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Discussion Board
Re:AR/rebirth in Seiken Densetsu manga
azerty47 16-12-17 20:22
Re:More Age Regression Fun from Aogami
gigabowsercq 16-12-17 20:13
Re:More Age Regression Fun from Aogami
Tazz 16-12-17 20:05
More Age Regression Fun from Aogami
gigabowsercq 16-12-17 19:24
Age Stasis in Trollhunters
Richforce 15-12-17 16:01
Re:AR/rebirth in Seiken Densetsu manga
vended 15-12-17 14:44
Re:AR/rebirth in Seiken Densetsu manga
klatuk4u 15-12-17 05:55
Re:Minor AR in Last Jedi (Major spoiler...
vended 15-12-17 05:27
Minor AR in Last Jedi (Major spoilers.....
Tazz 15-12-17 04:08
AR/rebirth in Seiken Densetsu manga
azerty47 15-12-17 02:20
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Flu Shots by DreamTales Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Tuesday, 30 August 2016

 A classic Female Age Regression / Age Progression comic! Older sister Madison lords it over her younger sister Zoe and little brother Michael until a mutated injection changes the family dynamics. Poor Madison experiences a slow humiliating descent as she regresses to a child while her bratty sister Zoe grows and grows.

“Flu Shots” has a total of 109 pages in three chapters, with great artwork by the Yard Work artist Yuan. You can get more info and buy the comics here:

Flu Shots Pack

Flu Shots Part One

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