse combined the many tales and “standardized” into what we know today. I propose a step backwards with an up to date twist.

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