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Mental AR
Stories where somebody is made mentally younger but is otherwise unchanged. They may or may not be restored to their original mental age by the end of the story.

 Stories Order By: Title | Last Added | Last Updated
Itty Bitty
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 0
Description: Not written by me, but a very nice Mental AR story featuring Lesbian Domination and Orgasm Denial
Created On: 10 March 2006 - Updated On: 10 March 2006 - Completed: Yes
Jennifer and Steve Camping
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 5
Description: A story I wrote a couple years back. I personally think the ending is not great and unbelievable, but I am leaving it as is.
Rating: G - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 04 April 2008 - Updated On: 04 April 2008 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Just a Party
Author: Long_Rifle  
Read Reviews: 9
Description: Female MENTAL regression. This story has a darker ending then MOST of my stories. The ending is VERY dark, and NOT FAIR. If you like to read stories where the good guys win, do NOT read this. Contains SOME sexual content.
Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 05 December 2007 - Updated On: 06 December 2007 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Just the Meat
Author: Long_Rifle  
Read Reviews: 8
Description: Brand NEW: Female Mental AR. Two young ladies have an incident at a local fair.
Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 05 August 2008 - Updated On: 05 August 2008 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: Long_Rifle  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: Another OLD one. But not as bad as the worst. I wanted to have a person react to a glimpse of their possible future so I wrote this. No happy ending. Female Mental AR
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 06 December 2009 - Updated On: 06 December 2009 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Last Man Standing
Author: Bfboy  
Read Reviews: 4
Description: When you come across an object which appears to have magical properties, you'd be best to leave it well alone. Because when you tamper with nature nobody comes out clean. Lots and lots of gratuitous Male/Female Mental AR
Created On: 26 July 2011 - Updated On: 26 July 2011 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
lauras summer
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 5
Created On: 12 March 2008 - Updated On: 14 March 2008 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: Zephyr  
Read Reviews: 18
Description: The first story involving Leslie Moore is now complete, but it's okay... She'll be back later. ;) My first story... Please be gentle! I think this sort of bounces around in AR, Mental AR, and maybe Infantilism, so forgive me if it doesn't have enough of any one type of story element :)
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 18 February 2010 - Updated On: 23 February 2010 - Total Chapters: 6 - Completed: Yes
Little Champion (1)
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 3
Description: A teenage boy with wandering affections finds his faculties reduced to infancy under the witness of his former girlfriends. M/F, mental AR, infantilism, rated R.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 11 April 2007 - Updated On: 11 April 2007 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Little Champion II (6)
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 2
Description: Sequel. Dana and her friends continue to pile on the humiliation for poor, duplicitous Baby Davy. M/F, mental AR, infantilism, rated R.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 24 June 2007 - Updated On: 24 June 2007 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
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