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Mental AR
Stories where somebody is made mentally younger but is otherwise unchanged. They may or may not be restored to their original mental age by the end of the story.

 Stories Order By: Title | Last Added | Last Updated
The Revenge of a Geek
Author: Cosmictot  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: A Geek is transformed and decides to get back at the Jock who torments him so relentlessly.
Created On: 15 March 2012 - Updated On: 15 March 2012 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
The Special Teacher
Author: Bfboy  
Read Reviews: 10
Description: Ethan takes a job as a relief teacher at a special school, thinking it will just be a brief stint before he can return to the city and a proper school. But he might end up spending more time there than expected. Set in the Ngatea satellite town in the Parkdale Universe. Story Complete.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Created On: 14 October 2016 - Updated On: 20 October 2016 - Total Chapters: 7 - Completed: Yes
The Tape
Author: Anostus  
Read Reviews: 2
Description: I did not write this. It was posted anonymously to the site about 8 years ago, and seems to have disappeared. Female mental AR.
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: X - Created On: 29 March 2015 - Updated On: 29 March 2015 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
The Things Done for Love
Author: littlegirlsakura  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: A young man gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to a strange request from his girlfriend.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 08 August 2015 - Updated On: 08 August 2015 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
The Wand
Author: Long_Rifle  
Read Reviews: 5
Description: Cheap wands are cheap for a reason. Wrote this a while ago, just learned it's not here. Now it is. Female mental regression, diapers.
Created On: 03 October 2012 - Updated On: 03 October 2012 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: bbygar  
Read Reviews: 0
Description: This story was suppose to be short but took on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy. comments are welcomed.
Created On: 09 March 2011 - Updated On: 09 March 2011 - Completed: Yes
Three Vignettes
Author: Bfboy  
Read Reviews: 7
Description: Three short tales of mental regression.
Created On: 18 June 2010 - Updated On: 18 June 2010 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
Where I End And You Begin
Author: YureiK  
Read Reviews: 6
Description: An antisocial young woman in the near future is forced to confront life outside herself.
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 09 September 2009 - Updated On: 09 September 2009 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: nico  
Read Reviews: 6
Description: Twice upon a time there was a boy who died - and lived happily ever after. But that's another chapter. Based on an idea by Bfboy.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Created On: 03 May 2011 - Updated On: 09 May 2011 - Total Chapters: 7 - Completed: Yes
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