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Main >> AR & AP >> The Clothes Make the Woman, the Clothes Make the Girl

The Clothes Make the Woman, the Clothes Make the Girl
Author: N/A

Chapter #: 1
Summary: Role reversal of mother and daughter, inspired by Katchase
Updated On: 20 September 2005 - Words Count: 1177 - Number of Reads: 3349

Chapter 1 Print
Role reversal of mother and daughter, inspired by Katchase

"What's the meaning of this mess!" I just got home from a long day at work and my clothes were strewn all over the room. My daughter was in the middle of it, obviously trying on my clothes. At 15, Stephanie was a tall, pretty girl, and a good student. I knew she liked to go through my stuff sometimes, after all we were about the same size. She was wearing one of my best skirts and tops, but had obviously been into my underwear, bathing suits etc.

"Sorry mom, I was just trying on a few things," she blushed. Actually, my stuff fit her pretty good. My little girl was growing up I suppose.

"You could at least keep things neat. And I see you're into my makeup too. What, are you playing 'dress-up'?" I was still a little steamed.

"Mother, I'm not a little girl! I was just trying on a few things. You have such nice stuff. " She started taking off the skirt and I could see she was wearing one of my Victoria Secret thongs.

Sigh. "That's ok honey, just try to keep it neat. You have some nice clothes, can't you leave mine alone?"

"I have a date tonight, and I wanted to wear something sexier. My clothes are sooooo juvenile."

"I spend good money on those! And maybe I don't want my 15 year old daughter looking 'sexy'! Actually, she filled out my bra nicely and could easily pass for a woman in her twenties if she tried.

"If you like them so much, why don't you wear them," Steph shot back.

"Right Steph. I'm 39, I would look pretty silly in your clothes."

"Maybe not mom," She slid on my shorts. "Why don't we dress you up? It may be fun."

I was taken aback. "Well..."

"C'mon, be a sport. It'll be cool!" We went to her room. Typical teenager, clothes and junk everywhere! Teenage boy posters on the wall. "First, take off your 'power suit', and I'll pick out some things." Okay, I'll play along I guess. I stripped down to my bra and panties. She came back with some clothes in her arms. "Those too. I'm wearing yours, you can wear mine." She giggled. "And wipe off your make-up too."

I did as she said. She handed me some white cotton panties and a cotton bra. I've been wearing Victoria Secret stuff for so long, I forgot what that was like. I doubted they would fit, but to my surprise, they did (in fact the bra had plenty of room, I guess my little girl had really grown).

"There, isn't that better Cindy?" she said.

"Since when do you call me by my first name Steph?" I was a little put out.

"We're just playing, right? Here, try this on. She handed me her plaid school uniform skirt and top.

"You can't be serious Steph!" I couldn't believe her! But...after all, it was just a game.

I put on the skirt, and it fit just fine. She brushed my hair and pulled it back into a poneytail. I looked up at her. Funny, we were about the same height, but she seemed just a little taller somehow. "There you go, ready for school Cindy!" She pulled me over to the mirror. I couldn't believe it! I looked like I was 15! In fact, I felt like I was 15. I felt a little dizzy.

"Ok, we have to stop this Steph," She smiled at me. Wow. In my shorts and top (which looked tighter than it had) no one could ever tell that she wasn't a grown woman. What was going on here? And in Steph's school unifrom, I looked like anything but a grown woman. It was scary! I tried to shake it off. "this has been kind of....interesting Steph, but I think I would be more comfortable in my own stuff. And I feel like I need some fresh air. Say, want to go to the pool? Its hot out and I could sure use a swim (and maybe a stiff drink, this was just too weird).

"Ok mom. Hey, can I wear one of your bikini's? You have plenty."

"Sure, help yourself." We went back into my room and she pulled out a floral string bikini. I found a light blue 2-piece I liked. I took off that silly plaid skirt and undies, and put in on. She put on mine, it really fit her well. I still could shake the fact that she looked all grown up. Mine, on the other hand...

"Uh, mom? Have you been losing weight. Look how loose that top is." We stood face to face. Funny, she seemed a little taller than me, and we're both the same height, 5'6. "Maybe if I tightened the straps...nope, it just doesn't look right."

"Maybe it stretched out. I'll try another one," I chose a white tank suit, with the same effect." Gosh Steph, what's going on? Why don't these fit me right?"

"You look like a young girl in her mother's things!" and with that, she burst out laughing! "S...Sorry mom, but...but.." she was really laughing now "I think you're really younger! And I'm all grown up!"

I gulped. "Thats impossible Steph, I'm 39 years old!"

She shook her head. "Nope, no way you're..." she sized me up, checking my bottom, my breasts and (blush) pubic hair " 15 no...about 14 I think."

"That can't be right!" but I looked in the mirror, I saw she was right. I was a 14 year old girl. I was lost in thought, I couldn't take my eyes off the reflection when Steph handed me one of her bikinis, a blue one like mine, but with a much smaller top.

"Try this on Cindy. There, it fits great." Steph looked like she was about 30. "I have a good idea, well go to the pool and try to relax. We could use a swim. K?"

"Ok Steph, I'll try."

"Oh and Cindy? Um, maybe when we're out, you should call me mom."

"You're my daughter, not my mother!" I protested.

"No one would believe that sweetie. Look, I sure it'll all work out and we'll be back to normal in no time. But for now, why don't we enjoy ourselves." She had a point. Getting all worked up about it won't help anything."

I slipped some shorts and a top over my suit, and picked out some towels. "Ok mom, ready. Hey, how do we get there? I'm not old enough to drive!"

"I am," Steph replied. "And I've seen people drive lots of times, how hard could it be?"


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