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Stories where the main focus of the story is on babyhood, particularly wearing and using diapers. There may or may not be age regression in the story.

 Stories Order By: Title | Last Added | Last Updated
Author: Parker  
Read Reviews: 6
Description: A woman tries a radical new form of therapy...
Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 01 October 2010 - Updated On: 23 October 2010 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
Thieves Get What Thieves Deserve
Author: Nazoc  
Read Reviews: 0
Description: A foxboy and a catboy soon get far more than they expect when they invade the home of a domineering Kitsune woman...and discover that their relationship is far more than just platonic. Shota, Yaoi/Slash, copious diaper usage. You're warned.
Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 18 November 2015 - Updated On: 18 November 2015 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Threes Company
Author: ebuncoon  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: Story I posted on SoFurry. Its about a lonely panda finding a family and the joys of age play.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 25 January 2015 - Updated On: 25 January 2015 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
Time for a Change: By Personalias
Author: personalias  
Read Reviews: 8
Description: John is a teaching intern trying to change how he is perceived with a change of wardrobe. Sadly for him he will be successful, just not in the way he had hoped. Full Story
Created On: 01 January 2016 - Updated On: 01 January 2016 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: little trip  
Read Reviews: 5
Description: “When faced with two equally tough choices, most people choose the third choice: to not choose.” -Jarod Kintz. Based on an idea from Fossil. Twist of the Knife is now complete and over 100 stories have been sold in its first week!
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 08 June 2014 - Updated On: 16 June 2014 - Total Chapters: 7 - Completed: Yes
Training Day
Author: Loopy  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: A stressful day becomes a lot worse, before Daddy helps make everything better.
Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 10 July 2015 - Updated On: 10 July 2015 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
Trick or Treat
Author: ikklesammy  
Read Reviews: 2
Description: A story about a policewoman who loses a bet and gets more than she bargained for. Contains humiliation and nappies and forced babyfication
Genre: Altered Fates - Rating: G - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 16 July 2010 - Updated On: 16 July 2010 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Unconditional Love
Author: Mizuma  
Read Reviews: 9
Description: This is a story about a girl and her struggle to gain the love and attention of her parents. This is my first story so all criticism is welcome. Without it, I can not improve my skills to make possible future stories better.
Genre: Altered Fates - Rating: PG - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 20 April 2012 - Updated On: 02 July 2012 - Total Chapters: 2 - Completed: Yes
Vacation Changes - A Diaper Dimension Story
Author: aus_dpr  
Read Reviews: 6
Description: Author's Note - this is set in Princess Pottypants' Diaper Dimension Universe, based lightly on elements I introduced in my commercial story 'Field Research', including an isolated country of 'Littles', whose travellers are somewhat naive of the rest of the world.
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 22 January 2015 - Updated On: 02 March 2015 - Total Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes
Valedictorian 2013
Author: little trip  
Read Reviews: 17
Description: Years ago, I published 10 stories here as lolatrec. Now I want to take things in a darker, more humiliating direction. I hope you will join me on the ride.
Genre: Male AR/AP, Female AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 24 January 2010 - Updated On: 27 January 2010 - Total Chapters: 4 - Completed: Yes
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