Cousin Emmy

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Chapter 8

Chapter Description: Strapped into the bed Daniel is about to have the strangest "nap time" of his life...

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Daniel knew it was the time to protest. It was time to tell his cousin that he really did want to leave and yet he bit his bottom lip, he shuddered as he felt the tingling sensations spreading out from his crotch. He sighed and couldn’t stop a small moan escaping past his lips. He had been so adamant in leaving and yet now his will to leave seemed to have evaporated. Emmy’s words and touch washed over and soothed him even though he was tied to his bed!

“I bet you’re thirsty.” Emmy said after thirty seconds of light massaging, “Let me help with that.”

Daniel was only able to watch as Emmy stood up and walked to the head of the bed. She took the bag of milk she had brought and hung it on the IV stand. She took the clear plastic tube and followed it to the other end with her hand. Daniel frowned as he saw a blue plastic oval with a hole in the middle. Coming off either side were two leather straps that looked remarkably like the ones securing his limbs.

“I thought you might have some trouble adapting to your stay here.” Emmy said calmly, “That’s why I had some things ready to help you.”

Daniel swallowed anxiously as Emmy fiddled with her setup. When she leaned down over Daniel’s head he was momentarily distracted as it almost seemed like her breasts were about to slip out, it was apparently all Emmy needed. Something passed Daniel’s lips before he could even register it, the strap was pulled against his face and as Emmy lifted his head off the pillow he felt the leather tighten until it squeezed. Daniel found a latex bulb not too unlike what he had experienced from his bottles not filling his mouth. He mumbled and tried to speak but couldn’t manage to make any noise that sounded even vaguely like language.

“Shh, shh… It’s alright.” Emmy stroked Daniel’s hair back, “You just let Aunty Emmy take care of everything.”

Daniel Heard Emmy call herself “aunty” again and it did little to ease his nerves. He watched and silently whimpered as Emmy released a clip that had held the clear tube closed. The white milk started travelling down the tube. It reached the pacifier and started slowly dripping on to Daniel’s tongue. The bound man swallowed automatically as the liquid filled his mouth.

“Suck on your little paci for me, sweetie.” Emmy encouraged as she walked back down and sat on the edge of the mattress.

Daniel wanted to resist as his cheeks went red with embarrassment. He had a moment of clarity where he took a mental step back to look at his situation. He was strapped to a bed by his giant of a cousin, he was naked and still embarrassingly erect, he had milk dripping through a pacifier into his mouth and his bed had bars on every side. It felt like such an alien situation he could hardly believe it wasn’t some nightmare.

As the milk filled Daniel’s mouth he reflexively swallowed. When he did so he felt Emmy rub his crotch. He was so surprised that he inadvertently sucked on the teat and he simultaneously felt another rub on his penis. It didn’t take him long to work out that sucking the milk through the pacifier was rewarding him with stimulation. He guiltily sucked one more time and felt Emmy continue to fondle him.

Daniel could feel his throbbing tool bouncing slightly in the air as it strained for further contact. He started sucking on the pacifier just to get the contact his body craved. He felt like he was a slave to the pleasure and he was willing to debase himself to get those feelings. As he sucked on the mouth-filling teat he simultaneously felt Emmy massaging his private areas. Daniel looked up at the ceiling with his red cheeks and tried to settle all the confusing thoughts that were leaving him feeling so muddled.

The milk tasted great but having had lunch so recently it wasn’t long until Daniel felt full. Emmy seemed to be a master of knowing where his limits were and whenever he started bucking his hips she would slow down so that he was never able to push over the edge into orgasm. He moaned around the pacifier gag in frustration.

Daniel felt like his belly was swelling up from how much milk he had taken in and he paused for a second to try and catch his breath. As soon as the audible sucking stopped so did the massaging of his privates. He moaned in frustration, with no hand on his penis it dropped against his belly and he could feel his excitement smearing on his skin.

“Drink your milkies.” Emmy gently encouraged.

Daniel was so full but his discomfort was battling with his sexual frustration. He felt humiliated but was compelled to start drawing the milk into his mouth again. He was breathing heavily through his nose as Emmy’s large hand took his sensitive organ and started rubbing it up and down again. Daniel closed his eyes and pushed through the fullness to swallow more of the sweet milk. It wasn’t long until he was bucking his hips.

With Daniel squirming and sucking so intently on the tube in his mouth he didn’t notice when Emmy pulled out a small glass. Daniel could feel the sheets clinging to his sweaty body as he arched his back, he could feel the milk inside him sloshing around. Finally, just as he sucked on the teat and felt nothing but air coming through, Daniel was pushed over the edge.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Daniel mumbled around the pacifier.

Daniel’s hips thrust up recklessly to meet Emmy’s hand. He felt his cock tense up and then it seemed to explode with pleasure. His penis twitched and pulsed as it fired out everything it had. Jet after jet of creamy man milk spurted out of his body and into the small container.

“What a good boy.” Emmy praised her cousin, “Drinking all that yummy milk.”

