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Main >> Halloween 2006 Story Contest >> Halloween Queen

Halloween Queen
Author: N/A

Chapter #: 1
Summary: Rebeca is bored and on Halloween thats the last thing the town of Oakvale wants this mischievous young sorceress to be.
Updated On: 26 October 2006 - Words Count: 7205 - Number of Reads: 1808
  Read Reviews: 4 

Halloween Queen Print

Bored, bored, bored Rebeca thought to herself as she played with her hair and stared out the window, her proffesor was going on non stop about another useless theory. That same feeling would hit her again as she stared down at the pile of papers before her at the office. The flirt of the office and a real tease at college Rebeca was always on the prowl for a man and with her witty nature she was soon the envy of her haunts. No one could put their finger on it but there was an air of mystery surrounding the young vixen. No one knew much about her life outside of work and school and this is how she prefered it. She really needed to let loose though. It was the witching season again and her desire to pick up those old spell books renewed itself. With time she could master her powers but she knew that she’d always need money as she had yet to find the incantations to that food conjuring spell. Late one afternoon in Sepetember Rebeca heard a knock at her door and upon answering found only a bright red boxy wrapped with purple and black ribbons. The family seal was on the front, Mom had remembered her birthday! At eighteen her mother finally believed her daughter to be mature enough to wield certain powers. Tingles ran up and down her spine as the prospect of exercising her powers over real people excited her and even made her slick down below. She didn’t want to hurt anyone nor would she ever; all she wanted to do was fun. Mom wouldn’t mind she thought as her mother was quite liberal with Rebeca’s use of magic on mortals. While she knew simple spells like levitation and temporary invisibility her ability to bend reality needed to be refined. Rebeca would soon be a full fledged sorceress but like with any profession she would need to experiment first and the town was full of possible guinea pigs. After having gotten intimate with the mental incantations required she set out on the town to put her abilities to the test. She was still new at this reality bending thing so mistakes were to be expected. Leaves crunched under foot and the old naked trees stood out against the clear blue sky; gnarled branches reaching upward like hands shooting forth from the earth. Rebeca took a deep breath and enjoyed the autumn vista. The town had the aura of a horror movie set; only here Rebeca was the director.

Afternoon was falling and as she walked past the local high school she spotted two teens about her age in mortal years making out beneath the stands of their football field. She stared at them and concentrated but nothing happened. Rebeca quickly stormed off after receiving no reaction from the couple feeling frustrated, if only she had waited a while longer she would have been pleased with the results.
“Kev I ...umm I don’t know what to say...” Ashley looked with disappointment at him, just about to lose his virginity until they encountered a small problem. She was quite upset with him, all that boasting and bragging about his massive ‘sausage’ and he hardly had even an apetizer to offer her.
“Honest! I measured it last night and it was at least six inches!” he sobbed into his hands only revealing his tear stained face to her every so often. Searching for some sign of understanding or even pity but there was none to be found. The year before his growth spurt he felt small but now infantile would better describe how he felt downstairs.
“I mean even the freshmen can do around five but you ... I mean my little cousin isn’t even that small and he’s only nine!... its over Kev I need a real man not a little boy.”
In the spur of the moment she looked around and saw no one and pulled down her bright pink thong panties and proceeded to slide them up Kevin’s legs with no resistance on his part, his world had already coem crashing down this simply added insult to injury.
“There you need them more than I do; my clit is bigger than that ‘weenis’ ”
With that Ashley the leader of the cheerleading team walked off into the afternoon her pom poms rustling in the wind she didn’t need to dress up for Halloween; she was already every boys’s dream. An hour would pass before Kevin could bring himself to get off the benches; in pure frustration he threw the werewolf mask he had been wearing early that day into the trash can. Walking home was no treat either as he could no longer feel much of anything moving in his roomy briefs, even with the panties secured over them. Halloween was tommorow but he felt like he was a day early, other people who caught sight of his panties thought he was probably just a cross dressers, albeit a fairly depressed and lonely one. On the way home Ashley used her cell phone to spread the word on Kevin’s ‘twig’ through out the entire school; maybe a better past time to stick to would be trick or treating with other people his ‘size’ she exclaimed to several people. Later that night after successfully going to the bathroom he’d find that while his bladder was unnaffected but his aim was severely impacted. Having to hold unto it with his index finger and thumb it often slipped out of his grasp spraying everything around him. The other implications of having a micro penis were beginning to hit him hard as he cleaned up his mess.

