Couples Therapy

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Chapter 4

Once they were through the front door, Daddy started taking her clothes off. She was a nakie girl when she was in the house, Angela knew. A silly nakie girl, except for her diaper. She had to wear that all the time unless Daddy was changing her or giving her a bath.

Eric pulled her frock up and over her head, letting her bare boobies spill out. She didn’t wear bras. Those were for big girls. She fidgeted impatiently while he slid her shoes and socks off her feet, playing absent-mindedly with her tits.

“There we go, sweetie,” he cooed. “All done.”

Angela giggled happily, but the moment she took a step further into the house, she felt a dizzying sense of vertigo, and there was a sudden weakness in her knees. She looked at her husband, confused.

“You’re too high up, sweetie. Remember what we discussed in therapy?”

Angela nodded as understand came to her. She needed to look up to him. She got down on her hands and knees, her bare breasts handing down like udders, her wet nappy hanging between her thighs. She looked up at him, blushing when she saw the smile on his face, the satisfied glint in his eyes. Her face burned with humiliation, but it also felt right. This was where she belonged. Stupid baby. Dumb bitch.

Her husband leaned down and patted her firmly on her bottom. “Time to crawl, sweetie. Crawl to the living room.”

She set off, crawling awkwardly on her hands and knees, feeling utterly ridiculous. Daddy walked slowly behind her. She could feel his eyes on her rear, and her pussy wettened. She hoped he would tug down her diaper and fuck her like the cheap whore she was. She wasn’t sure why, but she knew she was a nasty skank who never said no. She was a dirty girl.

Once she reached the middle of the living room, Daddy smacked her bottom again. “Hold still, sweetie. Your nappy needs changing.”

Angela rolled onto her back submissively. Her breasts wobbled alluringly on her chest while Daddy prepared the changing supplies. She shoved her thumb into her mouth and started sucking on it wetly, drooling down her chin. Messy girl.

Daddy undid the tapes of her diaper with a loud snapping sound and pulled down the front. Then he lifted her legs into the air by her ankles and started wiping her wet pussy. She wiggled in place, moaning around her thumb while he stroked her no-no spot with a baby wipe. Dirty girl.

“Hold still, wiggly worm,” he chuckled, smacking her sharply on her upturned rump yet again.

She squealed but did her best to lie still while Daddy finished wiping her clean. He slipped a fresh, dry, fluffy nappy under her bottom and sprinkled her liberally with baby powder, just like he’d done the night before. Just like he’d done in the therapist’s office earlier that day while she’d been glued to the bright, shiny tablet. He taped her up, and helped her to her knees. She didn’t need to be any higher when she was in the house. And in any case, this was the perfect height. The perfect height for… for…

Daddy stood up. Then he undid his fly and pulled out his cock.

For a moment, Angela felt sick. She didn’t do blowjobs. That was one of her rules, wasn’t it? What was the point if she wasn’t getting any pleasure out of it? Blowjobs were horrible and demeaning and disgusting.

But then her mind started to feel fuzzy again. Silly girl. Dumb bitch. That was the old Angela. She stared at Daddy’s cock and realised she was drooling. She needed to suck. Good girls liked to suck, and she was a good girl. She needed something in her mouth at all times; her thumb, her toes, her pacifier, and best of all, Daddy’s cock. Stupid baby. If she didn’t have something to suck on she’d cry! She could already feel it building up inside her, a horrible emptiness that she needed to fill.

She leant forwards to take him into her mouth, and he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock down her throat. She gagged and sputtered, drooling even more down her chin, but Daddy didn’t let up. He face-fucked her viciously, pulling her hair and pumping his cock between her lips.

“I’ll have those pumped up,” he grunted. “Your lips. Okay Angela? You’re going to have a pair of thick, dick-sucking lips. And I’ll book you in to get your tits done as well. The doctor says he knows someone who’ll do it, the same one who did his own little girl. I’m sure you’ll look perfect with a ridiculous bimbo rack.”

Angela moaned around his cock. She didn’t want filler in her lips, or silicon in her tits, but if that’s what Daddy wanted then that’s what she’d become. Good girls never said no.

Daddy’s pumping became faster and faster. “You’re getting exactly what you deserve, Angela. You’re going to be my little. Bimbo. Baby!” With the final word, he pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face.

Angela gasped for air and shut her eyes as his cum spattered across her cheeks, her nose, her mouth, even her hair. Her princess parts burned needily, but Angela knew her own pleasure didn’t matter anymore. She was just a dumb bitch, and Daddy got to use her however he liked.

Daddy got himself cleaned up while Angela lay on the floor, breathing heavily. After a while, she got to her knees blearily. Daddy’s cum was still on her face. She was about to wipe it off when something stopped her. She was a messy girl. A dim-witted smile spread over her face, and she giggled. She liked being messy. Dirty girl. But there was something else she needed to do, something that would make her even messier.

Grinning stupidly, the twenty-seven-year-old woman thrust her padded bottom out behind her and started grunting and straining to mess her diaper while her husband looked down at her, smirking.

“Poo-poo!” Angela screeched, with no concept of an inside voice. Something told her she had to let Daddy know what she was doing, and little girls like her didn’t care if they made too much noise. “Makin’ poo-poo, Dada!”

He laughed, and she giggled along with him even though she didn’t get what was funny. Dumb bitch, she thought. Stupid baby. She grunted loudly and pooped her pants, making the seat of her nappy bulge out behind her. Even though she was happy, her face was scarlet with shame. She knew on some level that she was supposed to be an adult woman, that what she was doing was disgusting and babyish, but she didn’t know what else she could do. Grown-ups used the potty, but she was too stupid for that. She just had to go in her pants like the dumb baby she was.

Eventually she finished dirtying her diaper, and she stared vacantly up at Daddy. She was still down on her knees. He looked so high up. So much higher than she was. His rightful place above her. He smiled down at her, and she grinned back at him, a line of drool dripping down onto her bare tits, cum on her face and dribble down her chin, and a stinky nappy sagging heavily between her legs. Her rightful place. She shoved her thumb into her mouth again. She felt a little funny in her head, as if somewhere in the back of her mind, a voice was screaming at her that this was wrong. But the feeling went away the moment Daddy tickled her under the chin. She giggled happily.

“I think you’re finally done,” he said. “You’ve lost your big-girl privileges forever, Angela. You’re just a big dumb baby now. Okay, sweetie?”

Angela popped her thumb out of her mouth. “’kay, Dada!”

“Good girl. I think I’ll give your friends a call and see if any of them are available to babysit you. Would you like that, sweetie? Would you like your friends to feed you and play with you and change your dirty diapers while I go out and hook up with girls?”

Angela nodded, giggling and cooing happily at the pleasant tone of his voice.

“I thought you would,” he said, smiling. He took out her phone. “Now which of your friends should Daddy call first?”

Angela wasn’t listening. She was too busy blowing raspberries and giggling at the way her full nappy swung heavily between her legs when she wiggled her bum-bum.

Her Daddy chuckled, patted his mentally reduced wife on her bottom, and started scrolling through her contacts.

The End


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End Chapter 4

Couples Therapy

by: Mellow Sadistic | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 18, 2024


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