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Main >> Halloween 2007 Story Contest >> Tales from the Crib - Halloweenie

Tales from the Crib - Halloweenie
Author: N/A
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c47711 - 27 October 2007
i personally didnt understand the beggining did he start out as a little kid or what? the description was not very detailed. also, what was the plastic thing in his mouth?
Sebtomato - 27 October 2007
I detect a strong Tainted Sins influence here, but nothing wrong with that. Well paced, fun tricks (subway one was my favorite) and I love the 'image capture' thing, great idea. Oh, and Best. Title. Ever :)
Coodie2 - 27 October 2007
I enjoyed it ! Hope to see more from shadesoflipstick. My only suggestion would be that the regressions are more detailed... :-) Good story though !
kARth - 27 October 2007
Nice. Not too long, not too short; nice descriptions (though perhaps you could give more to the regression sequences); basically a good entry. I liked the title, too (Seb hit that nail on the head). Keep writing, you're good.

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