After several more ‘failed’ attempts Rebeca decided to give it one more try and this time she would wait around a bit longer than before. Walking into the department store she saw Halloween costumes displayed on multiple racks. She followed a boy into the unisex dressing area and peeked at him through the crevices of the door as he changed in the cramped room. The spiderman costume was far too small for him he’d have to try another. This time Rebeca let the magic flow naturally without concentration and without tension. The changes were rather rapid as the sixteen year old melted into a scrawny little twelve year old with the costume now fitting him rather well. Rebeca smiled at herself and felt quite pleased. Success rang through her mind.
“Oh my God!...” he screamed over and over and then suddenly stoped and whimpered. The realization had hit him if his mom or sister saw him like this they’d knew it was him, everyone would recognize his face. Rebeca let out a cackle and the boy quickly fell flat against the back wall of the changing room and seemed so startled like a caged animal frozen stiff in fear. His old clothes hanging near by would no longer fit him, he would eventually have to go out in that silly cheap costume.
“Please change me back..”
“This is soo perfect...I’m sure you’ll change’ll only be four years.”
She left the sobbing boy in the changing room as she wandered through the store. Rebeca made sure to grab some candy for tommorow. A little while later she spotted an angry middle aged woman dragging a pint sized spider man out the door while she berated him and scolded him like the tween he now was. It would be quite the switch for him as he would have to repeat the last four years of school all over again, it was bad enough the first time and he feared a return visit having barely made it through in his first attempt. Those little kids he had once gloated over were now not soo little anymore to him. The playing field was even now. His mom would have to get his old clothes out of the attic if she hadn’t already donated them to some charity. If she had they’d have a lot of shopping to do. Rebeca left the department store and moved into the mall in search of more fun.

Every window display had some type of Fall or Halloween reference to go with what ever they were trying to sell. A vampire looming over a fifty inch flat screen tv. A diamond earring and necklace display surrounded in a miniature graveyard with stretched to cotton to depict fog and spider webs. Many store entrances had their walls decked in black and orange Halloween cut outs of haunted castles, ghosts and the like. The monster mash played repeatedly in every second shop. As she walked down the store lined corridor she turned to her left hearing some commotion. A couple likely in their early twenties with two nine year old girls. The girls were clearly upset and were throwing tantrums.
“Lea and Haley you are to stop that this instant your making a scene!” the older girl yelled at her two charges fed up and not sure what to do.
“Come on Rachel can’t we just leave them with your mom I’m tired of this babysitting crap.” the boy friend whined clearly not happy that he had to spend his day doing pointless chores; hopefully he’d get some later from his girlfriend he thought.
“Your both stupid heads! We want that laughing skull thing and we’ll tell mom if you don’t get it for us!”
Rebeca giggled and was glad she never had to deal with siblings. The boyfriend stared about bored out of his mind. While the older girl tended to her bratty little cousins. The girls had been pushing strollers with dolls in them both dressed as little aliens. While the girls were pawing at the stack of laughing automated skulls. Rebeca concentrated on the couple and within a flash they disapeared, or had they? The taller girl managed to get a skull down and she showed it to the shorter girl; the laughing skull was all the rage at school they simply had to have it. Baby aliens were so last year; as Lea reached inside her stroller she was shocked to find that her plushy baby alien moved. Not only that but these were real babies just dressed up as aliens minus the face paint.
“Rachel!?” Haley looked in her stroller. “Chris!?” Lea looked in her stroller. The girls looked at each other happy to be liberated. Rachel and Chris were frightened beyond belief but lacked any verbal skills to articulate their distress. Gurgling and crying were fast becoming part of their new repertoire. The girls on the other hand might raise suspicion so Rebeca made them believe that Chris and Rachel had always simply been their baby siblings. She left Chris and Rachel’s minds intact, it was always more fun that way.
“Ugh! I can’t believe Mom made us baby sit today!” Lea flashed the laughing skull in front of Rachel causing her to cry Chris was mewling soon after. What had once been a simple Halloween prop now terrified the nursery schoolers. The girls thought it was funny how the babies were scared of such a cool looking thing. Besides it wasn’t real it was only plastic.
“I know like I wanna go out and do fun stuff like the Halloween part at Amanda’s house not change baby diapers!” Haley looked across at Chris and stuck her tongue out at him while making scary eyes.
“Or feed them their bottles .. maybe we can just leave them with aunt Susan”
Haley agreed with her sister and they carted their little cousins near a pay phone and phoned home. Nothing was out of the ordinary except to Rachel and Chris who knew they were supposed to be much much older. At least they could be together tonight although they’d be doing so in a play pen under the strict vigiliance of Rachel’s mother. Aunt Susan thought she’d have the day to her self but there always after eight, the babies would fast asleep by then. Rebeca laughed to herself and felt intoxicated with power, it was going to be a memorable Halloween in Oakvale this year. A cool breeze swept across her frame as she stepped out of the mall and headed home. The spell was now a part of her and she could cast it with ease.

