Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 23

Chapter Description: It is the conclusion of Daniel's story! After his failed attempts to escape and having his old life ripped away from him Emmy wants to show him what his future is going to look like.

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Daniel was taken up the stairs in the harness and into the nursery. He knew a change was coming so he relaxed his bladder again and flooded his baby pants. He was lifted out and placed on to the floor before Emmy started to get the stuff needed for a diaper change ready. He burped and felt the milk that flooded his system threaten to come back up.

Daniel looked at the nursery door and wished he could run away again. Even with a full belly he would’ve wanted to try. Unfortunately with Emmy right next to him he had no chance of escape, he would get stopped by the staircase and as he made his perilous journey down his much larger cousin would be able to take multiple steps at a time.

Whilst Daniel was still looking wistfully towards the landing he felt two hands on his shoulders. They slipped down until they were around his waist and then they lifted him into the air. Daniel’s legs kicked out automatically as he was lifted and sat on the edge of the changing table. He didn’t get a moment to think as he was helped to lay back in the usual diaper changing position.

“We’ll have you all dry in a few moments.” Emmy said in a sing-song voice.

Daniel wasn’t really listening. His head had turned to the side where he saw the window. On the road outside, muffled by the distance and walls, Daniel heard what sounded like a large truck rumbling by the house. It felt like a cruel joke that there were no vehicles on the road the one time he had needed them.

The tapes came off the front of Daniel’s diaper and he shivered slightly at the feeling of the cool air on his genitals. He braced himself from the cold baby wipes and when they touched him he could practically feel his genitals shrinking and rising up into his body, he couldn’t help but whine at the cleaning.

“Hush, baby.” Emmy gently chided as she used two fingers to hold Daniel’s dick and move it out of the way.

Daniel huffed and puffed until she finally felt the used wipes get dropped into the diaper that he was being taken out of. He felt his legs get lifted up as the old padding was pulled out, balled and taped closed. He was forced to listen as a fresh diaper crinkled and was unfolded, it was slipped underneath him before his legs were lowered.

There was a sprinkling of baby powder over his crotch and he was expecting the front of the diaper to be pulled up between his legs but that didn’t happen. There was a small pause and then Daniel felt something wrapping around the most sensitive parts of his crotch. He moaned and belatedly tried to block what was happening but Emmy simply batted his hands away.

“Please… not that…” Daniel whined as he looked down and saw the accursed vibrator attached to him.

The front of the diaper was pulled up and taped closed. Daniel huffed as Emmy put her hand on the front of the diaper and pressed down a little. The feeling of her rubbing against his erogenous zones made Daniel whine again.

“Now be a good boy.” Emmy said as adjusted the diaper.

Daniel was lifted off the changing table. He was hoping Emmy hadn’t noticed that the vibrator wasn’t switched on but his hopes didn’t last long. As his giant cousin walked over to the closet she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. A couple of seconds later the vibrator buzzed to life.

It was a horribly familiar feeling for Daniel. The dread of leaving the house dressed like a baby, the diapers and the vibrator combined to form a terrifying vision of what his future would be like. His every attempt to escape or otherwise stop Emmy had been a failure, he wanted to get out of this situation but he just didn’t know what more he could do.

Wrenched from his old life and made to look like a weird freak to his old friends and co-workers he didn’t know if there was anyone else that would come look for him. He was a young man, he could be facing decades of diapers. The thought was enough to start bringing on a panic attack.

“This looks good for today.” Emmy said. Her words forced Daniel back to the present.

It was a onesie. Daniel slowly raised his arms as the baby blue onesie was pulled over his head. The stretchy material dropped down below his belly and hung low between his legs. He sighed as the two flaps were popped together. He was expecting some pants or shorts but instead Emmy just took him under the arms and lifted him into the harness again. As Daniel’s head was forced back against his cousin’s breasts he realised he was not even going to get to wear some shoes as they left the house.

“I think we’ll turn this up.” Emmy said at the top of the stairs. She pulled out her phone and held it up in front of Daniel.

