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Sam's Crawl To Adulthood

by: Elfy Last updated Jun 13, 2024

Following the events of "Sam's Flight to Babyhood" (Linked within) Sam is a mostly regressed adult who is given a second opportunity to grow up. Will she be able to take it? Has the regression gone too deep?

Training Daniel

by: Elfy Last updated Jun 9, 2024

Daniel is a young man kept in permanent babyhood. When a chance discovery reveals the truth of the world and his position in it he is determined to "grow up". The question is whether his adopted mother and sister are ready to let him...

Blackmailing Tommy - Preview

by: Elfy Last updated Jun 1, 2024

This is a preview of a 109 page story that tells the story of Tom from independent young man starting out on a career to helpless victim of a young man's blackmail. It contains diapers, regression and a whole heaping dose of humiliation. The following is a short preview of this long story. To read the rest you simply need to subscribe at a $10 or higher tier. That will give you access to this full story ad many, many others exclusive to my Ream and SubscribeStar pages. https://subscribestar.adult/elfy https://reamstories.com/elfy

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On story: Livy's New Family - chapter 1

Elfy Nov 16, 2023

Thank you for the kind words :) I realise my stories usually don't have classic physical or mental regression (which is why I don't tag them a ...

On story: Sallas - chapter 1

Elfy Jan 3, 2023

It won't. I don't believe I used the tags which suggested it would, if I did I'd need to go and change that!

Good Ways to Advertise and Bad Ways to Advertise

On story: Jodie Delight - Adult Baby & Sissy Author (Amazon eBooks) - chapter 1
Elfy Nov 27, 2022

"I've taken down my Official Website & the PDF Preview Previews' links because the snowflakes on here kept bitching about me "Spamming" ARA. ...

On story: Sam's Flight to Babyhood - chapter 10

Elfy Sep 15, 2022

Glad you enjoyed it :)

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