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Main >> Mental AR >> A bit Shorter

A bit Shorter
Author: Long_Rifle
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Ambiguous - 04 October 2012
Awesome as always, and pretty dark toward the end there. Then again, I suppose this is a Halloween story. : )
personalias - 03 October 2012
I often notice that our internet handles are often just a single name. That being said: All Hail the Two-Named-Boy! In the Land of The One Name, the Two-Named-Boy will rule! Welcome back, LR. You haven't lost your touch.
thepaddedquill - 03 October 2012
Being a resident of Wisconsin myself, I take offense to the tone of the first few sentences of this story. Otherwise, good job. You shouldn't keep these sorts of things hidden away.
Long_Rifle - 03 October 2012
Don't worry. I don't mind talking to armpit dwellers. It's not like you like in Ohio. Do you know why all Michigan trees lean towards the south? Cause Ohio sucks. (is joke) Bwahahahaah!!!!

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