She yawned and got out of bed, stretched a bit and hopped down the stairs. This Halloween she would be a witch fairly suiting when she thought about it. She floated across her walk in closet, literally, over to the top shelf of her old oak armoire and gathered the costume. Nothing as crazy as you’d imagine just a fashionable outfit bought from a party store. Black pointy hat atop her long black hair. Long flowing black witches gown around her slim 5’7 frame. Some white powder to make her skin even paler than it already was. The finishing touch came in the form of dark purple lipstick and an old straw broom for effect. She looked in the mirror, her hazel eyes with long lashes stared back at her. In Oakvale Halloween was an official holiday for everyone but no one loved it more than her. Of course she could practice her magic at any time of the year but doing so know just gave it a different flavor. Halloween is all about being something your not and Rebeca wanted to give this popular masquerade a whole new meaning. She grabed her backpack and little bright pink leather hand bag and started her day.

Fresh morning air filled her lungs as the rising sun cast a light orange-pink hue across the town. Walk to the strain station, catch the metro and walk to class. This was her usual weekday routine. With it being Halloween today campus was dotted with activities here and there. None of these really interested Rebeca but just outside the main library on her way to class she noticed a costume competition. Two guys and two girls. All dressed up in weird make shift costumes. Rebeca rolled her eyes what sexist groupings but whatever everyone looked like they were having fun. Everyone but Rebeca. The crowd which had gathered round this minor diversion was effectively blocking her way to class. This infuriated her. She glared at the obstruction before her and conjured up a giant play pen. Everyone looked shocked and frightened as they scrambled against the mesh walls of the giant structure, trying to escape. The costumed contestants had long since run off into the vast campus grounds. Most would have their memory wiped clean later. Those that tried to tell their story were laughed at and accused of being high or drunk at the time. With no cameras and within a choke point with low visibility there would be no proof of the supposed phenomena. Rebeca focused on the play pen and made it shrink. The fifteen adults trapped inside the massive playpen were soon regressed to fit their enclosure. The campus day care was only just across from the main library so it wan’t inconvenient to push the crowded playpen over to the entrance and walk away. Walking away from annoyances had made her life so much more convenient and that was what mattered to her. Latter that night when the spell wore off there were many dazed and confused adults trapped inside the day care. Many people reported a bright light and being held in a large silvery object with a net like structure. No one could explain it and the town council simply ruled it an unexplained case .. possibly UFO related. It blew over in the following weeks as people lost interest.

