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Main >> Infantilist >> 21 New Messages

21 New Messages
Author: little trip
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magicformula - 01 October 2012
DrHojo - 04 March 2012
Am i a bad person wanting this to happen to me
little trip - 16 February 2011
Thank you one and all for the kind words and PMs about this story. A little extreme a tale, I know, but thanks for bearing with me, and for enjoying something new. Your kind words aren't forgotten. luvs.
babiedboi - 14 February 2011
i may have to change my name to Dylan! incredible story as always lt. WOW
vended - 12 February 2011
Wow, I'm almost afraid of posting a review. ^^ The shit and stroke clearly weren't my cup of tea, anyways. Even so, thanks for sharing.
Utopianfubar - 12 February 2011
MrChristopher - 12 February 2011
This was a very well concieved Idea, I would love to see a full out story based on this little brilliant short.
Fossil - 12 February 2011
Be careful what you wish for huh? :) I knew you're writing was good but I has no idea it had that much power. :D

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