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Re:New Serial Novel in Development: Help Needed (1 viewing) (1) Guests
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TOPIC: Re:New Serial Novel in Development: Help Needed
TaintedSins (User)
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New Serial Novel in Development: Help Needed 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: -10  
Hello all. And when I say that, I do so knowing full well I’m coming in as the asshole. Last time you saw me I was spinning promises of not just all new stories, but a new way of telling stories, then I asked for money, then I just vanished. And I just finished spending the last two hours trying to write the details of what happened, of the hospitals, multiple surgeries, the wounds getting infected going into MRCA, which promptly lead to 3 months of quarantine in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Unfortunately, they can only try to treat the agonizing symptoms, they have no clue how to fight what I have. One doctor even talked me into chemo, which apparently has had some success with other types of auto immune disorder…man, was that a bad idea.

Anyway, I don’t want to be sick guy. But after over a year of horrible torture, with my own body the rack stretching me, ripping me apart, I’m in what my current doctor is calling a partial remission. That has been the case for the last three months…which is the first time I wasn’t in too much pain to think. So I spent that time getting my head around the fact that any moment without warning the infection pumping through my veins could reach toxic levels and stop my heart. Could happen in twenty minutes, could be twenty years. (By the way, if you wrote me and didn’t get a response, as I already said I’ve been deathly ill and unable to keep up with my correspondence…but I did read so many kind and wonderful e-mails that have since gotten lost in all the letters that flood in after my latest address leaks…so if you never got a response just cut and paste the original letter and send it, or anything anyone has to say, to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

And if you want to donate to the fund that will open the grand fun house gates you can send it directly to my PayPal account This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or you can go here: or you can PM or e-mail me at the address above letting me know how much you’d like to donate and I will send you an invoice from F1ction Zer0 that you can pay using a credit card or PayPal account.

Anyway, I always hated the term “bucket list” but when you’ve had half your insides cut out of you and are supposed to get into see the local surgeon because my general practitioner didn’t know what to say or do about the large bulge growing just bellow my ribcage, right next to the scar that runs straight up from crotch to the top of the stomach. The GP said he thought it was a hernia, but he didn’t sound like he had much confidence in his own opinion.

But I can’t get into see the surgeon until I manage to raise $100.00 for the co-pay. I’m also trying to raise an extra $100 for web design expenses as well as for pain meds so I can work longer than ten minutes at a time. It’s important to me. Because this community has always meant so much to me. Because one of the two things that ended up on my so-called bucket list was creating at least one more new AR/AP epic: all grand and massive and crazy; to see if I’ve got what it takes to blow all the others away. It will be told mostly through Patreon, with back up from my own site and, of course, bonus sections posted here for the patrons of this site.
And a wave of nausea is just starting to rise up, sounding the alarm to run to the toilet and hack up so more bile. Apologies for not having time to edit and for the grim nature of this post. But if I’m able to start to make the money I need, I procure the pain medication first so I can continue to work, causing a story first to trickle down upon you and then storm and thunder as the rain pours on and all around you, the story like a living thing permeating your life.
By the way, you guys (and gals) won that competition. When I posed the question to my many well-off philosopher friends, “Between them and the people they consider pornographers, who would come to my aid first, if at all?” Anyway, you guys blew them away, not just in the $400+ dollars that came trickling in, but all the letters of love and support. I’ve reread them many times and I’ve tried to reply to as many as I could (the illness I’m suffering from often charges too high a price to keep track of e-mail or conjuring the energy to write back…--so if you never got one it as due to technical error, never intended as a personal slight. Because the fact is, you all saved my life. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to pay the specialist’s deductible for another week and a half. Instead, I was able to get in that day. Which is a good thing because after he looked at an X-Ray I was immediately being prepped for emergency surgery (again), and he told me that, because of all the toxins seeping out of my re-ruptured colon he was all but certain that if I had skipped that appointment then the next time I went to sleep I never would have woken up. So how do you thank someone for something that monumental? Still, thank you all—so very much! Despite having a wide range of other fetishes, I restricted nearly all my erotica strictly to AR and AP because this group of travelers has always stood out, more so than any other group I’ve come across, as a group that looks out for one another.
Originally, I was planning to branch out to other fetishes, and if little interest is shown by the AR community I’m still considering doing so. This is the teaser trailer my colleague and I put together with a wider audience in mind, still, all but one line works for a fully chrono-tastic adventure:

But if you'd like a taste of what's to come sooner, the gypsy camp, singing songs and sharing wine after a long day erecting tents and Ferris wheels, and they have something special lined up for you, a rare and precious glimpse at your fetish in ways you’ve never even thought of before; everyone who's gone has raved about my own perverted and twisted version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride that's also a card game with your personal fetish(es) informing every aspect of the six part miniseries, with you getting a new file every day for six days; each one a stand alone piece, though they also will consist of a pattern that allows any combination of the six files to work together, each combination causing unique results, and on the seventh day you'll receive a mix of all six files edited together, as well as new material illustrating the totality of the transformation when all six cards are combined. Or you can just get a standard commission. Either way, this may be the last time I'll ever be taking private purchases...and at the price of $50.00, the gods willing, if I do ever take commissions again after this month, after people are reminded by what I can do, seen what I've learned during my absence, the supply and demand will shift so drastically, I'll be able to raise my standard price of $200.00 to $400.00 at least. But right now, there is this very brief moment in time when I am forgotten and in desperate need of money--so if you are a fan and have the means you might consider jumping on the fifty dollar price tag while it lasts. And be sure to read the de_script_ion before watching the video:
If sufficient interest is shown, I will start posting the story as soon as I am able.

Tainted Sins
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Mirrors are the functionaries of all windows and the door to a single cell; one way leads to heaven, that same way leads to hell.
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vended (User)
Platinum Boarder
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Re:New Serial Novel in Development: Help Needed 10 Months, 2 Weeks ago Karma: 9  
Damn, I'm sorry to hear about these terribles last monyhs you endured. I wish you well.
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Oni (User)
Platinum Boarder
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Re:New Serial Novel in Development: Help Needed 10 Months, 1 Week ago Karma: 0  
Let me say primarily that I am simply very happy you are alive. When things went silent I was honestly worried. I am also happy that you are at least doing better. The day of the appointment? Amazing.

I'm certainly intrigued by the $50 investment and will be reaching out shortly.

Best wishes to you in health and life.

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Last Edit: 2018/03/12 02:06 By Oni.
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