Classes went by uneventfully as many students came to class dressed up. There were very few students who abstained from dressing up. Rebeca stared at the digital clock on the wall and then taped her pen atop her notebook. 9:30, 9:34, 9:37. She ached for release, for diversion. She turned to the girl who sat next to her, the one with the small birthmark on her hand, and asked.
“Are you supposed to be a big business lady for Halloween little girl?” Rebeca giggled
“I’am in Business you bitch now leave me alone I have more pressing matters to attend to than your childish Halloween games.” The girl replied fiercely, what was wrong with that psycho arts chick she thought to herself. Dressed up for Halloween too how rediculous. She couldn’t believe that people were still doing that at such an institution. This wasn’t grade school anymore.
“My my... such a potty mouth but I bet it compliments your potty bottom little miss business student” Rebeca’s cold insult hit a nerve.
The girl had only just over come bedwetting problems last year. The angered undergrad was about to respond once more but no sooner had she opened her mouth then she closed it again. She could feel a warmth spread under the seat of her formal dress pants. No this wasn’t happening again, not after all the effort she put into appearing so professional; she was ruined. Rebeca laughed and the professor, a middle aged woman with her hair in a bun, looked over at interuption.
“Ladies do you have something to share with the class?”
“I think she may, don’t you sweet heart. Go up and show everyone what a big girl you are” Rebeca teased her colleague on.
The throughly embarased and spell bound twenty year old walked to the front of the class and it was apparent to all that she had wet her pants; she felt a large sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, not wanting to believe that this was for real. Even more surprisingly was the way she sang that popular potty training pants commercial song just like she had sung as a toddler. In this brief moment her body no longer responded to her but to Rebeca. The class erupted into laughter, all those faces staring at her and judging her. This isn’t play school what was she thinking? She no longer deserved to be amongst them, kindergarden would even be a stretch. The professor escorted her out into the hall and soon let out a shriek. To Rebeca it was no surprize since most kids were potty trained by then. The professor escorted her out of the lecture hall, such an outburst was intolerable. Rebeca peeked outside to check out the scolding buisness girl was getting; there was a sudden screech. The profesor had just fainted and was coming to but even more to Rebeca’s liking was the fashion in which the business style clothes were strewn on the floor towards the elevator. Even at home the girl took care in putting them up neatly on hangers, here they were strewn about the floor just like they would be in a messy child’s room. Rebeca just barely noticed a little white figure escaping into the vast campus, clad in a large button blouse. The spell caused rapid regression as to a certain degree it could be fueled by embarasement, Rebeca hadn’t worked that kink out yet. Child services would find her soon and maybe even find her a new home and definetly re-acquiant her with her old Barbie T-shirts, sweat pants and Velcro runners she thought she had left behind in fourth grade. Technically the girl was ready for Halloween since she was dressing up like an adult and that was something she was now not, how cute Rebeca thought as she played with her jet black hair and wandered off to her next class.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful for Rebeca as she decided to play it low for awhile but the opportunity before her at the metro station was far to sweet to pass up. The train took off and Rebeca sat two rows removed from the guy and the teenie bopper girls. He clearly had no interest in Halloween while they were all dressed up: a witch, a nurse and a fairy. Their mindless banter and cheap perfume was getting to him and Rebeca waited for the perfect moment to turn the tables on the twenty one year old undergrad. The perfect picture of adulthood, professionalism and confidence. To make matters worse as they shifted about and played around with each others hair they bumped into him several times breaking his concentration on proof reading his paper.
“Umm not be a prude or anything but ... do you mind? I’m trying to read this.” he said meekly. While he athletic and built he always had a fear of displeasing people and this translated over into anxiety in most public situations.
“Like .. no way! You suck!” the girls responded almost in unison clearly rejecting his request. Who was he to demand anything of them, they were the alpha females of their school. Rebeca thought what the guy might look like if he was dressed up in a more appropriate fashion, after all no real man would let himself be talked down to like that by a bunch of bratty girls. The scenario would look much appropriate if he was younger than them. A thought later his back pack was gone and replaced with a plastic Power Rangers lunch box. Hadn’t he gotten rid of that in seventh grade?
“Does your mommy like still pack your lunch? I bet she even like cuts your food into little pieces for you huh? I wonder if she makes you wear a bib at dinner too.” the nurse snidely remarked and giggled at her own comment.
Within seconds his casual yet professional clothing was replaced with something that would seem more appropriate on a five year old. Rather than find this odd the girls simply laughed hysterically at the overgrown child. An adult dressed like a child he was certainly qualified for trick or treating. At least he was dressed up as the Green Power Ranger and not the Pink one, that would certainly require more explanation on his part.
“Well we know for sure that his mommy like dresses him up, awww how adorable! He sure doesn’t look like a college boy! Do you? I bet he hasn’t even graduated from Pull Ups yet!” the fairy said in an ice cold yet very sure tone.
A fine idea thought the grining Rebeca as she transformed the terrified undergrad’s briefs into a heavily padded Pull Ups training pants. The bulge was all too noticeable under the tight childrens clothing he wore. His face bright pink with humiliation. Whats happening to me he thought; could there really be such a thing as magic? Whatever was happening to him there was no stopping it. It was out of his hands. His mind was frozen in fear.
