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Main >> Mental AR >> A Man Called Harrison.

A Man Called Harrison.
Author: Jonny ARed
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Jonny ARed - 05 September 2010
@awl2007: I would if I could think of a better storyline. Otherwise, I would be recycling plots - the remote changing hands again and being used to create chaos. No, I think I'll leave the whole Sam, Tom, Emma and the Crystal-powered remote behind and focus on another plot entirely.
awl2007 - 24 April 2010
awl2007 - 24 April 2010
And also, EPIC story.
Long_Rifle - 12 March 2009
Hmmm.... Good... Whilst this is YOUR story I think she could use a playmate or two and few clean diapers, I bet her boyfriend would just love being that close to her again. Still. No matter what you decide, it's going great so far! Thanks for writing.
Long_Rifle - 08 March 2009
Hmmmm...... Potential. But overall it's nice to see some more female mental AR here. Good luck.
hzr - 08 March 2009
i dunno, i like it. i'll fav it just to see where it's going.

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