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Main >> Infantilist >> A man and his diaper.

A man and his diaper.
Author: diaperguy14
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CrinkleStar - 08 November 2009
I think this story has a good idea, and by that I mean a funny and simple one. Story shows ability to go somewhere good once you get to fully writing it!! =D
junyour - 06 November 2009
I think it's a nice premise for a story, but the story itself could be a lot better. Expand on the topic, give more details
abbymad - 06 November 2009
First, why was this pile two "chapters"? Second, I actually felt brain cells die, screaming as they were killed off, when I read this. It *is* an interesting premise, just VERY poorly executed.
4ever5 - 06 November 2009
how can this be considered a story? its barely longer then a picture caption.
diaperguy14 - 06 November 2009
Sorry guys, i am writing this on a dsi and for some reason every time i try to write over 150 words, IT STOPS WRITING!!! I am sorry and will write it on a decent computer. sorry again
lilbabyboy - 05 November 2009
I usually try to be supportive in a situation like this, but screw it, this sucks.

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