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Main >> AR Stories >> 7 Days of Training

7 Days of Training
Author: Ambrose
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vended - 28 July 2017
That was so cute! ^^ Very well done. What was that doctor shot, by the way? I wish we would get to see more well written story liie this one, really. ;) There's only the " quotation marks to fix.
Ouroboros - 27 July 2017
Such a cute and fun story. I enjoyed reading it. ^^
babymike - 27 July 2017
Thank you for this very sweet and fun story. I really enjoyed reading it.
Peaches106 - 27 July 2017
Such a cute story, I loved it, thank you for sharing it with us!
vended - 25 July 2017
You're doing a really good job, Albrose. I love the slow mental AR and the sly way his mother encourage it. :D It look like the next chapter will be the end, though. Too bad. ^^' I wanted to ask, by the way : is he stuck at this age or will he grow up again? The part about the little boy actor being "allowed to grow up" after three years is ambiguous.
Ambrose - 25 July 2017
Thanks! To clarify: AR-Virus-victims don't just get younger, but have the part of their genetic code destroyed which prevents them from aging past the point they end in. They can be made younger by an AR/rejuvenation-therapy though and would age, but only to the point they bounced in, no day older. This therapy was developed as a side effect of researching the AR-Virus and allows people to get younger/older pretty safely under medical supervision. Jonas was a normal child whose parents used the therapy, so he could stay the optimal age for the show. Obviously this raised some ethical concerns and a judge decided he had to be allowed to age normally(his opinion on this isn't mentioned).
vended - 23 July 2017
A pleasant read. Very nice story, Ambrose. ; )
vended - 19 July 2017
You're welcome, and I can see what you mean. ;) By the way, I may have overread that info, but is he stuck as a baby in the sense that he will never grow up any older?
vended - 18 July 2017
Still well written so far. I'm curious to see where you will take this on. You introduced the AR/TG part which I believe will play into the plot later on, but until now it kinda feel like the story lack a purpose. I can't help but wonder if this will "just" be a nice slice of life story, or more.
Ambrose - 18 July 2017
Thank your for your kind reviews so far. As for your questions: Yes there isn't really much conflict in the story as it deals with John actively trying to live as a toddler, learning what this means in an AR-virus-world, where the lines are rather blurred. Along this he faces self-doubts and the constant fear of being exposed(realistic or not). I wanted to explore this themes and begin to build an universe I might later return to(with edgier stories). I hope I don't disappoint anyone too much with this!
babymike - 18 July 2017
Loving the story. I like how Johnny is slowly losing his adult capabilities and is becoming more toddler/babylike day by day, and doing this because he wants to. Really curious to see how the story will go on and how Johnny will deal with this. To be honest I personely would not like to see TG in this story.
vended - 18 July 2017
What a great chapter! It seem the quotation marks were corrupted, though. Still, very good one. Keep the amazing work! :D
babymike - 15 July 2017
Great story so far. Keep up the good work. Really looking forward to the rest of the story.
lilbabyal - 15 July 2017
Loving the story so far. Keep up with the good work :)
RegressingAger - 14 July 2017
I really like the mother/son dynamic with this. The two very much care for each other which is refreshing to read in their dialogue. That said, I wish there was an actual transformation from teen to toddler so we get an idea of how John interacted with his mom beforehand. In addition, while the consent to being babied is touching it takes out a lot of the conflict here. If this week of being treated like a baby was thrust upon him by his mom out of a benevolent desire for his happiness, the conflict would be John's refusal to accept his new age vs his mom's nurturing steps to help him accept his return to being a baby again. The mom wouldn't have to be mean in this, just open and upfront that this may be a better lifestyle for him to ent
RegressingAger - 14 July 2017
*enter. Looking forward to the rest of this, keep on writing!
Fossil - 13 July 2017
Very enjoyable story to read so far. Great descriptions and interactions between the two.
vended - 13 July 2017
Well written! I'm curious to see more.

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