“Tsk a pants wetter at your age like my five year old brother can do way better than you. I don’t think you even deserve to be grown up.” The witch said in the sincerest tone she could muster. All the comments seemed so ‘matter of factly’.
Rebeca nodded her head in agreement and slowly re-distributed fifteen years of his maturity amongst the three girls who slowly became mature eighteen year olds, their costumes grew to fit them aswell. No longer twenty but sixteen, he had lost all the muscle mass he had gained through soo much dedication. He looked into the semi-reflective window to see himself getting younger and younger. No longer sixteen but eleven and he was on the wrong side of puberty. He like to have a smooth shave but upon touching his face he couldn’t even feel the slightest of coarseness. No longer eleven but only five and puberty was dream that would be years away now. What had taken him years to gain was easily taken and handed over to the snotty girls within seconds. The boy, as he now literally was, felt so intimidated by these pretty and tall ladies, they were way above his league. He surely shouldn’t be sitting next to them; just looking at them would make him wet his pants and mommy would be really angry. Where once they might of fawned over him and he would have given them the cold shoulder they would now likely become his babysitters who would order him around at their whim. Rebeca heard her stop called and moved to get off and the boy’s fate was his own again as Rebeca doubted she’d ever see him again. However her little guinea pig would be getting off here aswell and that meant a little more time for fun. His cheap department store Power Rangers costume fit him perfectly now in both size and social status. As he struggled off the seat, his feet finally touching the ground he was challenged again. The long voluptuous legs of the ladies blocked his path. They giggled as he struggled to move past them; making faces at him as he whimpered. Mentally all three parties were unchanged it was physically that they now found themselves with different titles, adults and child.
“Happy Halloween little boy! You still suck though only now it’s your mama’s titty!” the witch laughed out loud as the fairy swatted his padded bottom causing him to yelp and run for the exit to the train. He managed to get past them but the nurse grabbed the waist band of his thin green pants and yanked them down exposing his training pants to the world. Fierce laughter filled the train from all sides, all directed at his silly little scene. The girls had really put him in his place. Frightened beyond belief he began to mentally revert to his old ways as he crawled towards the exit. The button that opened the door was far above him now and if he didn’t make it out he’d have to wait for someone else to press it at the next stop or ask someone nicely to press it for him. He would have to depend on the kindness of others now for things he had easily done himself in the recent past. Laughter from the ladies rang through out his head over and over. Scenes from National Geographic of predators playing with their prey rolled in his mind. He felt so small and emasculated; within minutes he went from a relatively confident undergrad to a prissy little five year old. Rebeca watched the scene unfold as the kindergardener cried. He managed to pull up his thin green pants but after that he didn’t know what else to do. The once familiar train station was now enormous and so were the people moving by him. He went back to crying, the mainstay of any emotionally undeveloped child.
“Help .... Change me back....change me....Mama!” he whimpered and wandered towards the exit and soon bumped right into the large rear of a middle aged woman dressed as Elvira who looked none too pleased as she grabbed the boy by his puny arm. Rebeca fought to contain her laughter.
“Are you lost and looking for your mommy? You shouldn’t be out here alone!”
“I’m an adult! For real! Something happened to me I just want to be changed...”
Changed huh? Well that can be arranged on an hourly basis even! Rebeca further reduced him into a pudgy little two year old wearing a pumpkin costume with snaps along the crotch and bottom for reasons that were about to become apparent.
“Oh my don’t cry little one.. Mama’s here.” The woman exclaimed under the influence of Rebeca’s spell. She picked up her two year old and checked the seat of his pants with no need for his permission, the thought never even crossed her mind as there simply was no need to ask. Sure enough his diaper was not only wet but messy as well an incredible feat as it had literally only been on him for a matter of seconds but that’s all it took. She sighed remembering how difficult it was to potty train such a late bloomer.
“Somebody needs a fresh stinky baby!” the woman admonished loudly.
With no regard for his privacy, as babies were naturally under the full control of their mothers, she laid him bare on a bench and changed his diaper in full public view. He simply sucked on his thumb and whimpered, at his new age it was all that he could do. Rebeca walked by and winked at the baby who realized in horror who was behind his fall back into babyhood. As his new mommy fastened him snugly in his Pampers he tried to speak but only baby gurgles issued forth from his toothless gums soon nothing came out as ‘mommy’ stuck a pacifier in his mouth already tired of hearing his whinning. The girls were partially right here he was in public, sucking. Rebeca gave him a soother shaped candy. The woman smiled and thanked the friendly witch. As she walked down the street to her home Rebeca slapped her forehead as she forgot to specify a time for the spell to end ... if at all. Looking back the woman and baby were no where to be found. She shrugged and smiled much like the jack’O lanterns that sat on front steps and porches all about her neighborhood. The sun began to dive into the horizon as the afternoon came rapidly; trick or treaters started to fill the streets. Rebeca stared out from her bedroom window and smiled, she quickly got her bags of candy ready for all the little boils and ghouls, many of whom seemed familiar to her. Bet they never thought they’d be knocking on doors for candy again this year or ever.

