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Re:Mental AR Captions Tumblr Blog
vended 26-05-18 00:41
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
Gooddemon 25-05-18 20:05
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
Gooddemon 25-05-18 16:50
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
Sebtomato 25-05-18 16:21
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
bmunk 25-05-18 14:46
Re:ARchive at an intersection. (Commiss...
Utopianfubar 25-05-18 13:10
Re:ARchive at an intersection. (Commiss...
vended 25-05-18 10:11
Re:ARchive at an intersection. (Commiss...
Sebtomato 24-05-18 16:53
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
vended 24-05-18 13:41
Re:ARchive at a crossroads. (Commissions!)
Eta 24-05-18 13:29
Updated Stories
BoJay Premium Update - May 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Tuesday, 03 May 2016

BoJay Premium has 2 brand new images and 1 from the back catalog! A new male AR called "The Future Kindergarten", an new age progression called "The Twins", and a female AR from the back catalog called "Diaper Morph"!

For the next 6 months (at least) month-to-month/pay as you go will be for 30 days. There will be regular updates with new material at the beginning of each month.

I have expired the month to month accounts of everyone who has gotten to see at least one update during their time or signed up close to the last update - if you have any issues, email me at heidegger *@* this websites domain name or login and use direct messaging.

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