Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 12

Chapter Description: Locked helplessly in his crib there isn't a lot Daniel can do but endure what happens to him. He gets a rude awakening when Emmy has some unusual ideas about breakfast.

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There was no answer. Daniel whined again as he laid back on the pillow. The sun hadn’t set, it was still early and yet he was being left in his little baby cell. Daniel writhed on the bed with his hands down over his crotch, he was moaning non-stop and no matter how much he tried he just couldn’t stop thinking about what was going on in his diaper. It was impossible for him to distract himself.

The vibrations on Daniel’s balls were driving him to distraction but after a few minutes he felt himself growing hard again. He whimpered as he twisted and tried to find a position that minimised the vibrating. It was impossible.

Daniel’s dick soon grew erect and he was left panting despite the deep ache that his previous orgasm had left him with. He felt like a desperate teenager as he moved his hands down to his diaper again. He started rubbing the padding and humping into the air. It was soon that Daniel climaxed again, spurting into the folds of the padding.

“Ugh…” Daniel grimaced as his orgasm finished and he flopped against the mattress with sweat beading on his skin.

Then a miracle happened. Daniel was about to burst into tears when the vibrating suddenly stopped. He didn’t dare move for fear that he might set it off again but it stayed quiet. Slowly he sat up and rolled over. The vibrator remained dead. Daniel could only assume Emmy had turned it off using her phone but if that was the case how did she know he had just orgasmed for the second time, surely it was too much to be coincidence.

Daniel looked around the room. Nothing seemed to have changed at first glance, everything seemed to be in the right place. It was only as Daniel looked at the shelves that peeked over the top of the crib that he realised something had indeed been altered. There were teddy bears up on the shelf, just another way for Emmy to make him feel small, Daniel supposed. But now he noticed a little red light shining between two of the teddy bears. He crawled to the other end of the mattress to get a closer look. His eyes shot wide open as he saw a little camera nestled between a brown teddy bear and a stuffed owl toy.

Suddenly it made sense. Daniel sat back down and pushed himself back up to the end of the crib with the pillows. He swallowed as he laid back and stared at the ceiling. Every time he thought this couldn’t get creepier he was proven wrong. For now though he was just happy to be free of the vibrations.

Daniel closed his eyes and decided that if he was going to be trapped in the crib he might as well do the only thing he could. He pulled the massive blanket over the top of him and tried to get to sleep despite the early hour. It was tough to fall asleep when he knew he was being watched but he must’ve drifted off eventually. His dreams full of his life before arriving at his cousin’s bizarre house.

Daniel suddenly jerked awake. The room was now pitch black which only made the red light on the shelf all the clearer. It didn’t take him long to work out what had woken him up. His diaper was tight as his rock hard penis strained against the padding that was already marked from his first two orgasms.

The vibrator was buzzing again. How long it had been going Daniel could only guess. He started tossing and turning, he was determined not to respond to the sensations, he could at least deny Emmy the satisfaction of enjoying what she was doing. He tried to lay still under the cover and act like nothing was happening, he managed it for a couple of seconds but the only thing that happened was an intensification of the feelings. Soon the noise of the vibrator was coming through the diaper.

Daniel couldn’t stay still forever. He threw his cover back and looked down at his crotch, minutes were passing and he was only growing more frustrated. His resolve was weakened and soon he was moving his hips and thrusting into the diaper without even noticing it. As soon as he realised what was happening he felt his will to resist breaking down. With a sigh of desperation he placed his hands on the front of the padding to give himself even more friction.

The longer Daniel went and the closer he got to finishing yet again the more he abandoned his inhibitions. He started wantonly thrusting himself against his hands and moaning until his orgasm came crashing down on him. His poor penis was sore but still it twitched and pumped into his padding. Daniel gasped and grimaced until the climax was over and he sprawled out on the bed again. Mercifully, the vibrator turned off.

When the vibrations finished Daniel was able to relax and he suddenly noticed the fullness in his bladder. All the feedings and bottles were keeping him ultra-hydrated and now he desperately needed to relieve himself. His penis had rapidly shrunk back down to its regular size and now it twitched in a very different way.

