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Main >> Infantilist >> After the Wave

After the Wave
Author: little trip
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Mizuma - 06 September 2011
I really liked the 4th and 5th chapters but for me, no offence but being a big fan of your previous trilogy and work, i was sadly a little disappointed. I felt like there wasn't enough humiliation or diapers like in the past stories but I still stay faithful. Just because i didn't like the whole story doesn't mean that nobody else did either obviously. Hoping your knew story may have more of the things that made your previous stories so great for me, your still loyal fan, Mizuma (previously known as rf2fan if you wondering).
little trip - 06 September 2011
Fair enough indeed, and thank you for the constructive feedback. Finding new methods of humiliation and adding military intrigue was an experiment.
NxK - 06 September 2011
Nice story.
fenixero - 05 September 2011
Excellent story, and curious, too. I hope that "Still rolling" comes soon. Thank you.
Fossil - 04 September 2011
Thanks for the explaination. Great new chapters!
little trip - 04 September 2011
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed. But keep Antarctica in the back of your mind. It's like Chekhov's Gun... it'll be fired in Act Three. For everybody else's information, the story is complete, contains 15 chapters, and will have no more delays. It all ends on Labor Day. Thanks for reading. -lt
NxK - 03 September 2011
Nice story.
Fossil - 30 August 2011
Liked the dedication to Jennifer Loraine in this chapter. With all the things happening I wonder what caused the Wave.
NxK - 30 August 2011
Nice story.
Fossil - 29 August 2011
I have a feeling he wasn't the only one who left school permenatly that day. :D Great read and as usual with you well written.
fenixero - 26 August 2011
Thank you, again. You make the reader feel as if he were in the classroom.
NxK - 26 August 2011
NxK - 26 August 2011
Nice can't wait to see more.
NxK - 26 August 2011
Nice can't wait to see more.
Fossil - 25 August 2011
That's quite the nasty curse to have I must say. Not a pleasant existance would that make. Gotta feel sorry for the girl too. She's gonna be in for quite the night. Once again excellent writing.
little trip - 25 August 2011
Thank you for the positive feedback so far, duders. I appreciate that this is just a touch weirder.
Fossil - 24 August 2011
Well that was certainly different. Not sure I've ever read something like that. Most interesting. It's a well written piece and has me wondering what is to come. Well done!
fenixero - 24 August 2011
Excellent work, like always. I can´t wait for the next installments.
fenixero - 24 August 2011
Excellent work, like always. I can´t wait for the next installments.

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