Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Daniel seems just too small to really be in Emmy's house. After struggling with the stairs Emmy helps him unpack. Then an embarrassing problem comes up... How does Daniel uses the toilet in a bathroom that was far too big for him?

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Daniel scooted forwards on the couch and then dropped to the floor as Emmy stood up to her full and considerable height. Daniel took a couple of steps back in fear that Emmy would scoop him up again but she just took his luggage and motioned for him to follow.

Daniel looked around at the house as he walked through and he was just absolutely mesmerised by how strange everything was. He felt so small as he saw such massive household items. There was a trash can in the corner of the living room that came up to his chest, an umbrella in a stand that was as tall as Daniel was. It was like a house at a fun fair or something, a place designed to be wrong and throw off your perception and yet it all seemed perfectly proportioned to the giant Emmy.

Emmy lifted the suitcase up the stairs with ease but for Daniel it presented a very different level of challenge. The steps were each at knee height to him and it felt more like climbing a mountain than a staircase. He stood on the bottom step sizing up the challenge ahead as Emmy reached the landing.

“Come on up.” Emmy said with a smile as if she didn’t recognise the problem, “Do you need me to carry you?”

“I’m fine!” Daniel quickly replied before Emmy could come back down to get him.

Emmy laughed and walked down the landing. Daniel turned his head to the front door and wondered if he should just leave. This was a weird and uncomfortable situation and the urge to run was strong. Emmy had his suitcase though and he had put his coat over the handle, without it he didn’t have his keys, wallet or anything.

Daniel started negotiating the stairs as best as he could manage. He had to lift his leg high up to reach the next step, soon he was using his hands on the stairs above him to help pull himself up. It was exhausting to try and climb up like this and he could even feel himself sweating. He tried different techniques until eventually he ended up on his hands and knees essentially crawling up the stairs. He didn’t even want to think about trying to negotiate the descent.

When Daniel finally reached the top of the stairs he crawled on to the landing to find Emmy towering above and looking down at him. She was smiling and had her eyebrows raised. Daniel felt embarrassed to be on his hands and knees like that so he quickly got back up and dusted himself down.

“Do you need any help?” Emmy asked.

“I’m fi-” Daniel started.

“Come on.” Emmy took Daniel’s hand and started leading him down the hallway.

Daniel had to practically jog to keep up with his cousin and he couldn’t take his eyes off Emmy’s hand. It was like a baseball mitt wrapped around his tiny hand. She wasn’t holding tight but he got the impression she could really squeeze him if she wanted to.

“Here we are…” Emmy pushed open the door at the end of the hallway and pulled Daniel inside.

It seemed to be a pretty standard spare bedroom except that everything was supersized just like the rest of the house. The bed was pushed against the wall underneath a window so high up Daniel could only see the sky. There was a desk against the far wall with a lamp on it and space for the laptop he had brought. Next to the door to the room there was a large wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Despite it being a regular bedroom the size made Daniel feel like he had entered a function hall of some kind, he estimated you could probably fit forty people in here without it even being a squeeze.

“What do you think?” Emmy asked.

“It looks fine.” Daniel answered honestly, “Just… everything is so big…”

“Plenty of space for you to play in.” Emmy giggled.

Daniel frowned and looked up at his giant cousin. He had no idea what she meant by “play” but she was already carrying his suitcase to the bed. She opened it up without even asking Daniel who bit his lip as she giggled again. She made an “aww” noise as she reached into the bag and pulled out something Daniel had decided to pack at the very last minute.

“I can’t believe you still have Arthur!” Emmy looked at Daniel as she held up a brown teddy bear, “You used to carry this around everywhere!”

It was true. As a young child Daniel was practically surgically attached to Arthur. It had been sitting in his closet for years now, he had only brought it as a fun conversation piece to reminisce about. He opened his mouth to say as much when Emmy started talking over him again.

“I’ll leave this right here for you to cuddle up to.” Emmy placed the teddy bear on the bed next to the pillows.

“Wait, I don’t-” Daniel timidly started.

“Let’s get your clothes packed away.” Emmy started pulling clothes out of the suitcase and humming loudly preventing Daniel from saying anything.