Daniel took a deep breath and held it. He felt a flush of shame heat up his face as he tried to imagine he was on the potty. A small spurt hit the inside of the padding before Daniel accidentally tensed up and cut the flow off. There was a small pain as his bladder complained but Daniel forced himself to relax yet again and this time he managed to stop from tensing.

Feeling the flow of urine into his diaper made Daniel blush despite being all alone. At first he was hesitant but the more the diaper absorbed the more confidence he had in it. The hot urine ran down between his legs and forced the absorbent padding to expand as it soaked in. By the time his bladder had finished it was like his whole crotch and butt were being hugged by the warmth.

Daniel couldn’t resist reaching down between his legs. The diaper felt so hot and when he prodded it he could feel how different it was to before it was used. The crinkliness had gone as the plastic was pulled taut by the weighted padding within. He sat back on the mattress and felt the sponge-like padding squeeze underneath him, piss was forced out and ran against his skin. He shivered as he laid back down on the mattress. He knew Emmy wasn’t going to be coming in until the morning so his only option was to try and sleep.

When the door opened the next morning Daniel was already awake. He let his head roll to the side to see Emmy walk in looking bright and refreshed. It was a million miles from how Daniel felt, after his wetting in the night he had found it very hard to sleep. He shifted nervously under his blanket as his cousin came closer.

“Good morning!” Emmy said happily. She walked up to the crib as if nothing unusual had happened.

The side of the crib clattered to the floor and Daniel immediately sat up warily. Emmy reached forwards and even as Daniel tried to pull the cover up to keep himself hidden she started to prod and poke at him. It didn’t take long for Emmy to slip her hand under the cover. Daniel cringed as he felt the large hand press against his still warm padding.

“What a wet little baby.” Emmy said with a smile.

“Stop calling me a baby!” Daniel complained. He tried to move out of Emmy’s range but she quickly took hold of his wrist.

“Let’s get you a fresh diaper.” Emmy spoke with the divine patience of a mother talking to a difficult child.

“Just get me out of this thing… and take this vibrating stuff off me.” Daniel demanded sulkily before adding, “And don’t put me in another one!”

“No need to be pouty.” Emmy said, “I have something just for pouty babies.”

Daniel got out of the crib with the help of his younger cousin. He dropped on to his feet and felt his diaper sag below him. It hung low and pulled against the tapes, Daniel bit his bottom lip as he realised he had soaked himself even worse than he had thought.

Daniel was so distracted by his disposable he didn’t realise that Emmy had reached into her pocket and produced a pacifier. The teething device was pushed against his mouth quite suddenly and he opened his mouth without thinking. The pacifier was quickly pushed in until the plastic mouth guard hit Daniel’s lips and bobbed backwards and forwards a couple of times.

“You just keep that in for Aunty Emmy, OK?” Emmy said as she started pulling Daniel towards the changing table, “You don’t want to go over my knee after all…”

Daniel was red in the cheeks as he was lifted up and laid back on the changing table. He clenched his fists to resist the urge to pluck the pacifier from his mouth and throw it across the room. He felt ridiculous like this but really needed to get this diaper off. Regardless of how much like a baby he felt sucking a pacifier and getting his diaper changed he really wanted to get out of the uncomfortable disposable and avoid a punishment.

The tapes were loud as they were pulled off the landing zone. Cool air flooded in around Daniel’s genitals and he shivered slightly as the diaper was opened. He heard Emmy giggle as she held Daniel’s penis in her hand, her other hand went down and cradled his sack.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Emmy asked knowingly.

“No.” Daniel sulkily replied. He couldn’t see if any of his “fun” from the previous night was still visible against the inside of the diaper.

To Daniel’s relief he felt the device that had been vibrating him to distraction getting taken off. He sighed as his genitals were released from the slight restraints and wet wipes were used to clean his skin. A fresh diaper was pulled out and unfolded, Daniel pouted around his pacifier for a second and wondered if he should speak up. He had been told to keep it in his mouth but he hadn’t been told he couldn’t speak…

“No more diaperth!” Daniel said as he covered up his crotch. He cringed at his infantile lisp.

