Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 9

Chapter Description: Having "wet the bed" Daniel is left alone to think about what he did. When he finally convinces his cousin to let him up he finds she won't leave him alone for a minute and has her own methods to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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“Accident!?” Daniel looked up wide angry eyes, “What did you expect to happen when you tie me down like this!?”

“You really soaked through the sheets.” Emmy said as she reached through and patted the saturated mattress, “You should’ve told me if you needed the potty.”

“I tried!” Daniel balled up his fists, “I called and you… It shouldn’t matter! I shouldn’t have been tied down regardless! Let me up!”

Emmy clucked her tongue and shook her head. Daniel watched her with fury filling him. He was done with all the weird games, it was time for him to leave and never look back. He should call the police for what his crazed cousin was doing. Emmy’s casually dismissive attitude only made him angrier. It was like the red mist had descended on him.

“You still seem grumpy.” Emmy finally said as she withdrew her hand. Though her words were soft her eyes seemed hard, “I’ll let you have a little more rest.”

“No!” Daniel shouted, “You can’t… Let me up! I want to leave!”

Despite Daniel’s shouting Emmy turned away and left the room. She closed the door behind her leaving Daniel trapped on the bed again. He threw his head back against the pillow and let out a loud yell of frustration. He was once again left alone with nothing but the silence and the wet sheets. He renewed his efforts to pull against the leather restraints but they were just as steadfast as always.

The sheets grew cold and the skin that was constantly pressed against the wet patches started to get a little itchy. Time was passing slowly but it was clear that it was passing, the sun outside the window was beginning to set. To Daniel it felt like he had been laying in the same place for hours. The anger had gone, it had been drained from him the same way his bladder had been drained. The only thing Daniel wanted now was to be let up. The irrational part of his brain started to wonder if Emmy was going to leave him there forever.

When the door finally opened again it wasn’t anger that washed over Daniel but relief. As Emmy walked across the room to the crib Daniel forced himself to remain silent. This time Emmy lowered the side of the crib before looking down at him.

“Are we feeling better now?” Emmy asked with her patented smile.

Daniel nodded his head. His pride, bruised and battered as it was, meant nothing compared to being let out of this damn bed. He just had to make sure he didn’t antagonize the tall woman, if she turned and walked out of the room again he thought he might go insane. She regarded him for a moment and Daniel tried to look as innocent as possible, he felt like she was looking straight into his brain to assess if he was going to be good. In the end it seemed she was happy with him.

“You’ve had an accident.” Emmy looked down to the wet patch and then back up to Daniel, “Haven’t you?”

Daniel was internally screaming that it wasn’t an accident. He wanted to yell and swear at Emmy for putting him in a position where all this happened but his need to get up trumped all. He kept his jaws almost painfully clenched and nodded his head.

“Well, we can’t have that.” Emmy shook her head and put her hands on her hips, “I don’t want you piddling everywhere.”

“I…” Daniel started before he could stop himself. He turned it into a cough and fell silent again.

Finally, almost reluctantly, Emmy leaned over the mattress and started fiddling with the restraints. When the leather loosened and allowed Daniel some movement it felt like a blessed relief. He immediate started rubbing his wrists which were angrily red. Before he could work out what was coming next Emmy lifted him into the air again. He almost welcomed being carried since it meant he didn’t have to crawl or lay in his own piss.

Daniel was carried out of his bedroom whilst still naked. He was sat down on the edge of the toilet, thankfully the toilet lid was down so there was no worries about falling in however the floor looked perilously far away so Daniel stayed where he was. Emmy started running the faucets in the tub.

“I think you need a bath.” Emmy stated without looking round at Daniel. Whatever Daniel’s own thoughts she seemed to have no worries about her cousin fighting back, “Right now you smell like a urinal.”

Daniel wished he could just have a bath. He didn’t need the running commentary on how he looked or smelled. He didn’t need nor want to be reminded of what had just ended. He looked down at the floor as he listened to the tub filling. It seemed everything he had yelled about wanting to leave had been ignored. He wasn’t surprised, he was starting to wonder if Emmy planned for him to leave at all. She couldn’t keep him here forever though, work would notice he was missing and surely the police would be alerted.

“In you get…” Emmy’s voice surprised Daniel who had been lost in his thoughts.