Daniel was blushing again. He hadn’t wanted Emmy to think he still slept with his childhood teddy bear but she seemed to have decided he did and that was that. He was so shocked and distracted he didn’t object as all his clothes and underwear was put away for him. Events had swept Daniel away, he didn’t seem to have any control over what was happening now.

“Perfect.” Emmy said as she finished putting the clothes away, “And there’s plenty of room for more.”

Daniel had followed Emmy back to the staircase before he realised what an odd comment it was. He didn’t get time to really even think about it before he was lifted back up and sat on Emmy’s hip as if he weighed nothing.

“Y-You don’t have to carry me.” Daniel complained as he started to go red, “I can walk!”

“I saw you crawling up the stairs.” Emmy said as she started walking down them, “We wouldn’t want you having an accident would we?”

Daniel looked down and couldn’t help but silently agree that a staircase of this size would be a challenge to descend with any real dignity. As he was carried down the stairs he felt Emmy adjust her grip and as she did so her hand rubbed briefly between his legs. Daniel jumped but Emmy made no sign of noticing what had happened. He was set down on the floor in the living room where he finally took a seat opposite from Emmy.

For the first time since Daniel arrived there appeared to be some normalcy. They started having a conversation about what life had been like for both of them. Daniel was able to finally ask about Emmy’s height though the response was rather dull.

“I just didn’t stop growing.” Emmy laughed, “You know my parents are loaded. They had this place built just for me.”

The two of them ended up talking right through to dinner time without any problems. When Emmy was out of the room preparing food Daniel was able to look around more though he didn’t get off his seat. He was starting to really need the bathroom. By the time he was squirming in his chair he knew he was going to have a problem. Emmy walked back in and Daniel slipped off his chair, the drop to the floor was more than he was expecting and he almost fell over.

“Dinner will be ready in a minute if you want to come through to the dining room.” Emmy said with a wave.

“That’s great…” Daniel bit his lip and shifted from one foot to the other. Thanks to the scale of everything and the question he was about to ask he felt like a child, “Could I use the bathroom?”

“Oh, yes, I’ve thought about that.” Emmy put up a finger, “Wait right there.”

Daniel was confused. He had expected to be told directions to the bathroom, he didn’t understand why he had to wait in the living room. He had been in the house for hours and he was getting increasingly desperate. From somewhere nearby Daniel heard some cardboard boxes being moved before Emmy returned.

“I realised you would never be able to use my toilet.” Emmy said brightly, “Heck, you might even fall in and get flushed away by accident!”

“So…” Daniel saw the non-descript box in Emmy’s hands and felt nervous.

“I went out and bought something for you to use.” Emmy said. She placed the box on the floor and reached into it.

Daniel watched as Emmy slowly raised her arms and lift out a bright red plastic potty. He didn’t immediately react, it was like his brain had briefly short-circuited. It slowly sunk in over the course of several silent seconds. Once Daniel realised what he was seeing he let out a short laugh.

“You’re kidding, right?” Daniel said with a smile, “This is a joke?”

“I know it’s not what you’re used to but it’s the easiest option.” Emmy said with a shrug, “I couldn’t let you use my toilet without being there with you…”

Daniel’s face fell. The day had been a parade of strangeness from the moment he had got off the bus but this just took the cake. There was just no way Daniel could use a training potty no matter what the situation!

“M-Maybe I should go…” Daniel finally said, “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.”

“Go?” Emmy repeated with a frown.

Daniel walked past Emmy and out into the hallway. He put his shoes on even though bending over was only putting more pressure on his bladder. He heard his large cousin follow him out towards the front door. Daniel realised he didn’t have any of his things, they were all up in the room he was supposed to be staying in but right then he needed to get out of the house and collect his bearings.

“There won’t be another bus until Monday.” Emmy said from behind Daniel, “We’re pretty out in the middle of nowhere here.”

It was Friday. Daniel faintly remembered checking the public transport routes when planning his trip and now remembered Emmy was right. Regardless, he walked to the front door and reached up for the doorknob. He could only just reach it with his fingertips but he couldn’t get enough purchase to actually open the door.

“You can’t keep me here…” Daniel muttered. He was addressing Emmy but didn’t have the nerve to actually speak up and be heard by her.

