Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024

Chapter Description: Sam's vacation has had a rocky start but she's hoping that going out and doing some activities will distract her from the problems she has experienced. The girls are heading to the go-kart track, however once there problems quickly arise...

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Once breakfast was done the friends started to get ready for their trip out. There was a lot of excitement as they put on their shoes and made their way towards where the map said the track was. Fortunately for Sam the walk wasn’t nearly as long as the previous day’s trip to dinner had been. She did, however, have to put up with the usual stares from people. The worst was when they were walking alongside families and their small children were the same height or slightly taller than her.

“Here we are.” Chrissy said as they turned down a small path.

As they walked down the dirt path bordered by small log fences a group of people were coming the other way. Sam smiled as the people leaving the track excitedly talked about what they had just done. They certainly made everything seem very exciting.

There was a turn-off just ahead that led to a large building with bright colours on the front. Sam saw a sign above the door that said “Junior Drivers” and she assumed that was for the young kids that were too small to handle the powerful gas powered karts on the main track.

“You wait to you see my lap times.” Chrissy said as they turned a corner and approached the booth, “I’m going to smoke you all.”

“Just remember I’ve never actually driven before.” Sam replied prompting laughs from the others.

As they reached a wooden hut in a clearing they saw the track spreading out before them. The concrete track twisted around the open space and a part of the track even wound its way around some trees. On either side of the track were old tyres painted red and white marking the edges and providing some safety in case they lost control.

In the middle of the track and surrounded by the circuit was a general maintenance area where employees in high-visibility vests were tuning up some of the karts. Meanwhile, on the track, there were six karts set up at the finish line. Clearly another couple of people would be joining them that morning.

“Are you guys the Walker party?” Asked a young man in a dark green “Midforest” uniform using Chrissy’s last name, since she was the one who had booked everything it was her name that appeared on the employee’s paper.

“That’s us.” Chrissy confirmed.

“Cool, I’m Ryan, you’re about five minutes early. We should have two more people joining us and then we’ll get going.” Ryan smiled and then went back into the small hut leaving Sam and her friends to wait.

Sam felt butterflies in her stomach. She was excited but that didn’t mean she wasn’t also nervous. The four girls were leaning against the fence as the other two people joining them arrived. They appeared to be a couple and nodded greetings as they reached the others.

“Excited?” Nina asked Sam.

“Yeah…” Sam said slowly as she looked out at the track, “The only thing is… I don’t know how I’ll reach the pedals.”

“I’m sure they have something for you.” Nina replied, “They might have to just replace one of the karts with one that suits your needs.”

“I guess…” Sam said slowly.

Sam wished she could be as confident that the people here were ready for her as Nina was. The trouble was that they had put out six regular karts. If they had been aware of Sam’s special circumstances wouldn’t they have had a kart she could operate prepared?

“Alright.” Ryan came back out having spoken the new pair, “Ready for fun?”

The group nodded and murmured their ascent.

“OK, come through one at a time so we can get your overalls and helmet right.” Ryan said as he opened a gate that led to the track.

Sam was at the back of the group as one by one they filed through the gate. On the other side there were several large boxes containing the overalls and then the helmets were lined up on a table nearby. Once all the other three girls had gone through Ryan saw Sam and frowned.

“I’m with them.” Sam said when she saw him checking his clipboard.

“I’m sorry but we have a minimum height requirement for this track.” Ryan said, “It should’ve said so on the website.”

“What!?” Chrissy had heard what was going on whilst half in the overalls and holding a helmet. She jogged over, “The website said this activity was available for everyone!”

“We have karting for all ages.” Ryan nodded, “But this track has a minimum age of thirteen.”

“I’m twenty-one!” Sam complained.

“I’m sorry.” Ryan raised his hands to say there was nothing he could do, “There is a height requirement. There’s just no way you’ll be able to reach the pedals.”

Sam’s shoulders sagged. Her fears had been realised.

“Well then, none of us are doing it.” Chrissy said as she started to unzip the driving suit.

“No… It’s OK.” Sam said as she looked up at her friend, “I want you to have fun.”

“But we don’t want to leave you out.” Chrissy looked almost as disappointed as Sam.

“Seriously, it’s fine.” Sam said, “I’ll watch.”

“Are you sure?” Chrissy asked.

“Positive.” Sam nodded.

“Alright. We’ll make it up to you later.” Chrissy said with a smile, “I don’t know how but we will.”

Sam nodded again as Chrissy went over to the over two and told them the bad news. Ryan apologised again as he closed the small gate and Sam was left looking between two logs as everyone walked on to the track and got in their karts. As Ryan went around turning each engine on one by one the noise level grew. Sam tried to ignore the pangs of jealousy as everyone got ready to start.

