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Main >> Infantilist >> Almost Perfect Night

Almost Perfect Night
Author: CrinkleStar
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Mizuma - 25 October 2011
Really sweet story. When you said in the description of the story that it was an unlikely story but possible in reality, I thought it was going to be about two teenage girls trying/wearing diapers or something like that. Your story however is much better than that and the part that I love the most about it is that it seems perfectly possible for this scenario to be enacted in real life per chance. Thanks for the story. I'm a sucker for happy AND sweet endings and yours is nothing far from it! Hope to see more stories from you in the future. Yours truly, Mizuma.
CrinkleStar - 25 October 2011
Aww thanks! Means a lot =]. I love stories that are realistic and possible lol =]. I'll try my best to write more. Like I said, this was a story created from an RP ^_^

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