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Author: little trip  

Description: COMPLETED, at last, with Part IV. Some believe drugs can expand the mind. THESE drugs, though, do a real reduction on it, among other personal qualities... as discovered by the hapless patrons of a nightclub with a sinister streak.
Genre: Male AR/AP, Female AR/AP
Rating: X
Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers
Created On: 06 February 2010
Updated On: 20 February 2010
Total Chapters: 4
Completed: Yes
 Total Chapters: 4
1 - Part I: Selling Surrender - Friday
Summary: Introducing you to Marcus Halberstram, genius chemist, nightclub owner, and genuine hellraiser. Contains male bodily function humiliation, female bodily function humiliation, hypnotized homosexuality, and first-person male mental AR. Hypersexuality and strong humiliation throughout; sets up a series of totally AR-centric vignettes, so if it isn't AR enough for you, the best is yet to come!
Updated On: 06 February 2010 - Words Count: 2592 - Number of Reads: 0
2 - Part II: Selling Surrender - Saturday
Summary: The humiliations continue. Contains... a hell of a lot of various crazy stuff. Might as well read the chapter since its laundry list of transformations would be nearly as long.
Updated On: 08 February 2010 - Words Count: 3301 - Number of Reads: 0
3 - Part III: The Night Nursery - Saturday
Summary: When is a nightclub not a nightclub? When it's a night nursery. Contains female physical and mental AR, female punishment, male straight-to-gay TF, male diaper sex, and an explicit unbirthing in the final vignette. Strong hypersexuality, humiliation, and diapers throughout.
Updated On: 11 February 2010 - Words Count: 3423 - Number of Reads: 0
4 - Part IV: The Night Nursery - Sunday
Summary: The club-cum-nursery's last hurrah... or is it? Concludes our tale with elements of male physical AR, cuckolding, heterosexual sex, male diaper sexuality, male shrinking, and a twist finale. As usual, strong hypersexuality, humiliation, and diapers throughout. Enjoy!
Updated On: 20 February 2010 - Words Count: 3833 - Number of Reads: 0

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