Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 17

Chapter Description: Free of Emmy's clutches Daniel finds a bed and breakfast looking for sanctuary. He hopes it is the path to freedom but the strange events seem to continue.

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Daniel’s heart hammered as he knocked on the door and then stepped back. His knees felt weak and he kept nervously looking over his shoulder almost as if he expected to see Emmy stalking towards him through the dark. The light in the hallway of the house switched on, the illumination escaping under the bottom of the door and through the windows above.

The door opened and Daniel was temporarily blinded by the sudden light. It wasn’t too bright but next to the darkness he had been walking through it was like looking at the sun. Gradually his eyes adjusted. He saw a large woman in the doorway.

“I’ll have to call you back.” The woman said.

Daniel was a little confused until he saw the woman pull a phone away from her ear. She was looking down at Daniel with a frown of confusion. She may have had the same proportions as Emmy but she otherwise looked very different. Her darker skin seemed to indicate she had Latin American heritage, she was a little plumper than Emmy was and her chest was a little smaller though not by much. Her black hair was cut relatively short and it framed a round face. She put her hands on her hips and tilted her head as she regarded Daniel like an unrecognised animal.

“Um, hello.” Daniel ventured in embarrassment.

“Well aren’t you a sight.” The woman said, “Can I help you, dear?”

“May I… May I come in?” Daniel said quietly. With his adrenaline lowering and his lack of movement he started feeling the cold of the night.

“I suppose so.” The woman said warily. She stepped back and held the door open, “Are you looking for a room?”

As Daniel gratefully stepped over the threshold and felt the carpet under his feet he let out a deep shuddering breath. He could hear himself crinkle and as he stepped into the light he was very aware that the woman, this complete stranger, was watching him like a hawk.

“So, do you want to tell me what’s going on?” The woman asked, “I don’t think it’s Halloween, is this some kind of prank?”

“Could we sit down?” Daniel asked, “It’s kind of a long story.”

“Alright, come with me.” The woman said sceptically.

Daniel was taken through to a small tea room. This was a rather traditional B&B and the tea room in question had just three small tables with two chairs at each, it looked a lot like a converted living room because it probably was. Thankfully it was late enough that no one else, if there was any other guests in the building, were in the room. The woman locked the door behind them.

“Cup of coffee?” The woman asked.

“Tea please, if you have it.” Daniel replied.

“Of course.” The woman smiled thinly.

Daniel was left alone for a couple of minutes and it gave him a chance to unwind from everything that had happened. He wondered if Emmy knew he was missing yet, he smiled as he pictured the ultra-controlling woman walking in to the nursery room and finding him gone. It felt like victory.

“I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Martina.” Martina was walking back in with a tray.

“Daniel.” Daniel replied.

“Well, It’s nice to meet you but I have to say I’m very curious about how you ended up on my doorstep like this.” Martina was smiling as she took her coffee but Daniel could sense some unease. He could hardly blame her when he was dressed so strangely.

Daniel started to relay the whole story from the very beginning. He tried to be as honest as possible though he left out some details, he didn’t tell Martina how many times he had been made to orgasm nor the breastfeeding. But he did explain about how he had been essentially kidnapped, he told Martina about Emmy treating him like a little kid and why he was dressed this way.

“My, my, my…” Martina shook her head as Daniel finally caught up to the present day and sipped his drink.

“I have to call for help.” Daniel continued, “She’s crazy and needs locking up! Not to mention I need to go home and…”

“I understand.” Martina was nodding her head, “But it’s very late and I think all this can surely wait till the morning.”

“The morning?” Daniel was confused. Had Martina misheard how he had been treated?

“It’s a small town, sweetie.” Martina said with a sympathetic smile, “Nothing in a small town moves quickly… except gossip, of course.”

Martina laughed and Daniel forced a small smile on to his face. He had hoped for more immediate help but he supposed he couldn’t really insist on it after turning up at such a late hour. He would be safe here to wait through the night and the next day he would be on his way home. It seemed like a fair deal.

“Am I to assume you haven’t any money to rent a room?” Martina asked.

