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Main >> AR Stories >> "Was It Worth It"

"Was It Worth It"
Author: N/A
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BoJay - 02 January 2010
Whenyoudon'tpuncuateproperlyandsegmentyourstorythenit'sasdifficultforpeopletoreadasthis1 So I ask you... was it worth it ?
mpiace - 20 June 2008
Simply unreadable. It needs proper punctuation, grammar, and paragraph format.
tejay123 - 18 June 2008
I want to be as kind as you request, but you make it impossible. What makes you think anyone can read a "story" that has ZERO punctuation? Do you have a mini-keyboard that has no period, quote marks, commas, etc? This "story" would honestly FAIL if handed in by a 5th grader at school. An OK concept, absolutely horrendous execution.
tejay123 - 18 June 2008
And no, I'm not being harsh. You should be ashamed of posting this where other authors put actual effort into a story.
hzr - 18 June 2008
ok, i wont be that harsh, but in the future, make sure you get someone to proof read it before you post it
Andie - 18 June 2008
Im sorry Ibut I dont care. I got a headache after the first two sentences . No wait, there werent any! This is worse than my story that I still need to get around to finishing. Sorry, but its the truth and it needed to be said. Its a hard knock life, so said the red headed step child.

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