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Main >> Mental AR >> A Brief interlude

A Brief interlude
Author: Long_Rifle
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Draven - 11 May 2009
what the heck igoing on i would love to know why they needed all the adult babies
N/A - 07 June 2008
Love all of ur stories. Ive read them all alot like 4 times each and still cant get enough. I personally would love to see a story of your with regressing the victim mentally through all of the stages not just straight to infant. Possibly a story where a young(18-21 year old) is kidnapped or runs away from home because she thought her parents were babying her to much and not letting her grow up. Something like that, I loved your story where the protagonist tries to get her own teen bay and becomes a infant herself. Plz continue ur one of the few reasons why i still go to this web page.
Sabadava - 11 April 2008
Nice story, but as you said, a little bit short for my liking.

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