Daniel looked at the screen and saw a line on a graph that was moving rightwards rapidly. Emmy now put her finger on the line, which was very low, and moved it slowly up. Daniel could feel the vibrations growing stronger as Emmy’s finger moved up. He shivered as he saw Emmy making the vibrations in his diaper reach such a proportion that he could hear it coming through the padding. He was gasping when Emmy finally stopped.

“How’s that?” Emmy asked as she started walking down the stairs.

Daniel felt an unwanted orgasm rapidly building and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Before Emmy had even reached the bottom step he was thrusting against the harness and let out an exclamation as he climaxed. He felt his straining tool rapidly tensing as he spurted into the sex toy.

There was no respite. Emmy made her final preparations to leave as if it was normal to have a man helplessly climaxing on her chest. All Daniel could do was whine and groan as the vibrations refused to abate.

“So much babbling.” Emmy chuckled, “Here, take this.”

Daniel saw a pacifier appear in front of his mouth and he didn’t think. He opened his mouth and the latex bulb popped past his lips and into his mouth. He was vaguely aware of a ribbon hanging from the soother that was clipped to the collar of his onesie.

With a muted exclamation Daniel experienced a second orgasm as Emmy stepped out into the front yard. As Daniel hung limply in the harness he tried to catch his breath. He’d had two orgasms and they had barely even left the house!

Emmy started walking but instead of going the way they went the previous week Daniel saw they were heading in the other direction. They were walking in the direction that Daniel had tried to escape. Even though Daniel was feeling an ache in his penis as it was forcefully stimulated he had enough presence of mind to know there was nothing in this direction for a long way except for Martina and her bed and breakfast.

“Ugh…” Daniel grunted as he came again.

The pacifier tumbled from Danny’s lips and bounced at the end of the ribbon. A line of drool fell down his chin and on to his onesie. Without missing a step Emmy reached for the pacifier and brought it back up to Daniel’s mouth. It was as if Emmy had somehow turned the vibrator up to an even higher setting than before, it seemed to target his most sensitive spots and go to town.

Daniel’s life had been altered completely and now it felt like his mind was going the same way. He was edged or forcibly given orgasms so often it felt like his brain was turning to mush. It was as if his adult thoughts were being peeled away one humiliation at a time. Now, helplessly cumming into his diaper as he was carried down the street, his situation felt more hopeless than ever before. He just didn’t know how he would ever escape, he didn’t know if he had anything to escape too…

“You see?” Emmy chuckled as she reached around and patted the harness over Daniel’s crotch, “When you’re a good boy you get to play with your toys.”

Daniel wanted to reply but any time he opened his mouth all he could do was moan and grunt like some kind of prehistoric Neanderthal. It was impossible to say whether Emmy genuinely thought he enjoyed this or if she was just mocking him. He wasn’t even sure it mattered, one way or another he was going to be teased by this vibrator for as long as Emmy chose.

The walk was a blur to Daniel whose poor dick ached like a strained muscle. By the time a building came into view he felt like he had orgasmed at least half a dozen times. He had also wet his diaper, the urine passing through holes in the accursed toy and spreading out over the thick padding causing it to swell up. Somehow the thicker, warmer and wetter padding only seemed to make the situation even worse.

Martina’s bed and breakfast looked much bigger in the day. Daniel lifted his head to see that the building was a lot bigger than he had imagined, it was akin in size to Emmy’s place. He was surprised when Emmy turned and started walking up to the front door. Another orgasm was forced out of Daniel as she knocked on the door and he a line of drool fell from his mouth as he winced.

“Emmy! It’s so good to see you again, I’m so glad you could make it!” Martina had answered the door with a big smile.

Daniel saw the Hispanic woman step forward and hold out her arms for a hug. Before he could process what was happening he was crushed between the two women, the large boob that his head was nestled between was joined by Martina’s equally large breasts. For a brief few seconds Daniel’s head was completely enveloped by the large women’s ample chests. When they parted the hug he gratefully drew in some air.

“And, of course, little Daniel!” Martine leaned forwards and planted a big kiss on Daniel’s forehead, “I hope you’ve been better behaved since your little adventure.”

