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Main >> Infantilist >> Addiction

Author: personalias
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vended - 18 June 2016
Oh god, I can't handle that level of cringe. ^^'
personalias - 18 June 2016
@vended. Thanks?
vended - 17 June 2016
Limbo, eh? ^^ Anyway, some great whapters. Look like we're heading toward further changes. It's going to be interesting to see, I bet.
Eta - 14 June 2016
I'm really enjoying this. I'm getting hints of Tainted Sins in the references to songs at the beginning of chapters. Am I right? Anyway can't wait to read more and see where this goes.
personalias - 14 June 2016
@ETA. I've never read Tainted Sins, actually. This is a trick Stephen King does a lot and I decided to ape that.
vended - 13 June 2016
Missing teeths, huh? I wondered for a moment if it was going to be actual AR in there but looking at the infantilist tag I guess it will stop at superficial babying? What other bad decision will this junkie of a character make, I also wonder. Can't wait for the next part. :P
Long_Rifle - 13 June 2016
It just gets better. This story is almost as good as infinite bacon. -Almost-
personalias - 12 June 2016
Saw the slightly diminished word count of the last couple of chapters and thought I'd post two today.
vended - 11 June 2016
I love these daily chapters. Is there a Church of Daily Chapters? There should be one.
Long_Rifle - 10 June 2016
Just to be clear. This is by far the best looking, best reading, and most interesting story I've had the privilege to use my looking holes on. Of course the whole thing could fall apart in the last few chapters, but like dining at a fine eatery, if the first few courses are excellent, it's a good bet the last ones will amaze as well. Thanks for this great read!
junyour - 10 June 2016
New chapter. New Dilemma. Same great writing. Please, you 're keeping me interested so please don't stop in the middle. Just a request
xxmusiq - 10 June 2016
Love your work, have always loved your work, looking forward to reading and digesting this!
vended - 09 June 2016
First chapter was a bit confusing, but I do like the path these clear narration latest chapters have taken. Keep the good work!
vended - 09 June 2016
Quite the hot chapter! :P
Long_Rifle - 09 June 2016
Huh? Holy shit. Please tell me it's done and you're teasing us daily. Because I want to read the end of this.
personalias - 09 June 2016's done and I'm teasing you daily
junyour - 07 June 2016
So far, it looks like an interesting story. I look forward to reading more.
vended - 07 June 2016
Stolas - 07 June 2016
Good story so far. I hope he does't turn into a super chubb though.

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