Ding dong. Rebeca opened the door and saw a teen girl prodding her little brother forward, he was dressed in a familiar spider man costume. He was none to pleased at being paraded about the neighborhood by his mean older sister.
“I don’t wanna Sara..I don’t wanna!”
“Mom says since you won’t tell us the truth about really what happened you’ll have to adjust to living like that! Now say trick or treat to the nice lady or I’ll tell mom you wasted my time! Then she’ll spank you again!”
“Trick or treat!” the tween whimpered half in tears as his larger sister prodded him.
“Say it louder with more enthusiasm!”
“Oh its fine...I’m sure he’s just shy.. he’ll grow out of it...” Rebeca giggled as the boy looked up at her puzzled. The sound her voice so familiar and yet...
“Are you...” he was cut off before he could finish.
“No...” then Rebeca threw some candy into his pail “...and if you like being able to use the washroom like a big boy you won’t ever mention it again you little man...” a fake smile crossed her face and the boy seemed to get the message. The bored sister steered her terrified little brother down to the next house as he squirmed past other trick or treaters like a frightened child. Being seen like this was mortifying as unlike the other regressees he had lost only four years and was still recognizable by his friends. Four years was a huge difference at his age meaning that he was now on the lower end of the food chain than those tenth graders he used to tease now he barely even qualified for junior high. A lot of things were changing, reverting.