“I… I thought we were going to catch up.” Emmy’s voice seemed to drip with disappointment, “I thought we were going to have some fun”

Daniel’s hands fell to his side and he turned around to face Emmy who was leaning against the wall. She looked a little hurt that Daniel would try to leave. Daniel felt his heart ache a little as he looked at his cousin’s downcast face. He took a deep breath and started taking his shoes off again, he felt embarrassed for how he had behaved. Trying to run out like he had, he had been raised better than that. Emmy had tried to help him and he had thrown it back in her face. Sure there had been some odd behaviour but maybe he was blowing it all out of proportion.

“I’m sorry…” Daniel said. His shoulders slumped and he looked down at the ground, “I’ll use your… alternative method.”

Emmy’s whole demeanour changed almost immediately. She smiled widely as she walked forwards and wrapped Daniel in a hug again. Daniel felt her squeeze him and his need for the bathroom grew. When he was finally let go he felt the strong need to pee remained. He awkwardly shuffled his feet as Emmy fussed over him.

“Well, I kind of need to use it…” Daniel’s face burned.

“Oh, yes, of course!” Emmy nodded her large head and stepped back.

Daniel had been ready to run away just a few seconds ago but now he slowly walked back down the hallway towards the living room. The training potty was sat in the middle of the floor. It was pretty big considering it was typically used for children. The bright red contrasted with the room around it. Daniel walked up to it feeling incredibly embarrassed. He wondered if he could stand in front of it and pee into it like a urinal but he was worried the urine would splash back out. He didn’t want to make a mess…

“Maybe if I had some privacy it would help.” Daniel practically whispered as he turned to look at Emmy who was watching him from the doorway.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Emmy chuckled, “Remember when we were curious…”

“Alright, let’s not bring up ancient history!” Daniel quickly interrupted, “But still…”

“Fine.” Emmy rolled her eyes as if Daniel was kicking up a fuss over nothing.

Daniel was glad to watch Emmy turn and leave the doorway. He looked down at the potty again and sighed deeply. He didn’t want anyone to find out about this, it was insane that just a few hours ago he had arrived thinking this was going to be a normal social visit and now he was going to sit on a toddler potty in the middle of the living room to do his business.

With one last look to make sure Emmy hadn’t come back he pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees and sat down. It felt incredibly strange to be sat in a living room like this with his pants around his knees. The potty was too low for him though it still seemed bigger than a normal toddler potty. His knees went up too far leaving him feeling like he was squatting rather than sitting.

It took a little while for Daniel to be able to relax. His bladder was being very shy thanks to the unusual position. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he tried to imagine himself sitting on the toilet rather than the training potty. Daniel heard a splash as his bladder relaxed, the initial spurt turned into a stream. The hot liquid hit the front of the inside of the potty and pooled at the bottom. Daniel shivered a little.

“Glad to see you’re getting used to it.” Emmy’s voice appeared out of nowhere.

Daniel jumped and nearly toppled over off the potty. He grabbed the sides to stay upright but felt the pool of urine rolling back and forward like a big wave. He felt the tip of his penis submerge briefly. The worst part was that he still needed to pee and as he settled himself his bladder resumed emptying.

“No need to look embarrassed.” Emmy said as she stepped back into the living room, “I bought it to be used after all.”

Daniel didn’t think that was the point. He wanted a little privacy for what was a very private act, he had even requested it but Emmy ignored him. All he could do was continue to pee with his pants around his knees and his hands doing their best to cover up what the potty wasn’t. His face was as red as his training toilet but Emmy either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

When Daniel finally finished he awkwardly stood up. He tried to keep himself covered as he pulled his underwear and pants back up. He looked down at the puddle of urine in the potty and felt a fresh dose of shame.

“All finished?” Emmy asked as she walked further into the room, “Good boy. Come on, time for din-dins.”

Daniel watched as Emmy picked up the potty and carried it to the kitchen. Daniel followed closely behind, he had the strange feeling that he should apologise despite not being left with a choice in the matter. The house around him was already much bigger than he was used to but he felt as if he was shrinking even more.


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End Chapter 2

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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