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AR Stories
Stories where somebody is made physically younger. They may or may not be restored to their original age by the end of the story.

 Stories Order By: Title | Last Added | Last Updated
A Wish Too Far
Author: Bfboy  
Read Reviews: 7
Description: If you tell a little girl to make a wish, you'd better be ready for it to come true. (Mostly Physical AR with some mental) Based on an idea by Nico.
Created On: 08 May 2011 - Updated On: 09 May 2011 - Total Chapters: 10 - Completed: Yes
A wolf's beginning.
Author: N/A
Read Reviews: 0
Description: A furry wolf with a bad life comes amd ends up feeling hopeless. Before he knows it he becomes a young boy wolf due to mystical forces. (Antrho, furry animal characters with human bodies and characteristics.)
Created On: 07 January 2006 - Updated On: 07 January 2006 - Total Chapters: 1
Abigail 1 - 4
Author: Oni  
Read Reviews: 0
Description: By Tainted Sins
Genre: Female AR/AP - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 23 December 2016 - Updated On: 23 December 2016 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: iceman  
Read Reviews: 0
Description: How far do you have to look for acceptance
Genre: Male AR/AP - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 04 May 2016 - Updated On: 04 May 2016 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Acts of Vengeance: The Centerfold
Author: Oni  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: By Tainted Sins
Genre: Female AR/AP - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 23 December 2016 - Updated On: 23 December 2016 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Author: ewere  
Read Reviews: 5
Description: There isn't enough horror on here. Mystery/Survival horror. don't worry though, no infanticide
Genre: AR Virus Universe - Rating: PG - Warning: Violence - Created On: 16 September 2010 - Updated On: 20 September 2010 - Total Chapters: 5 - Completed: Yes
Author: agetravler  
Read Reviews: 1
Description: A first person told story on age regression through time travel!
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Diapers - Created On: 24 June 2016 - Updated On: 24 June 2016 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Akiko's Youthful Desire
Author: Grennd  
Read Reviews: 2
Description: Akiko, a Japanese college student, is concerned about growing old. All that changes, however, when a youth potion arrives for her.
Created On: 09 July 2005 - Updated On: 09 July 2005 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Akiko's Youthful Desire
Author: Noliwankenobi  
Read Reviews: 5
Description: Disclaimer: I did NOT write this story. This is the second story I read on the archive and noticed not many had read it. So here you go
Genre: Female AR/AP - Rating: G - Created On: 20 January 2015 - Updated On: 20 January 2015 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
Alex's Regression
Author: Mr. D  
Read Reviews: 0
Description: This is the regression portion to one of the stories I am working on. I have not gotten that far in the story yet, but please feel free to comment and critique. Edited for the purpose of being a stand-alone story. Will be further edited when The Dark Forest builds to specified point.
Genre: Male AR/AP - Rating: X - Warning: Strong Sexual Content, Diapers - Created On: 02 April 2014 - Updated On: 16 April 2014 - Total Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes
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