“We’ve been through this.” Emmy said warningly.

“I want to leave!” Daniel exclaimed.

“That isn’t going to be possible.” Emmy replied as she placed the open diaper between Daniel’s legs.

Daniel shivered as he heard the tone of Emmy’s voice. Her coldness made it clear this wasn’t up for debate. He was going to be a guest here until whenever Emmy decided to let him leave. He still felt frozen as his legs were gathered by one of Emmy’s giant hands and rolled back to slip the fresh diaper underneath him. When he was lowered Emmy was already starting to pull the front up and before he knew it he was taped into a new diaper.

“I have to go home!” Daniel whined as he was lifted off the table and placed back on the floor, “I have work and-”

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes.” Emmy said cryptically, “Right now you don’t need to work, you need to get dressed and fill your little tummy.”

Daniel clenched his fists but Emmy was already pulling a new outfit out of the closet for him. Daniel knew it wouldn’t be good so he looked away as Emmy manipulated his limbs to go through the correct holes. He felt a shirt covering his chest but simultaneously a pair of shorts that seemed to lift the diaper up towards his body a little more.

When Daniel finally got a chance to look at the mirror he felt his face turning as deeply red as his new outfit was. He had seen toddlers wearing clothes just like these before. All-in-one shortalls with a zip on the back ensuring he wouldn’t be able to easily undress himself. On the chest was embroidered the words “Little Potty Pants” with a big gold star beneath. Daniel cringed.

“Come on, let’s go find some yummy breakfast.” Emmy said.

Daniel noticed she hadn’t picked him up. There was once a time where that would be ideal but now it meant that he had to flop down on to his front and crawl. He resisted moving but when Emmy stood at the top of the stairs and looked back at him he knew he couldn’t stay in front of the mirror forever.

With a sigh of resignation Daniel dropped down on to all fours. He tried to tell himself that Emmy was right, this was just safer. The problem was that when he saw his childish outfit, felt the thick diaper and crawled across the floor it was impossible to not feel like he was just a little baby. He shook his head as he crawled and pushed the thoughts to the back of his head.

Emmy went down the stairs and Daniel twisted his body round so he was sat on the top step. After a moment of hesitation he dropped down off the first ledge and then sat on the edge of the next one. He had to repeat this process over and over again until he reached the bottom. He was sweating slightly from the effort and when Emmy leaned down to scoop him up he found himself feeling almost grateful.

It didn’t feel all that unusual to be sat on Emmy’s hip now. Daniel had been carried like this so many times it almost felt normal. He realised how dangerous this kind of thinking was, the normalisation of things that should definitely remain abnormal. Daniel blushed for even thinking it was anything but awful.

“I hope you’re hungry.” Emmy said as she carried Daniel through to the kitchen, “A nice big breakfast to fuel you for the day.”

Daniel remained silent. He didn’t think there was anything he could say that would help him in this situation, he just had to keep waiting for a chance to get away. Being fed and carried wasn’t anything new, he could live with this until he found his chance. Patience was a virtue he was having to learn. With a jolt of fear Daniel felt a rumble deep in his belly. He hadn’t been able to use the toilet or his potty…

Emmy leaned down to open the fridge door which forced Daniel to lean forwards and put his arms around her neck to stop himself falling to the floor. He heard Emmy moving some things around and then she stopped.

“Hmm, we don’t have any milk.” Emmy said slowly.

Daniel felt Emmy stand back up and now he was carried over to the kitchen table. He looked over to the window on the far side of the room and tried not to let the worry that he would never get out there consume him. Emmy had sat down in her usual seat and sat Daniel on her knee. When he turned back to look at Emmy he saw that she had unbuttoned her blouse. He nearly choked as he jumped and looked away.

“W-What are you doing!?” Daniel exclaimed as he looked away. He tried to climb off Emmy’s lap but she was able to keep him in place with ease.

“Well, I can’t let you starve can I?” Emmy said with a chuckle.


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End Chapter 12

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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Daddy_C · Jan 30, 2024

I have been enjoying this incredibly and am very excited for the next chapter! (I had been hoping it would lead to nursing! Danny is such a lucky little baby.)

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