“Oh, erm, no…” Daniel hadn’t thought about that. He was at a bed and breakfast, guests were expected to pay for their rooms!

“Don’t worry about it.” Martina said with a smile, “You’ve had a rough time. Tonight is free.”

“Thank you very much!” Daniel smiled widely.

“It’s late. How about we head up and we can talk about this more tomorrow.” Martina yawned as she spoke.

“Of course.” Daniel said as he pushed his chair back, “I’m sorry for imposing.”

Daniel stood up and again was reminded how much bigger than him Martina was. Just like Emmy, Martina towered over him as she started striding towards the door. Daniel was forced almost into a jog to keep up. As he crinkled along behind her he was yet again thankful that there were no other people up late.

Daniel climbed up the stairs taking care to be as quiet as possible to not disturb anyone. He saw Martina turn and look at him, she had a grin on her face. Daniel assumed it was because of the crinkling which seemed to echo off the narrow walls, he couldn’t wait to take it off.

“I’m afraid we only have one room spare.” Martina said quietly as they walked down the landing to a room at the end.

“I’m sure whatever you have won’t be a problem.” Daniel said as followed the larger woman’s footsteps, “I have to thank you again for…”

The door was opened and Daniel’s mouth ceased forming words. He couldn’t believe fate would be so unkind as to do this to him. Rather than a guestroom he was looking into a full on nursery, the kind of room that Emmy would’ve wished she had. There was nothing makeshift about this baby bedroom, it was perfectly set up.

“I… I…” Daniel didn’t know what to say. He had frozen up completely.

“Oh, I should’ve warned you.” Martina bit her bottom lip, “This is the only free room I’m afraid. It’s for the little one I have on the way.”

“You’re pregnant?” Daniel said stupidly.

“I’m expecting.” Martina smiled.

Daniel stepped over the threshold into what looked like a baby boy’s nursery. Everything was a baby blue or white. Behind him the door was closed and Martina was looking on somewhat nervously. After everything that had happened the last thing he wanted was to spend more time in a nursery but he was short on alternatives. The other rooms were taken, he couldn’t take the couch because people would see him like this.

“I guess… If there’s nothing else…” Daniel muttered. He felt even more embarrassed than he had turning up dressed this way.

“Wonderful.” Martina walked over and lowered the side of the crib.

Daniel walked forwards and suffered a horrible feeling of déjà vu as he climbed up on to the mattress. He sat back on his padded rear end and looked out at the room feeling disheartened, he had thought he had left all this behind him.

“Can you leave the-” Daniel started.

The side of the crib came rattling up and locked in place. Martina gave him a quick smile before she turned and left the room. Daniel was left alone in the dark silence, he had been about to ask that the side of the crib was left down but he guessed it didn’t make too much difference to him either way.

As he laid back against the pillows he realised he had been left in his diaper and baby clothes as well. Bearing in mind the side of the crib had been locked into place the diaper may have been a good idea. He closed his eyes in the homes of rushing into unconsciousness. The last thing he felt as he drifted off was his bladder relaxing and a fresh stream of urine trickling out of him and into the already damp padding.


When Daniel woke up the next morning it was significantly later than he had been waking up in the last few days. For a second he was very confused, his mind melding the nursery room at Emmy’s house with the nursery at the bed and breakfast he was now in. He remembered his late night escape and everything gradually came back to him. He could hardly believe he had made it away from his crazy cousin. Somehow the pacifier that had remained clipped to his onesie had found it’s way back into his mouth. He thought about removing it but it didn’t seem to be doing any harm and the sucking motion it promoted was somewhat calming despite how babyish it felt.

Daniel sat up and wasn’t entirely sure why he had woken up. He still felt very tired and there wasn’t any sound from elsewhere in the building. He looked around through the bars of the crib at the nursery when he suddenly felt a strong cramping pain.

“Uh oh.” Daniel muttered to himself around the mouth-filling teat.

