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Discussion Board
Re:Has anyone spotlit Toongrowner yet?
Wise288 13-08-18 18:25
Re:Lost comic covers
ARkansas_Kid 12-08-18 20:33
Re:Lost comic covers
vended 12-08-18 19:45
Re:Has anyone spotlit Toongrowner yet?
vended 12-08-18 19:44
Has anyone spotlit Toongrowner yet?
Wise288 12-08-18 18:24
Lost comic covers
ARkansas_Kid 09-08-18 21:36
Body swap vid; Ant Man & Wasp
kidsized 08-08-18 15:09
AR/AP in comic strip (has been added)
Tazz 06-08-18 22:39
Re:AR in cartoon (plus size and weight ...
username 06-08-18 17:55
Re:AR in cartoon (plus size and weight ...
vended 05-08-18 09:37
Updated Stories
  • The house by antgression
    Category: AR Stories
    The text is a link to a google drive file with the story. I am tired of this site replacing all of the characters with symbols

  • Dog Days by skywavesage
    Category: AR Stories
    A broke young man revisits his childhood summer job. Feedback & comments always welcome, more stories and captions at

  • The Wand's Surprise by reaperhappy
    Category: Mental AR

  • The Parents Diaper Pail by Themaster234
    Category: Mental AR
    Stories where parents get diapered and regressed

  • Motherhood Mall by Wise288
    Category: AR/TG
    Seven teens are at the mall to celebrate their graduation. But, the mall holds a dark secret. Will they make it out of the mall outside of diapers? Read and find out. Contains Unbirth, Age Regression and Breast Feeding Huge shoutout to Groblek and ARarchive for helping me edit and tweek this. You're the best guys.

AR Alert: March 2, 2006 Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Thursday, 02 March 2006
mig110 informed me that there are 2 AR-themed Kids Next Door shows tonight on Cartoon Network: Operation Cable TV and Operation Grow Up.
AR Themed TV Shows Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Thursday, 23 February 2006
Thanks to popeye there are some complete episodes of AR-themed shows (Fantasy Island, ROund the Twist and Phil of the Future) at:

These are not small files, so you should use broadband if you want to see them.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 February 2006 )
Updated Story: The Enchanted Sorceress Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Friday, 10 February 2006
A new chapter has been added to Captain Ash's story: The Enchanted Sorceress.
Welcome "Something Awful" viewers Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Sunday, 29 January 2006
ImageIf you have come here to see the Something Awful awful site of the day, welcome. You might have gotten a bad impression from the writeup on their page, but this site is not a home to pedophilia and is actually more interested in if somehow that middle aged woman - your teacher, the neighbor across the street - suddenly was a lot younger (and hotter) and maybe your age, what would happen next. Or how that kid down the block would look as a full grown adult. If you've ever wondered something like that or you remember episodes of shows like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Futurama, Something Weird and many others where characters were suddenly older or younger then you may find that there is more content along those lines here. There is some adult material (come on, this is on the Internet) but it should be labeled so you can avoid reading anything you don't want to see.

There is a vibrant community of writers, artists and others with some interest in this subject here and if you are interested in it, you are welcome to read, post and discuss. If this isn't your cup of tea, then I'd suggest avoiding whatever sites Something Awful links to and refining your google searches accordingly.

BTW, we have nominated Something Awful as our "Top Referring Site of the Day"!

proprietor, Age Regression Story Archive
Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 February 2006 )
Infinite AR - the AR Archive's Own Continuous Story Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Sunday, 13 November 2005
In response to a request and discussion on the board, I have added a continuous story to the Archive. I stole the start of the story from the BEarchive's excellent Addventure and added my own options to it. The link is in the main menu on the left.

Anyone can add to this and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

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