Ding dong. Rebeca opened the door and looked down at a little girl in a Barbie outfit, those cheaper ones. The girl was clearly in a hurry to get candy as a nice young couple stared from the side walk and urged their adopted daughter onward. She wanted nothing more than to run home and huddle with her plushies.
“And what are we supposed to be this Halloween?” Rebeca grined. Once the girl got a look at Rebecas face she started to cry. The couple rushed up to comfort their daughter.
“Oh don’t worry little miss, the nice lady isn’t a real witch.”
“Oh no I’m actually an undergrad at the Chestnut College. Only a year left for me...” she pretended to have stolen the girl’s nose “...but I’m sure you have many years of school ahead of you!” Rebeca took note of the birth mark on the girl’s hand, it was business girl. The parents thanked Rebeca and took their fear stricken daughter to the next house. A little wet trail led back down the block. It would dry in a while Rebeca thought to herself but those pants would be wet all night and at the full view of other trick or treaters. No way to hide something so painfully obvious.

Ding dong. A middle aged heavy set woman in an Elvira dressed smiled at Rebeca and then at her little bundle of joy which she carried in her arms.
“Coochie coo!” Rebeca tickled the baby under his chin. Still dressed in that pumpkin costume but by the amount of time that had gone by since his regression at her hands he’d likely have gone through at least two more diapers. At his age it was the norm, a lot of norms were changing for him and quickly. Rebeca giggled ‘changing’ what an appropriate word to use. He’d be changed wherever and whenever adults saw fit.
“Michael tell the nice lady like we practiced at home in front of aunt Peggy.” The woman took the blushing baby’s tiny hands and clapped them togther. This only got him to cry; embarrassed at having to perform like a little clown for the big scary lady. She had taken away al lhis maturity and now he would have to perform embarasing little skits for her!? The tears flowed freely unto the bat shaped bib he wore, bits of mashed carrot indicated he had probably just been fed.
“Aww...” Rebeca feigned concern and smiled a large tooth grin at the baby boy “...whats a matter sweet pea...” she prodded the front of his bulging diaper, ‘pea’ seemed the right descriptor for someone at his age“... I hope my costume didn’t scare the wee wee out of you.” She poked the front of his diaper bulge.
The older woman laughed and then placed him over her arm, snapped off his the seat of his pants and pulled back the hem of his diapers. Both women recoiled at the odor.
“Do you mind if I change him here? We’ve only been trick or treating for an hour but you know how babies are.” sighed the middle aged woman.
“Oh its fine I don’t mind.” Rebeca giggled. She read his mind and could see that this was the first time another woman besides his actual mother would be seeing him naked. She stared down as the woman changed her baby, she liked how his life was turning out it filled her with that sense of power. Suddenly ‘Elivira’s’ cell phone went off and she had to answer it leaving little Michael naked on the steps as countless people passed by and giggled at his tiny wriggling form. It was too much for him to bear and he began to cry again. With baby wipes, powder, Vaseline and a fresh unfolded diaper next to him o nhis portable changing mat it was clear to people that baby was getting his diapers changed. Returning to her task at hand ‘Elvira’ gave Rebeca the soiled diaper and proceeded to powder his bottom with talc, the white little clouds of dust only bringing more attention from wandering groups. She deftly grabbed his ankles and slid the thick diaper underneath his hairless bottom. Bringing the center up above his navel and tightly securing the sides with their sticky tabs she smiled dow nat her handy work. She buttoned him back into the pumpkin costume he so detested. His clothes and his freedom really allowed him to be himself but now this was no longer the case, it would likely never be the case again. Michael couldn’t fathom what had been worse: being naked to the curious eyes of the world or being woman handled into his diaper.
“There we go all clean! Michael can you say thank you to the nice you...” the woman sighed as he began to cry yet again and put a pacifier in his mouth to keep him quiet. Rebeca put some candy soothers in his pail.
“Thank you so much dear you’ve really been understanding.”
“I love babies if only they could stay that way forever...” Rebeca winked at him “... well have a Happy Halloween and thanks for the souvenir!” she giggled as the woman walked away with the baby on her shoulder. Pinched between two fingers was the saggy diaper which Rebeca teased at the baby from a distance. The line of communication being sent by Rebeca was very clear: I win! She could hear the woman trying to soothe him as she patted his padded bottom, a loud crinkling sound coupled with the woman’s high heels echoed in the night air. To anyone who walked by it was just a mother trying to calm down her fussy baby, nothing more. Rebeca didn’t throw the diaper out but encased it a magic non-stench case in her trophy room. It was a treat for her to have a trophy of her first successful full regression of a studly guy back into a mere diaper clad baby. She put it net to her first broom stick and spell book.

