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Main >> AR Stories >> 'The Playmate'

'The Playmate'
Author: skywavesage
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skywavesage - 17 September 2016
killer77 - Really appreciate the compliments and encouragement!
killer77 - 16 September 2016
awesome story! keep up the good work
skywavesage - 12 September 2016
Thanks Vended for reading, I'm so glad that you enjoyed my story ^o^
vended - 10 September 2016
Aha. This conclude very well a very neat story. Loved all parts of it. ;)
skywavesage - 09 September 2016
Chapter 3 is set in a city based on Portland, Oregon – one of my favorite places in the USA. Many of the details exist in real life, including city blocks with as many as 60 food trucks, the airport carpet that’s a social media star, and yes, Bacon Maple donuts! (though personally I prefer the Voodoo Doll). Portland is a wonderful place to visit, particularly in summer when it hosts a string of food and music festivals. The one thing Portland does not actually have is a water park, though the water slide that I reference is based on a real product by Sky Turtle, which designs and manufactures aquatic versions of extreme coasters. Now if only they’ll install one near me…
skywavesage - 28 August 2016
Hello vended, thanks for the compliment! Yes, a theme I wanted to explore in this story was 'recreational' AR where it's more a fun thing to do vs. vengeance/humiliation. Re: characterization, I'm attempting to portray my characters via their actions + behaviors instead of descriptions (i.e. "show, don't tell") and clearly have much room for improvement...
skywavesage - 26 August 2016
The roller coaster park in Chapter 2 is loosely based on Cedar Point in Ohio, USA – one of the best amusement parks I’ve ever visited in my life. My favorite ride is the Millennium Force, which features a heart stopping drop akin to bungee jumping into Lake Erie. I highly recommend queuing for the front seats :D
vended - 26 August 2016
Hey, nice chapter, the tension was nicely increased then creverly resolved. People not using such a drug for revenge but simply for casual childish fun gave it a "happy day go lucky day" feeling, and the possible serious legal consequence for such an innocent usage gave it a kind of realistic side. A good read. I only wish it had been a bit more descriptive. I didn't really know how to portray the characters sometime. Keep the great work!
skywavesage - 19 August 2016
hi sumner, thank you very much for your kind offer to help! Will PM you separately - much appreciated!
skywavesage - 14 August 2016
Hello tejay123, thanks for your compliments, and I'm honored that you've taken the time to read all my stories ^0^ If you're curious, 'skywavesage' is also my primary online gaming name, where I think being mistaken for SkySavage can have its advantages :P
skywavesage - 14 August 2016
Good to hear from you, sumner! Given you're one of the best writers on this site, it's an honor to have piqued your interest! I agree with you about exercising caution when addressing certain topics. No-go zones for me personally would be religion or politics. I agree with vended, though, that social issues such as "safe space" are fair game. Looking forward to more great stories from you!
skywavesage - 14 August 2016
vended, always appreciate your feedback and support! Thank you for the suggestion about the AR drug having potential side effects. Truth be told, I'm struggling a lot with getting the plot mechanics of this story straight - many things need to come together 'just so' for it to work. Your idea is a helpful addition to the toolkit I can deploy to get the pieces to square with each other.
sumner - 14 August 2016
Thanks for the kind words. :) I actually think AR offers an interesting avenue to take on a whole host of issues (social, cultural, technological, etc.), and I wish more authors would go down that road. But, as you said, some topics are so fraught that it makes sense to steer clear. Anyway, I digress. Glad to hear you're taking your time with it. Personally I'd rather read fewer well-written stories than a bunch of rushed ones. If you ever want another pair of eyes on anything, I'd be happy to help. Cheers!
tejay123 - 13 August 2016
Niiiiiiiiiice. I love your flavor. This is gonna be good :). Want to hear something funny/dumb? I've read all your stories, I'm reasonably literate, and I enjoy detail in a story... however... all this time, I've read your name as Skysavage. I only noticed my error today!
skywavesage - 12 August 2016
The past few years have seen the rise of the “Sharing Economy”, with iconic companies like Uber, as well as lesser known ones like TaskRabbit, which is what the website in Chapter 1 is loosely based on. While there are no doubt many positive aspects to these services, sometimes I wonder if they are simply helping the already fortunate to lead more comfortable lives – with little long-term benefit to the broader population who cannot afford to use these services, or to the workers (like Will) who ultimately make them possible.
skywavesage - 12 August 2016
I'll like thank everyone who helped me out with my draft + all the great suggestions. Much appreciated!
sumner - 12 August 2016
Curious to see where you take it. :) As for your point about the shared economy, I'm always interested when an author here takes on a non-AR-related issue in a story. I've been batting around one for several months dealing with the "safe space" movement on college campuses, but I've been reluctant to wade into those waters here. (The point, after all, is AR, not politics. But it can be tempting to add a little satire on the side.)
vended - 12 August 2016
Interesting start. Those points leave me unfazed, if you were to ask me. Nowadays if you were to stop doing everything that may "trigger" some people, as they call it, you wouldn't write anything.^^' Anyways, I'm curious to see what will happen next. Illegal drugs can end up having interesting side effect... XD

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