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(Furry/Anthro Story) Bro's Time Off
Author: Ringo  

Description: This is the first AR story I've written. I wrote it for a very good friend of mine who came up with the concept. I wanted to post it here to get some feedback on what I need to improve on. Any constructive critisism would be really appreciated!
Genre: Male AR/AP
Rating: PG
Warning: Diapers
Created On: 16 October 2012
Updated On: 16 October 2012
Total Chapters: 2
Completed: Yes
 Total Chapters: 2
1 - Wake Up Call
Summary: Brother's are sometimes the closest family you have. After months of working himself to the bone, Ringo finally has gotten some time free from work to spend with his little brother, Skeebe. Skeebe misses his brother a lot, but unknown to Ringo, he wishes he could be the big brother and let Ringo finally relax and have fun. Little do the two of them know that a trip to the new mall in town may just grant Skeebe's wish and help Ringo have the best time off he's ever had.
Updated On: 16 October 2012 - Words Count: 994 - Number of Reads: 0
2 - "What's Happening?!"
Updated On: 16 October 2012 - Words Count: 2559 - Number of Reads: 0

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