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Main >> AR & AP >> Adolescent Ambition

Adolescent Ambition
Author: Tetora
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jab0566 - 05 May 2017
Septimus - 19 April 2017
Look, I'll lead with the positives. Good writing, a story that moved and flowed, and the protagonist had some interesting inner thought processes. I would encourage you to write more. The lack of a supernatural/super-science reason for these events to happen made the story hard to swallow. Agreeing to braces? Not a chance in hell! This genre is very, deeply flawed - I can believe petite adult women being mistaken for teens (I work with one, and she's very careful on her clothing choices to make sure it doesn't happen), but tweens and children look so dissimilar to adults that believing for an instant a police officer would think "child" when looking at an adult, or vica versa, is beyond belief.
areg5 - 18 April 2017
Liked it. I don't think this is a particularly popular genre, but I always did like this kind of story. Reminiscent of the stories of Hal, Alec Leamus and Katchase. Of course, the doc would be able to tell from the xray that the girl wasn't a child, and no one should drive with a splint or cast on. Well done!
vended - 08 April 2017
I know the genre is pretty popular, but I've never been really convinced by this sort of "misunderstanding leading to female swap identities" stories when there isn't some sort of ever so slightly AR part with it as to justify how characters can think an adult woman, even youtful and small, can be a tween. Really stretch my suspension of disebelief. ^^' But keep the good work, it was a really written story! ;)

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