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Main >> AR Stories >> 'Scaled Down'

'Scaled Down'
Author: skywavesage
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skywavesage - 06 December 2016
vended, thanks for sharing more color on why you felt the story went faster than you expected. Several others have also suggested I write longer pieces with more detailed scenes and character sketches, but I have limited time and so opt for putting out shorter pieces. Appreciate your continued support and understanding!
skywavesage - 04 December 2016
Hello vended, appreciate the comment! Could you help elaborate on the pacing that would have worked better for you?
skywavesage - 04 December 2016
Thanks, sumner. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!
vended - 04 December 2016
Oh, I'm not saying it didn't work for me. ;) Simply the first chapter made me believe the dad regressing, doing the audition, trying to restore himself, being discovered by his kids, them using it, him being stuck at their mercy, etc, would go over the pace of several chapters. So having it all happen there left me with the feeling of a rush. It may be just me, though. ^^'
vended - 03 December 2016
Went a bit faster than I expected. ^^
sumner - 03 December 2016
Fun and well-written. Keep it up.
skywavesage - 02 December 2016
Hello kARth, appreciate the compliment! I tried to ensure that the story details would be familiar to folks who play the piano themselves. Hope you enjoy the final chapter too!
kARth - 29 November 2016
Right up my alley! I'm a pianist when I'm not a fetishist. This is well-written so far--hope you follow through on this enticing setup. :)
skywavesage - 19 November 2016
Thanks for your feedback, vended! Yes, agreed that this can go in many directions. I am leaning towards an unhappy outcome for the main character though :P
skywavesage - 19 November 2016
sumner, thank you for the encouragement! Hope you will enjoy my next chapter too.
skywavesage - 18 November 2016
The idea for this story came from this picture: I had intended it to be a short caption, but it grew and expanded into this piece.
skywavesage - 18 November 2016
I'll like to thank everyone, in particular changelingtimes and devomania, for helping me with drafts of this story. Much appreciated!
vended - 18 November 2016
I find the settings very interesting. You could go in a lot of interesting ways with the main character motivation and his intercation with the others we got to see. I'm eagier to read where you will take us with it, skywavesage : ]
sumner - 18 November 2016
Cool premise. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

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