Daniel was lifted up and placed in the warm water. He waited for Emmy to get up and leave the room but she remained kneeling as she reached into the tub and swirled the water around a little. Daniel watched the large tub slowly fill until he was thoroughly submerged halfway between his belly button and nipples.

“Lay back for me.” Emmy said softly. She didn’t wait for Daniel to follow her command. With one hand on his back and the other on his chest she started lowering him so he was laying back against the sloped side of the bath.

“I can do this myself.” Daniel said as his cheeks went red. He hadn’t been bathed like this since he was a baby.

Daniel splashed a little as he tried to remain sitting but Emmy was much too strong. He felt his bare butt sliding along the bottom of the tub and heard a squeaking noise as he sunk back. Part of him wondered if Emmy wasn’t just going to push him under and drown him. After everything that had happened it felt like a distinct possibility. His back touched the sloped wall of the bath and he let out a breath he hadn’t even been aware he was holding.

Emmy didn’t bother to respond to Daniel. It seemed the frequency with which Emmy outright ignored him was increasing. Daniel wasn’t even surprised when she grabbed a washcloth and started rubbing it on Daniel’s chest. He could only look up at the ceiling cursing every moment as he was cleaned as if he couldn’t do it himself. One of Emmy’s large hands was on his shoulders at all time, despite her relaxed demeanor it seemed she was ready for him to start struggling at any moment.

After everything that had happened over the last few hours Daniel was feeling tired out. He sighed in defeat as he let Emmy lather him up and rinse him off again. He was again taken by surprise when he was lifted out of the tub and placed on the bath mat. A gigantic towel was wrapped around him, it was so big he could’ve gotten lost in it. He was dried by Emmy and it was all he could do to remain upright as her enthusiastic drying threatened to knock him off balance.

“Upsy-daisy.” Emmy said playfully as she lifted Daniel into her arms.

Daniel felt like he hadn’t moved a muscle under his own control since that morning. He had been tied down, held down or carried around non-stop. This time he was taken back into the bedroom and sat on the floor. He looked up to see Emmy stripping the bed. It was only as the soaked sheet came off the mattress that he realised he had been lying on a plastic sheet.

“A plastic sheet…” Daniel frowned.

“It was just in case.” Emmy replied as she threw the soiled bed linen into a pile behind her, “It was a good job I put it down.”

Daniel blushed but felt that familiar anger coming back. Not only had she put him in a position where wetting himself was an inevitability but she had actively planned for it. He looked towards the door but saw it had been closed.

“Now… I can’t have you making a mess of my furniture.” Emmy said as she turned around and looked down at Daniel, “I’m not mad about your little accident but we have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Daniel remained quiet but in his head he was shouting that if she didn’t want him wetting the bed maybe she shouldn’t have tied him down to it!

“With that in mind I have something that should help.” Emmy said as she turned towards the chest of drawers.

As if he had a premonition Daniel suddenly realised where this was heading. He shook his head and climbed shakily to his feet. He looked at the potty against the far wall, the crib next to the window and knew what he was about to see. When his cousin turned around he saw that his worst fears had been realised.

“No!” Daniel exclaimed despite fears of reprisals, “You can’t make me wear that!”

Emmy looked at the large white disposable diaper in her hand and then back at Daniel. Her forehead creased as she frowned, it didn’t look to Daniel as if she was annoyed as much as she was perplexed. He could see her logic but she didn’t seem to understand that if she didn’t create the circumstances that led to him wetting the bed it wouldn’t happen. Maybe she did understand but she simply ignored it.

“You wet the bed.” Emmy said simply, “People who wet the bed get diapers.”

“But you-” Daniel started. He stopped when Emmy started advancing towards him. She was brandishing the disposable diaper like a weapon.

Daniel turned on his heels and ran towards the door. He was still completely naked and realised he must look absurd as he reached up for the handle to the door. He could only get his fingertips to the metal as he heard the heavy footsteps right behind him. He whimpered as he felt Emmy’s hand on his shoulder.

“Stop being naughty!” Emmy said as she steered Daniel away from the door, “I’m trying to do what’s best for you!”

Daniel wanted desperately to pull himself free and escape but the door was out of his reach. He looked around as he slowly walked back to the bed as if it was a jail cell, there was just no other way to get out.

