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Discussion Board
Re:Mental time travel to the past in PS...
Tazz 28-06-17 19:31
Re:Mental time travel to the past in PS...
Noliwankenobi 28-06-17 18:41
Re:New Areg5 and Oni Comic: Just a Litt...
areg5 27-06-17 23:49
Re:Funny ar story animated
vended 27-06-17 22:20
Re:Funny ar story animated
azerty47 27-06-17 20:55
Re:Funny ar story animated
Gooddemon 27-06-17 20:03
Re:Funny ar story animated
vended 27-06-17 19:43
Funny ar story animated
Gooddemon 27-06-17 17:07
Re:New Areg5 and Oni Comic: Just a Litt...
Oni 27-06-17 05:55
Re:Mental time travel to the past in PS...
Tazz 27-06-17 00:07
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  • Adam and Aubrey by antgression
    Category: Infantilist
    Infintialist stuff. Not too intense

  • The flight by antgression
    Category: AR Stories
    Story about man on plane. At first infintialist, then goes into ar. First story. New chapter added.

  • Matt and Adam by LittleBully
    Category: Infantilist
    Set in the Diaper Dimension.

  • The Imaginary Friend by skywavesage
    Category: AR Stories
    A teen wins the girl of his desires, but not in quite the way he imagined. Added Chapter 2. Feedback & comments always welcome, more stories and captions at

  • Watch The Birdie by Sebtomato
    Category: AR Stories
    Saffron will do anything to make it big as a fashion model. She’ll dump her manager and best friend if necessary. But will she do everything a Parkdale photographer asks? Because Ruben has some very strange ideas indeed… (A story commissioned by Sarah)

BoJay Premium Update - July 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Wednesday, 06 July 2016

BoJay Premium has 1 brand new image and a 6 image sequence from the back catalog! A new female Age Swap called "Big Baby Sister Sitter" and from the back catalog a female AR called "Brunette AR"!

For the next 5 months (at least) month-to-month/pay as you go will be for 30 days. There will be regular updates with new material at the beginning of each month.

I have expired the month to month accounts of everyone who has had access over 30 days - if you have any issues, email me at heidegger *@* this websites domain name or login and use direct messaging.

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