“Oh, he has.” Emmy chuckled, “Not that I gave him much choice! You may find him rather speechless at the moment, he does love his little buzzy toy after all.”

“Of course. My Antonio is the same.” Martina smiled as she held the door open, “Come in, please.”

“Thank you, Martina.” Emmy replied as she stepped forwards, “Are the others already here?”

“They are.” Martina replied as she closed the front door, “You’re the last to arrive.”

Daniel had no idea what the two Amazonian women were talking about. He was barely even listening as it seemed like his entire mind had been devoted to the feelings within his diaper. He was carried through the familiar hallway and out to a room at the back. The door opened and he was met by a sight he scarcely felt was believable.

“Emmy! Oh, I was so pleased to hear you finally landed yourself a baby!” A woman taller even than Emmy stood up and hurried over.

Yet again Daniel found himself being squeezed between two giantesses. The fleshy orbs straining against the clothing that confined them were pushed against him as the two women hugged. This time the embrace lasted long enough that Daniel feared he would suffocate, his legs and arms flailed as he tried to breathe in. His nostrils filled with the scent of womanhood.

As the two women parted Daniel was left to look in horror at a scene he thought would be impossible. A woman was sat in an armchair next to the television, Martina was now sitting opposite her, this other woman who had just hugged Emmy was sat back down on the couch leaving one seat opposite for Emmy.

What really took Daniel’s breath away though was not the four giant women but what they were sitting around. A fenced area in the middle of the room exactly like the playpen at Emmy’s house. It was filled with stuffies, toys, bottles… and three other men!

Daniel’s mouth fell open and the pacifier dropped to his chest again. There were three men in the playpen and they were each like he was. He couldn’t really process what he was seeing. He didn’t know whether to be happy that he wasn’t alone or sad that others were trapped like him.

“I know!” Emmy said in the high-pitched overly excited voice used for children, “New friends!”

Daniel shook his head but it was a waste of time. Emmy lifted him out of the chest harness and lowered him into the playpen where the other men. Almost as soon as Daniel’s feet hit the floor he wobbled forwards and the vibrator pushed against him. He convulsed forwards and fell on to his hands and knees as a painful orgasm caused his aching tool to dribble out a little sticky fluid. Daniel’s cheeks reddened as he looked up at the three men who were all watching him.

Two of the men looked utterly miserable. Daniel could tell one had been doing a lot of crying recently whilst the other was shifting awkwardly, it took him a couple of seconds to notice that the man’s exposed diaper had browned heavily. The scariest was the third man though, he was sat in front of a colourful toy xylophone and banging away at it happily and as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Congratulations Emmy!” The woman who hadn’t previously smothered Daniel with her breasts spoke up, “It’s past time you got yourself your very own baby.”

“I know.” Emmy said as she sat down and accepted a cup of coffee from Martina, “He’s been a little troublemaker but he’ll settle down eventually.”

“Ooh, yes, we heard about the escape.” The woman replied, “Such a naughty little one. You must tell us what happened!”

As the women started talking. Daniel wondered what on Earth he had fallen into the middle of. He was embarrassed to be dressed like he was in front of others, of course, but he had a desire to learn what was going on. The need for information outweighed his shame. He crawled over to the man who seemed like he had been crying. The man seemed to be about Daniel’s age though he had red hair and was a bit chubbier, he watched Daniel with apprehension. Daniel had no idea what you were supposed to say to someone in this position.

“What’s going on?” Daniel whispered eventually for lack of anything else.

“Go away.” The man replied as he turned away.

“Please!” Daniel begged quietly, “I didn’t know there were others like… this.”

“Well now you do.” The man didn’t seem to want to talk.

“We need to escape.” Daniel hissed, “Maybe if we-”

“Escape!?” The man replied as if he wasn’t sure Daniel was serious, “To where? We are in the middle of nowhere.”

Daniel was getting frustrated. His hands went down to his diaper and he grimaced as he ejaculated yet again. There was almost no pleasure now, it was nearly entirely painful. He tried to push it to the side as he battled to keep the fog from clouding his brain. He crawled over to the man with the messy diaper. He was older than Daniel for sure and as the space between the two men narrowed he could smell the awful scent of soiled underwear.

