Jim the Diapered Boyfriend

Infinite AR - Episode 4795

"Actually, I think you'll be better off just staying your age while still wearing diapers! Or, even better! You can be my big baby boyfriend! And you will have to after this!" Sharon laughs as she raises the gun once more and zaps Jim.

Jim suddenly feels light headed, and soon he fell on his diapered butt on the floor, looking up, wondering what had just happened. He was still his normal size, but now he wanted to be in them, like a baby would! What was going on here?!

"What did you do to me?!" Jim cried as he remained sitting in his diaper (which he now felt the urge to go pee in.)

"Aww nuffin my widdle Jimmy! I just made you my big baby until I zap you with this gun again! Why? Well, Jim, I've realized that you've done so much for me lately, and for once I want you to just relax and do nothing and let me take care of you! And what better way than to keep you at your normal age, but with a slightly infantile state of mind? I think you're gonna love it! And don't you wook so cute with that didee on....ohhh which by the way, I think mister made a mess in his diapers and he needs to be changed!"

Jim looked down at his diaper and realized Sharon was right, but instead of getting mad, Jim couldn't help bu bawl like a real infant. Sharon cooed him and stroked his hair.

"Aww it okay widdle Jimmy! That's what Shawon is here for! I'll change your didee, feed you, clean you, and baby you til you just love it! Now, let's get you into a fwesh didee!"

Sharon ran out of the room briefly and returned with a fresh diaper, baby powder, baby wipes, a baby blanket, and a pacifier. Jim smiled in awe as he looked up at his girlfriend. She was going to take care of him? Though he wasn't sure of the circumstances, he figured he'd try to play along even if he was partially a baby.

Sharon laid the baby blanket down and told Jim to crawl over to it, which he did. She then laid Jim down on his back, inserted the pacifier into his mouth, and slowly opened up his diaper. "Ohhh you made a mess widdly baby! Big messy in your didee! But that's what I'm here for! To change your didees! Oh yes I am! Oh yes I am!" Sharon cooed as she raised Jim's legs up and removed his old diaper.

Next, she wiped him down nice and slow, as if he were a little infant. Jim couldn't help but giggle...perhaps the baby side of him was coming out more! Next came the baby powder, which Sharon sprinkled all over Jim's stomach and diaper area, rubbing it in slowly but tenderly, telling Jim, "That's to stop didee rash on your widdle bum! Okay, now it's the new didee for you! Yes it is! Here's your diaper!"

Sharon opened the brand new diaper, slid it under Jim's butt, and taped it up expertly while smiling down at her babified boyfriend. As she finished taping up the diaper, she blew raspberries on Jim's stomach and tickled his feet, making him laugh. She then pulled Jim into a sitting position and went behind him while giggling. She pulled the rear of Jim's diaper open a little and sprinkled a generous amount of baby powder into the butt of the diaper. Jim giggled and smiled as he smelt the babyish freshness.

"Yayyy all done with your didee! Now, what to do with my widdle man! Baby talk and tickle? Baba and burp?"

With that, Sharon quickly got up and...

  1. Prepared a Bottle for Her Babified Boyfriend
  2. Started babytalking Jim like crazy, tickling him.
  3. Smelled a dirty diaper..again
  4. SE

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