“Are you going to be a good boy for Aunty Emmy?” Emmy asked as they reached the edge of the bed, “Or am I going to have to use the restraints again?”

Daniel shuddered at the mention of restraints. After having his freedom back the last thing he wanted was to be strapped back down for who knows how long. One way or the other he was going to end up in the diaper Emmy was holding and his only choice was whether he wanted to be able to leave the bed afterwards.

“I don’t want this…” Daniel muttered darkly as he sat on the edge of the huge mattress and laid back.

“Of course not.” Emmy’s voice and face betrayed that she clearly thought Daniel secretly wanted it.

As Daniel scooted back on the mattress he was yet again struck by a sudden clarity of how crazy everything had become. He was desperately trying to hold on to what remained of his dignity but he felt like his adulthood was being stripped away from him by the moment. He tried to resist but was powerless to escape this house or overpower his giantess of a cousin.

Daniel didn’t get a chance to even settle before Emmy had grabbed both his ankles in one large hand. He looked down at his feet just as Emmy lifted them up into the air. He let out a yelp as his feet were rolled back over his head. His arms flailed as he was held in that position, he felt a papery tickling just above his butt. When his legs were lowered again it was on to a soft and fluffy surface. Daniel immediately winced, he brought his legs together, and suddenly the reality of the situation hit him again.

“There has to be another way…” Daniel knew he sounded whiney.

“Daniel…” Emmy looked down at him with clear warning.

Daniel whined and mumbled but he didn’t know what else to say. He looked sideways at the restraints again and then opened his legs. He hated the look of victory that flashed across Emmy’s face as she took a plastic bottle of baby powder. A cloud of powder engulfed Daniel’s crotch, the smell so reminiscent of a nursery.

Daniel had to cover his face as he felt the diaper getting raised between his legs. He could feel the humiliation turning his cheeks red as the plastic disposable was flattened over his crotch and lower tummy. In his mind he kept repeating the phrase “This can’t be happening! This can’t be happening!” The sounds of tapes being ripped and then placed on the landing zone of the diaper confirmed that it really was happening.

“Perfect.” Emmy said as she ran a hand over the smooth plastic surface. She pressed into the disposable causing all the trapped air to rush out, “Though there’s something missing…”

As Emmy walked away from the bed and over to the chest of drawers Daniel sat up. He heard the diaper between his legs crinkle with each of his movements. The smooth white plastic surface seemed alien to him, as he looked down it felt like he was seeing someone else’s body. He reached down with a trembling hand and ran it along the plastic outer shell.

“Stand up.” Emmy ordered Daniel.

Daniel slid forwards and slipped on to the floor. He swayed slightly and had to grab the edge of the bed to keep himself upright. The diaper seemed bigger, bulkier and more noticeable than he ever thought possible. He was still looking down at his new underwear when Emmy came back over. She knelt down in front of Daniel, thanks to her size she blocked out everything that was happening.

“Lift your foot up.” Emmy instructed.

Daniel didn’t get a chance to comply before his ankle was grabbed by Emmy and his foot lifted. Daniel felt something being pulled over his foot. It felt strangely stiff, his foot was let go and went back to the floor. Emmy then lifted the other foot and threaded it through the same material. Daniel nearly fell over now and his hands went forward on to Emmy’s shoulders to keep himself upright. It was now that he realised that Emmy was pulling something up his bare legs. As his second foot dropped back to the floor Daniel felt the plastic material getting pulled up his legs. Whatever it was went all the way up and over his diaper. Finally he felt the top of the plastic pants getting pulled tight.

“A wonderful fit.” Emmy said happily, “Just have to make sure it stays on…”

Daniel heard a small metallic click before Emmy finally stood up. Daniel could finally see what had happened. Over the top of the diaper there was now a pair of clear plastic pants that pushed the diaper closer to the man’s crotch. What really drew Daniel’s eyes was the small chain running around the top of the plastic panties, a small padlock dangled from the front.

“W-What is this?” Daniel asked anxiously as he reached down and touched the lock.
“You won’t always need those, of course.” Emmy said as she stood back to watch Daniel investigate his new underwear, “It’s just to make sure you don’t take that diaper off.”


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End Chapter 9

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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