After about an hour or so of giving out treats Rebeca decided to head to the streets to give out more tricks. She passed a young woman taking her little kid sister trick or treating. She didn’t like doing it but it had to be done since her parents were out at the company Halloween party. With a wink and a thought the two would find themselves in each others shoes... and tops and bottoms. The woman now dressed up as a cinderella and holding a pail full of candy and the girl dressed up in casual wear now forcefully directing her older sister to house after house. Clothes do make the lady, or man, but in this case they made the girl. Dressed up like a little girl while her little sister wore her adult clothes made her too embarased to even think straight. Her little sister’s greed for candy was insatiable and the coed had to endure the teasing comments of passers by and home owners. The weight of the pail grew which each passing block as did the shame the young woman felt. Like the will of others she remained under Rebeca’s spell there would be little free will although shame was just as effective an enforcer.
“Aren’t you too old to be trick or treating?”
“Shame on you letting a little girl force you around like that don’t you have a brain?”
“It was cute when you were in sixth grade but not anymore!”
“Puh-leaze! Gimme a break what are you a wanna be kid!? Grow up!”
By the end of the night the young woman felt as childish as her costume looked, she would develop a fear of her younger sister and would defer to her now unlike before.
Rebeca walked down the block leaving the two to their candy hunt.

Within minutes she saw a bully vampire trying to coerce candy from a smaller boy dressed up as a mad scientist. With a thought the vampire was now six and the scientist was now ten. The bully would soon get to feel what it would be like to be on the receiving end. The little blood sucker ran off into the night as the scientist stood there staring down at his larger form. Possibly the first charitable act Rebeca had performed all night, theres always a first time for everything she thought. She had done it more because the night was soon over and there were few people about to play with at this hour in her part of town. These and other transformations paled in comparison to what she had done earlier to her first group of subjects. She would have to check up on them sometime, if she could find out where they lived, or remembered to for that matter.
“Nah!” she giggled and flipped her hair. Looking down at her nails she found something of greater importance to worry about; her nail gloss was fading, she would most certainly have to touch that up. Her heels clicked down the alley as she sang that the latest Aguilera song her to her self, it was crisp on her conjured mp3 player. She had exercised her power and no one could stop her. The city was her play ground.

It was getting late and Halloween night was ten minutes from being over. Her mother would be so proud of her when she returned from the Cosmic plane. A light mist rolled down the street as a gentle breeze fluttered the leaves to and fro. An old street light flickered on and off, casting light and then leaving the street in darkness. Rebeca wandered by the old colonial wooden bridge where the racing flaming jack’o lanter was seen speeding across several nights ago. To the shock of the local police they had found fiery hoof marks imprinted into the bridge and a smashed pumpkin near by. The woods by her house with their distinct howls not quite wolf but not quite human but certainly quite close. Rebeca passed the tree where an old hag was purportedly hung many years ago, its branches cracked as the wind flowed past them. A malformed shadow scurried into a dark alley as empty trash cans clattered to the cement. Cats hissed and fought over a piece of meat in the middle of the street as the thicker midnight fog rolled down the streets. She had no fear of any of these things. She open the creaky old black iron gate to her home atop the crescent. Staring back down at the city she smiled in defiance of it and headed in. She plopped down on the couch and watched some seventies and eighties late night horror thrillers as she tossed left over candy into her mouth. She had proven her capabilities to herself and was truly Queen of the Night. The Halloween Queen...

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