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Birthday Party

by: Mellow Sadistic Last updated Jul 12, 2024

Sarah attends her little cousin’s birthday party, but after she makes the girl cry, the hypnotist hired for the event decides she needs a little attitude adjustment. Sarah missed the hypnotist’s performance earlier, but that’s okay, because he’s happy to give her a one-on-one session to help her enjoy herself just as much as the birthday girl.

Tales from the ARVInn, 5

by: Robert Nalley Last updated Jul 12, 2024

A series of tales set in a world where an Age Regression Virus escapes a researcher and has notable effects on the population. Chapters will be separate experiences or descriptions. The life experiences of those who contract the ARV are as varied as life itself, ranging from a select few who were simply 'frozen' at their current age down to some who became toddler size, with all the issues and difficulties one might expect. ****************************************************************************** **Please note that due to the complexity of some of the items, a link to a MediaFire file will be provided. Others will be posted as originally created or specifically adapted to this site.**

Jimmy's Babysitting Job - Preview

by: Elfy Last updated Jul 11, 2024

Jimmy is a young wolf looking to make some money whilst in college. He accepts a babysitting job that offers more than most but when he turns up he doesn't find a baby to look after. It isn't long until strange things start happening. Is the house growing or is he shrinking? The changes happen quickly and Jimmy can't keep up as he quickly becomes increasingly helpless against the changes occurring within him!

Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy Last updated Jul 11, 2024

Following the events of "Sam's Flight to Babyhood" (Linked within) Sam is a mostly regressed adult who is given a second opportunity to grow up. Will she be able to take it? Has the regression gone too deep?

The Dark Influence

by: diapercheck Last updated Jul 8, 2024

John and Chloe are a married couple who just can't get along. Chloe wants a baby, John doesn't. Chloe loves mom influencers on Tiktok, John hates them. Chloe will do anything to get her baby and become a momfluencer. Including using her husband in the worst way possible.

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On story: The Dark Influence - chapter 1

vended Jul 9, 2024

Woah, that's a psycho right here. Going to make for either a very interesting or very boring read. ^^'

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 9

vended Jul 9, 2024

That's such a sly mental regression. Very neat ! ^^

On story: Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants - chapter 12

BBoy Jul 9, 2024

So glad to see your continuing this story. Such a great read.

RE: Old archive

BBoy Jul 8, 2024

Is there anyway of getting the old ARAchive Images section back? I'd love to go through the old PixChic collection.

On story: Sisterhood of the Thickening Pants - chapter 12

vended Jul 6, 2024

A good read so far. I wonder what will happen next. Keep the great work. :]

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 8

vended Jul 3, 2024

Great chapter. The potty time with both reddening cheeks humiliation and mental AR, then the realisation of what's happening to their minds, and ...

On story: The Third Wish - chapter 7

vended Jul 1, 2024

Nicely done. I love the sly mental AR creeping in.

On story: A Comedy of AR's - chapter 6

Sammderr Jun 30, 2024

Derrek was kind of naive at the beginning, but after three years with the water curse, he was desperate for female companionship.

On story: Malice Aforethought - chapter 8

MartyMan69420 Jun 29, 2024

Why didn’t he just call 911? Or whatever the South African equivalent is

On story: Someone Else’s Dream - chapter 4

MartyMan69420 Jun 28, 2024

this is too good not to keep going! This is wonderful, I need to know what happens next!

On story: One More Try, A Lullaby - chapter 1

MartyMan69420 Jun 28, 2024

welp i didn't think i'd almost cry from reading this but fuck. This was incredibly sweet, I always adored stories like this. You're a very talen ...

On story: For Your Own Good - chapter 1

MartyMan69420 Jun 27, 2024

It was really nice to finally see a trans protagonist in an AR story! I'm trans myself, though I am a trans man, and it's such a breath of fresh ...

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