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Main >> Infantilist >> A Christmas Tale - A Diaper Dimension Story

A Christmas Tale - A Diaper Dimension Story
Author: aus_dpr
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aus_dpr - 31 December 2015
Yeah parody might not be the right word, it's hard to describe exactly. It's not necessarily meant to be a consistent setting which you can tease some sort of thorough logic out of, as far as I view it.
personalias - 30 December 2015
I hate the word "parody" when describing the DD. Parodies are designed to make me laugh. Satires make me laugh and think, and I don't get that vibe from the DD. I think a better explanation is "a world" where every abdl trope is not only common place, but the accepted law of the land and even enforced by physics in some cases. The littles are representative of the screwed over regressed in these types, and the Amazons are physical embodiment of all that is a Dommy Mommy, demeaning outlook, circular no win logic, and all. That said, this was a great example of that. Loved it.
light - 28 December 2015
I loved it, really well written Aus, can't wait for your next sojourn into the diaper dimension.
vended - 23 December 2015
Honestly, I have difficulties seeing what's appealing in this story. There's no AR nor AP, either physical or mental, not even some reality change. Just giants being abusing to others people in a way that involve diapers, because they somehow think she deserve it and they can do whatever they want to her? It make as much sense as normal people thinking they could do it too and diaper an adult minded dwarf because she's little. ^^'
aus_dpr - 23 December 2015
It's lifestyle infantilist, no better or worse than AR / mental regression / etc stories, just a different flavour of fetish. The Amazon Giants aren't necessarily meant to make sense in our world, they exist in a world which is an amalgamation parody of all AB stories, and exist to represent fantasy dom characters.

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