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Main >> AR Stories >> 'The Painted Boy'

'The Painted Boy'
Author: skywavesage
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vended - 12 May 2015
Nevermind. ;) Your ideas sound greats, anyways, a second chapter would go well it seem. :]
Spectrum_Analyzer - 10 May 2015
Enjoyed it quite a bit, and I hope you write more! The ending felt a little rushed, but I really liked the general ideas used.
Neverlander - 10 May 2015
It's stories like this that I came for. You've written a thoroughly enjoyable piece that hits all the right notes. Congratulations!
skywavesage - 10 May 2015
Thanks for all the compliments! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. To Spectrum_Analyzer and Streetspirit: My initial draft was longer and included Julian’s post-AR life in the village and an attempt by a party to rescue him. But I had trouble making that fit in with the overall story arc, so settled on a shorter, simpler version. To vended: I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand why you feel “AR wasn't the main point of the story”. Would be helpful if you can elaborate on your thoughts - thanks!
Streetspirit - 09 May 2015
This is a nice short story! I am a fan of cultural transformation which is rarely seen in AR. I personally would have liked to see the story fleshed out a little, but that is just my preference.
vended - 09 May 2015
Well written and fresh. It somehow feel like the AR wasn't the main point of the story, though. ^^' It was a good little read anyways. Keep the good work! ;)

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