Daniel looked at the top of the bars to try and find a release catch but he couldn’t see anything. Even if he could the bars were so tall he wasn’t sure he would reach them. He was as trapped in this crib as he was back at Emmy’s. This was going to pose a really big problem really quickly.

“Martina?” Daniel half-called out towards the closed door.

Daniel didn’t know if he should be calling out or not. Martina had told him all the rooms in her B&B were full and he didn’t want to go alerting random people that there was a grown man in the nursery but he needed to get out of the crib. Daniel listened out for any signs of life but it was practically silent, he thought he could hear the faint sounds of a television nearby but he could’ve been imagining it.

“Martina?” Daniel called out again. He was throwing caution to the wind as he raised his volume.

Daniel waited and waited but there was still no sign of his host coming in to check on him. He hadn’t heard anyone in fact and to make matters worse his cramping was now nearly constant. He was biting the pacifier so hard he thought his teeth were going to go right through.  His hands went down to his belly as he realised he wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer.

“Martina!?” Daniel genuinely shouted now. His voice echoed around the nursery a little. He couldn’t keep the desperation from his voice.

Daniel’s plaintive pleas were met with silence and things were quickly becoming unbearable.

Daniel held the bars of the crib so tightly he thought he might snap them but alas they refused to budge. He let out a whine as his cheeks flushed with heat. He was forced back slightly as he squat down on the mattress. His hands slipped down the crib’s bars as he felt the end coming.

With an angry punch at one of the bars Daniel’s exhausted sphincter gave way. The hot mush pushed out of his body as if it were late for something. It pushed back against the rear of the wet diaper and when it couldn’t find any give it started smearing. Daniel could feel the stinky poop spreading up towards the small of his back and down between his legs. He felt it clogging the gap between his two cheeks and he even felt bits falling down into the snug seat of the diaper.

Daniel had been thoroughly defeated and he now pushed down in defeat. He held his breath and grunted slightly as he pushed down and felt even more poop push out of him. The back of his diaper pushed out as much as possible but that wasn’t very far and it wasn’t long until it felt like his whole backside was covered in sticky muck.

As Daniel let out his quivering breath his bladder relaxed as well and he flooded the diaper with yet more urine. By the time he had finished going to the toilet on himself he had seemingly pushed the padding to the absolute limit. A trembling hand reached around to his backside found that the diaper was as full as he thought it was.

Daniel wasn’t going to call for Martina again even though the humiliation of being found like this was unavoidable. He didn’t dare move a muscle for fear of making himself even messier. He thought it would be just his luck that the door opened right after he had finished disgracing himself, and yet that didn’t happen. Half an hour later he was still crouched in the crib.

When the door finally opened Daniel greeted it with relief even if it would also mean his embarrassment. He had begun to worry that Martina had forgotten about him. As the tall woman came in Daniel lowered his head and looked at the ground guiltily, it seemed incredible that he had managed to leave Emmy’s place but was still being humiliated like this, even if it wasn’t on purpose. He could hear her sniffing the air as she walked across the room towards the crib.

“Oh my lord…” Martina put a hand to her chest and covered her mouth with the other, “I totally forgot you would be stuck in there!”

Daniel looked up bashfully with his face blushing red. He realised he still had the pacifier between his lips and he quickly spat it out causing it to fall and bounce on his chest. He saw Martina looking at him and shaking her head.

“You should’ve called.” Martina said.

“I tried.” Daniel mumbled.

“I didn’t hear anything.” Martina said as she walked over and hit the release which brought the bars down, “Oh, darling, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright.” Daniel grimaced as he slowly slipped forwards. He had to turn his back to Martina as she dropped out of the crib and knew he was showing her his bulging disposable.

“You certainly packed that thing.” Martina said as Daniel dropped on to his unsteady feet.

Daniel didn’t know if Martina meant to make him embarrassed but she was certainly doing a good job of it. He turned around and wasn’t quite sure how exactly to deal with this, he eyed the changing table and watched as Martina seemed to put two and two together.

“Right, you need to get changed.” Martina said, “I’ll help!”

“Wha- Why? That’s really not necessary!” Daniel quickly said.


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End Chapter 17

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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