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Discussion Board
Re:Magical Boy thing
dawnofmawl 31-01-15 03:38
Re:Tales from the Supermarket!
johnmadixsmith 31-01-15 03:30
Re:Magical Boy thing
vended 31-01-15 03:12
Magical Boy thing
dawnofmawl 31-01-15 03:08
Re:Tales from the Supermarket!
Noliwankenobi 31-01-15 02:42
Re:Tales from the Supermarket!
johnmadixsmith 30-01-15 23:39
Re:Manga Album's image not showing in t...
Entropic 30-01-15 22:34
Re:Manga Album's image not showing in t...
Heidegger 30-01-15 21:59
Help me find the creator
crinklecorgi 30-01-15 17:08
Re:Did we miss this? (Male Ar)
Tazz 30-01-15 16:41
Updated Stories
  • The Photographer by elfinone1
    Category: AR Stories
    A camera with magical powers falls into the hands of a young photographer with scores to settle.

  • Threes Company by ebuncoon
    Category: Infantilist
    Story I posted on SoFurry. Its about a lonely panda finding a family and the joys of age play.

  • Vacation Changes - A Diaper Dimension Story by aus_dpr
    Category: Infantilist
    Author's Note - this is set in Princess Pottypants' Diaper Dimension Universe, based lightly on elements I introduced in my commercial story 'Field Research', including an isolated country of 'Littles', whose travellers are somewhat naive of the rest of the world.

  • Growing Down isn't So Bad: TG Editon by Guyver54
    Category: AR/TG
    Hello, My name's Kenneth Turner Jr. and this is my tale of being the first with a newly discoered condition that changed me. Well you listen to what I have to Say?

  • Akiko's Youthful Desire by Noliwankenobi
    Category: AR Stories
    Disclaimer: I did NOT write this story. This is the second story I read on the archive and noticed not many had read it. So here you go

Happy Nude Rear (Happy New Year) 2015 from BoJay Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Thursday, 01 January 2015

A gift from BoJay to the AR Archive. There is a larger version in the image gallery (click the image in this article) and a full high resolution version in BoJay Premium.

 Happy New Year to everyone from BoJay and the AR Archive!


BoJay Christmas Update and Halloween Contest Winners! Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Wednesday, 24 December 2014

 Here comes the BoJay Halloween Christmas Update! There is a Christmas themed Female AR (seen here and in the public gallery in low res - high res in BoJay Premium) and a male AR called Cousin Donny's Dilemma.

As always, everyone's account that has seen at least one update will be expired . Email me: heidegger@ the domain name of this site or private message me if you have a quesiton or issue.

 Halloween Contest Winners!

First place: Fun Sized by Areg

Second Place: Look Young for your Age by Tazz

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 December 2014 )
A Holiday Gift from babysophie! Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Saturday, 20 December 2014
Happy Holidays Everyone!

This has been a hard year for me, and I am REALLY looking forward to 2015! I wanted to do something nice for my friends here on the AR Archive, but I promised myself that first, I would finish a project I've had in mind for a long time. I've been working on this video, where I'm a fairy who gets angry with a hiker who "trespasses" into my magical forest. He is stepping on plants and bugs who were my FRIENDS! To a magical fairy, this human seems so big and ugly. SO.. I decide to make him cuter by turning him into a li'l BABY! I try everything I can think of, but finally, I decide he'd be cuter as a baby girl! So, I turn him into one. Like I said this is an idea I've had for a long time! But it's like I just couldn't get it done... Maybe one day I'll share my "blooper reel!"

Anyway... Here is my present to you all! With love and thanks to everyone who contributes stories, artwork and messages here on the ARchive. It's been so much fun and a real "inspiration!"

HUGS! Please enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Voting Time for Halloween Contest 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Sunday, 23 November 2014
As hte headline says, it is time to vote (belatedly, sorry about the delay) for the winners of the Halloween 2014 Contest. If you are a registered member of the AR Archive, login and when the poll appears in the left hand column of the site, record your vote. THe poll will be up for a week and then the winners will be announced.
Happy Halloween from BoJay! Print E-mail
Written by Heidegger   
Friday, 31 October 2014

A high-res version of this artwork is available for members of BoJay Premium

Last Updated ( Friday, 31 October 2014 )
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