“We need to escape these crazy women!” Daniel hissed to the stranger.

“Are you crazy!?” The man replied tensely, “If they hear you talking like that I’ll get punished and…”

“We can’t stay here.” Daniel tried to reason with the obviously distressed man, “I’ve been stuck like this for a couple of weeks and-…”

“Weeks!?” The man frowned, “Is that all?”

“H-How long have you…” Daniel started hesitantly.

“It’s hard to tell.” The man shrugged, “She doesn’t let me see clocks or calendars. She celebrated my birthday last month so I think it’s been at least a year.”

Daniel felt his stomach drop. The thought of being with Emmy for that length of time was nearly enough to make him burst into tears. He sat back and trembled as he looked over to the other man, the one who was happily playing like a baby. He heard the messy man snort.

“Don’t waste your time.” The man said as he followed Daniel’s desperate gaze.

“What’s his deal?” Daniel asked in a shocked whisper, “He doesn’t… like it, does he?”

“Who knows?” The stinky man shrugged, “He was here when I was first brought here and he seemed normal enough then. He changed over time though, now he at least acts as if he is just a baby and happy about it whenever I see him.”

Daniel sat in stunned silence as he looked over at the man who now seemed like a vision of his future. His trembling became full on shaking as he envisioned himself slowly getting lost forever and becoming no more than the overgrown baby he was treated as. He thought about the orgasms he had been forced to have and the fogginess that seemed to inhibit his brain more and more. Is that where it would all lead? Would he become nothing more than a drooling infant?

The panic that had been underneath the surface for a long time seemed to explode out of Daniel. He climbed to his feet and wobbled dramatically. He saw the women around him stop talking to watch him. He couldn’t stay here, he couldn’t become like these other people resigned to their fate as helpless babies looked after by these crazy women!

“No!” Daniel yelled out loud.

Daniel charged towards the edge of the playpen. His vision swam as tears filled his eyes. He waddled as fast as he could until he reached the metal fence, the bars were in a diagonal pattern and he saw an opportunity there. He dropped to his hands and knees and crawled towards a gap between the barricades, he could just about squeeze through. The door was open and he started getting back to his feet.

“For goodness sake!” Emmy’s voice was filled with an anger that Daniel had never heard before.

Daniel had barely taken a couple of stumbling steps before Emmy’s massive hands stopped and easily pulled him over to the couch. Daniel tried to scratch and claw, he was willing to do anything to get away but Emmy’s control of him was absolute. Before he knew what was happening he was horizontal and facing the ground. The snaps on his onesie were popped open and they sprang up revealing his diaper underneath.

Daniel felt a pulling on the back of the diaper’s waistband and it quite suddenly tore. The back of the diaper flopped down leaving his butt open to the room. He knew what was coming but as the first spank landed he couldn’t help but yelp. He was already lost to despair so it wasn’t long before he was bawling his eyes out about everything that had happened, was happening and would happen.

“I. Can’t. Believe. You. Are. Making. Me. Do. This. At. Your. Play. Date!” Emmy exclaimed.

Daniel kicked his legs and flailed his fists as he cried and desperately tried to get away. He didn’t know how many times he was spanked but by the end he knew his rear end was bruised. As the women discussed his errant behaviour and Martina went to fetch a fresh diaper Daniel felt himself cumming again.

It didn’t matter what he did. Daniel was completely at the mercy of someone who seemed to have none, someone who seemed to believe he needed this embarrassing treatment. He went limp as he pictured weeks, months, years and even decades as nothing more than a diaper-filling, helpless little baby.

Daniel was taped into a fresh diaper in short order. With everyone staring his way he was turned towards Emmy and knew what was coming. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth as a hard pointy nipple was pushed past his lips. He couldn’t see behind him but he heard the women talking, he heard each of the other men being picked up as easily as he had been, he heard them all being attached to their caregivers’ nipples.

As the men sucked on the breasts and felt their bellies filling with thick creamy milk the women simply spoke to each other as if this was an everyday occurrence. Four men completely helpless to their Amazon’s desires.


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End Chapter 23

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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