Daniel’s orgasm had been exceptionally powerful and he wasn’t really listening to what Emmy was saying. He felt the gag being undone and pulled away from his mouth. The area it had covered felt particularly sweaty but being able to open and close his mouth again was a godsend. His eyes were still closed as he felt the warm afterglow of his climax.

The sound of rattling metal brought Daniel back to reality a couple of seconds later. His eyes snapped open as he heard the side of the crib get lifted and locked in position. He was still restrained and yet again pulled against the leather straps that held him down. As he stared over the top of the crib he saw Emmy looking down at him and smiling before turning away.

“Have a nice nap.” Emmy said casually over her shoulder as she turned away.

“No, no, no… Wait!” Daniel called out to her retreating back.

It was no use. Emmy ignored Daniel’s shouting and closed the door behind her as she left. Daniel stared out through the bars of the crib that held him prisoner. He couldn’t believe the situation he was in but he was sure he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He was feeling very sluggish, he felt like he was at least eighty percent milk at this point.

“Just… Stay calm.” Daniel told himself. His mind was racing as he took in the unusual and, frankly, crazy situation. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do but he knew panicking wouldn’t help.

It was easier to say stay calm than to actually do it though. As the silence seemed to close around Daniel just like the bars he felt anxiety taking over his head. It was a horrible feeling to want to get up and run but be trapped like this. He let out a milky burp and let his head hit the pillow in hopelessness. It felt like his wrists and ankles had been rubbed raw.

Daniel was obviously unable to fall asleep. He could only lay on the bed completely naked and stare up at the ceiling wishing he could move. He felt so confused and wondered what could possibly happen next. Every time he thought it couldn’t get worse it seemed to do just that. He had to face the fact that his cousin seemed to be completely out of her mind. He also had to contend with his excitable reactions to what she did.

Daniel’s belly was so full and the milk seemed to churn away inside his stomach. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes before he felt the need for the bathroom growing. He was so full of liquid it wasn’t a surprise that his bladder was soon complaining.

“Emmy?” Daniel called out into the silent room, “I need the potty…”

There was no response. Daniel groaned in frustration and took a deep breath, he had no idea how long he was going to be kept in this makeshift toddler cage but he got the feeling it would be a while. He closed his eyes and tried to distract himself from the growing need in his bladder. It wasn’t easy to stay distracted when there was nothing going on around him and he was so anxious about his current situation. He tried picturing anything in his mind but he was invariably drawn back to where he was right then.

The minutes passed in silence. Daniel had no idea how long he was in the crib but he was alternating between resigned listlessness and angry pulling against the restraints. Neither were getting him anywhere. He tried shouting for Emmy another couple of times but either she couldn’t hear him or she chose to ignore him completely.

Daniel’s legs were trembling slightly as he looked down at his belly. The need for the bathroom had now grown to insane levels, he had never been as desperate as this before. He licked his lips and looked around anxiously. He had shouted for help but no one was coming, it might’ve been half an hour since Emmy left the room or it might’ve been hours, there was just no way to know.

Daniel was having to clench his bladder as hard as he could manage. His dick was now pointing down between his legs but felt like it was about to burst. In his head Daniel could only imagine the non-stop dripping as his bladder filled up even more. He tried to remember whether it was possible for your bladder to just explode or not because if it could happen he was in trouble. Despite trying to turn his mind away all he could think about was using the toilet. Even the potty in the centre of the room looked good right about then.

Daniel gasped as he felt a sudden leak from the end of his penis. He redoubled his efforts to clench his muscles shut and stemmed the flow. He let out a little puppy-like whine as he felt the liquid on the top of his legs soaking into the sheets. He was never going to be able to hold on forever but as he leaked a little bit it still came as a surprise to him.

“Emmy?” Daniel whimpered as he felt his strained muscles giving up.

Daniel closed his eyes and felt tears rolling down his cheeks as he finally lost the battle. He felt the most bizarre feeling of relief flooding through him as his bladder was finally able to drain. A sob escaped his lips as he felt the warm urine soaking into the sheets, the soaked areas spreading out and under his legs and butt. The only sounds in the room were Daniel’s quiet cries and the sound of liquid hitting the mattress.

After holding on for so long it felt like it took an age for Daniel to fully empty it. When the pee finally dribbled to a stop it felt like half of the enormous bed was wet. The creeping wetness now spreading underneath him felt increasingly uncomfortable. He had thought being tied to the bed like this was bad enough but being tied down in his own urine was infinitely worse. He didn’t care what Emmy might do now, he was just desperate for her to come back to let him up again.

When the door finally creaked open it caught Daniel by complete surprise. He jumped a little and felt the now cool sheets stick to his body. He must’ve drifted off at some point though because he was suddenly woken up by the door. He heard Emmy’s heavy footsteps come across the room to the bed.

“Oh dear…” Emmy looked down at the clearly wet sheets, “Did we have a little accident?”


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End Chapter 8

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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