A light by the finish line went green and the karts all pulled away. Chrissy immediately put her foot down and skidded around the first corner so quickly Sam was sure she was going into the barriers, she avoided it by the skin of her teeth. Nina came next followed by the two strangers. Finally Amy trundled past going at a very pedestrian speed, as she went round the first corner the rest of the racers were halfway around the first lap. Sam couldn’t help but smile.

For fifteen minutes Sam watched her friends going around the track. As much as she liked seeing her friends having a good time she felt angry. Angry at the world, a little angry at her friends and a lot of anger at herself. She could admit her anger at her friends was misplaced, she couldn’t blame them for going on and having fun when she told them to. But she was most definitely angry at life.

The longer Sam stood there watching everyone else have fun the more she started to resent her circumstances again. So many times in her past she had been left out of fun activities because she couldn’t physically do it. Sam had really wanted to take part in sport whilst at school but she just couldn’t compete in anything. She always tried to pretend it didn’t bother her but it did, it really frustrated her. The world wasn’t built for people as short as she was and it meant doing anything required lots of planning and potential humiliation. The meal last night being one example and this was yet another. Sam wondered what sins she must’ve committed in a past life to cause this.

“Hello, are you lost?” A woman’s voice asked.

Sam turned around to see an older woman in the same dark green Midforest uniform that Ryan had worn. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair was greying in places and she had the first signs of wrinkles on her face. She was bending over slightly just a few feet away and from the smile on her face it was clear she was yet another adult who automatically thought Sam was a child. A collection of karts noisily passed the finish line nearby.

“No. I’m twenty-one years-old, thanks.” Sam sighed. She tried to have patience because she knew how she looked but it was still embarrassing and annoying to have to repeat that she was an adult all the time.

“Really?” The woman seemed unconvinced despite Sam’s protestations.

The woman stood up and walked up to the fence next to Sam. She watched Amy crawl past at barely more than walking pace. Sam wished this employee would go way, having her there made Sam feel like she was being babysat.

“I’m guessing you were too small for these karts.” The woman said.

“Yep.” Sam replied shortly.

“Are your parents out there?” The woman asked.

“I told you… I’m not a child.” Sam spoke through gritted teeth.

“We DO have some karts that would suit you, I think.” The woman suggested, “If you were interested…”

“You do?” Sam asked with a frown. If that was the case why hadn’t Ryan mentioned it earlier?

“Yep. My name is Karen. What’s yours?” The woman asked.

“Sam.” Sam replied.

“So, what do you say?” Karen asked, “Want to come and see what we have available for you?”

Sam really didn’t know where this was going but with forty-five minutes until the others were finished on the karts she wanted to do something. The temptation to agree and go with this woman was strong just for something to do, it couldn’t really be worse than just standing at the fence watching others have fun and ruminating.

“I guess.” Sam said slowly.

“Great.” Karen smiled, “I’ll tell Ryan to tell your guardians where you are when they are done.”

“They aren’t my-… Hey!” Sam exclaimed.

Without warning Karen had bent over and lifted Sam off the ground. Sam’s arms and legs flailed as the Midforest employee sat her on her hip. For a few steps Sam couldn’t believe what was happening as she was carried like a child away from the go-kart track.

“We’re not going far.” Karen said happily.

“Put me down!” Sam exclaimed, “I can walk!”

“This is much faster.” Karen dismissed Sam’s complaints with a wave of her hand, “Besides you don’t want to tire your legs out trying to keep up.”

“I don’t care!” Sam shouted. She tried to hit the woman’s chest with her little fist but couldn’t make any impression on the taller woman.

Sam Looked over Karen’s shoulder to see the go-kart track getting smaller. It didn’t seem like any of her friends had noticed she was no longer next to the fence as they kept going around the circuit. Soon the track disappeared from view altogether as Karen carried Sam around the corner and towards the building that had “Junior Drivers” plastered above it. Sam let out a little whimper.

“No need to be scared.” Karen said as she approached the doors.

“I’m not scared!” Sam replied defiantly, “I’ve changed my mind! I want to go back to the track!”

“Don’t be silly.” Karen replied, “You’ll have a great time in here.”

Sam couldn’t understand why Karen wasn’t listening to her. The only answer she had was that it was the same reason most adults didn’t take her seriously. They saw her small size and cherubic face and just acted as if Sam was a child even if she said otherwise. Sam looked around with wide eyes as she was taken through the lobby and to another set of doors.


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End Chapter 5

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated May 23, 2024


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