Cousin Emmy

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Chapter 22

Chapter Description: Daniel has been taken to his old work place though he isn't sure why. Emmy soon makes the reason clear as her grip on him closes like a hand around his throat.

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“Ooo…” Daniel tried desperately to moan. He couldn’t imagine his co-workers seeing him like that.

Emmy marched through the sliding doors and into the lobby. Daniel had re-doubled his efforts to get free, he swung his arms desperately and whined even louder but he couldn’t even slow his cousin down as she went straight to the elevators and pressed the button for the floor of the company Daniel worked for.

Daniel wanted to beg and plead for mercy. He wanted to cry and thrash around, he would’ve done anything to get out of this situation. He couldn’t imagine why he was being brought here of all places. As the unlikely pair ascended floor by floor Daniel could feel his heart beating faster. He was desperately trying to clear the cobwebs but at any one moment it felt like three-quarters of his brain was focused within his diaper.

With a ding the elevator doors slid open. Daniel froze up completely. Outside the elevator were the offices and cubicles that he had worked at for many years. Sitting at those desks were his co-workers!

Daniel was moments away from being seen dressed as a baby in a wet diaper. He was seconds away from the people he liked and who liked him from seeing him harnessed to his giant cousin like a useless baby. There was no escape from the impending humiliation.

“Quiet, baby.” Emmy said softly.

Daniel hadn’t even been aware that he was whining until his cousin had told him to stop. As Emmy strode into the room Daniel tried to shrink even further away from the eyesight of everyone around him but he couldn’t. As the people at the desks nearest the elevators looked up Daniel felt his eyes fill with tears. He saw the men and women look at him in shock and he could hardly blame them!

“Dan?” Vanessa was the first to say his name.

Daniel had been crushing on Vanessa ever since the young woman had joined the team half a year previously. Now she was looking at him with shock and disgust. Vanessa speaking up had attracted more attention. Now Daniel could see everyone in the office stop working, anyone who hadn’t immediately noticed this big baby being carried in was now looking. The office was shockingly silent.

“Va va!” Daniel desperately tried speaking to Vanessa.

Daniel cringed at how he sounded like a baby. He begged his tongue to work around the pacifier but it refused. Clearly Emmy had noticed Daniel’s attempts to communicate and the vibrator was turned up an almost imperceptible amount. It was a tiny increase in buzzing but with the nerves in Daniel’s dick being so sensitive it was immediately noticeable.

“What’s going on out here?” Mr. O’Malley marched out of his office at the far end of the room. He had obviously seen everyone stop working and the giantess that had walked in unannounced.

Daniel saw his old boss and the differences between himself and the other man were immediately obvious. Whilst Daniel was an overgrown baby cringing in shame Mr. O’Malley was in an immaculate suit and was walking out with confidence. Daniel’s face was burning as he saw the manager of the company look at him, squint as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing before realisation dawned upon him.

“Daniel?” Mr. O’Malley said with a frown, “Is that-… What is going on!?”

“Ah, are you Daniel’s boss?” Emmy asked.

Daniel felt like the two halves of his world were colliding together. The life he wanted, the old one, the boring but normal life that now felt like it hadn’t existed for a lifetime and the new life filled with nothing but humiliation and diapers.

“Yes.” Mr. O’Malley replied in obvious confusion, “Who are you?”

“My name is Emmy.” Emmy said as she stepped forwards into the centre of the room, “I’m Daniel’s older sister and I’m here to tell you that Daniel is resigning.”

Obviously what Emmy was saying raised more questions than it answered. There was murmuring from the crowd as Emmy produced a letter from her pocket and held it out for Mr. O’Malley. Daniel could only watch in horror. Hearing the word “resigning” made Daniel’s mouth open in shock and the pacifier he had been chewing in tumbled out and on to the floor. Suddenly the trip made sense, Emmy was severing the ties to Daniel’s old life!

“Resigning?” Mr. O’Malley frowned.

“Ooo! I on’t!” Daniel tried crying out for help but his words sounded more like a baby’s cry than anything else.

“I’m sorry to say Daniel will not be serving his notice period.” Emmy spoke over the top of Daniel, “As you can see the poor baby is no position to do anything like that. Have a good day.”

Emmy turned around and started striding towards the elevators. This was it for Daniel. He was being taken away from his job and he would never be able to come back, even if he escaped how he could possibly ever return to see these people again. As they walked back to the elevator Daniel felt like he was being definitively carried away from everything he had known.

“Hold on.” Mr. O’Malley called out.

Emmy stopped. Daniel was mortified and just wanted to be out of this situation but as Emmy turned around he saw the whole pantheon of staff looking his way again. Mr. O’Malley was looking at him and frowning, his eyes shifted up to look at Emmy.

“If Daniel wants to resign he can tell me himself.” Mr. O’Malley stated.

“Fine.” Emmy said. Daniel could hear a hard edge to her voice, “Daniel, why don’t you tell the nice man what you want to do.”

Daniel felt himself being lifted out of the harness and lowered towards the floor. This was his chance to finally sort this mess out, he couldn’t speak properly but surely he could make Mr. O’Malley understand. His feel hit the floor and he wobbled, the wet diaper between his legs crinkled with each sway. He screwed up all his concentration and was determined to finally put an end by telling everyone that his insane cousin had kidnapped him!

“I… dun… wan… to…” Daniel was speaking slowly and carefully but was getting it done. He felt excitement rising up.

All of a sudden the vibrations in Daniel’s diaper spiked. He gasped loudly as the sex toy seemed to get turned up to the max. His knees shook as the orgasm he had been desperately needing for so long started building. His mind was clouding over again, he lost all track of where he was and what he was saying as he stumbled slightly.

“Ugh… Ugh…” Daniel’s hands went down to his diaper as a long line of drool came out of the corner of his mouth.

Daniel’s knees gave way and he fell on to all fours on the floor. There was a long string of babble coming out of his mouth as he talked to himself. It was like there was no one else there anymore, he was essentially the only person in his little bubble as the tension in his genitals reached an unbearable point. The vibrations that had massaged his balls and dick was now insistently pushing him over the edge.

Almost humping against his hand that was cupping his genitals Daniel was exploded with the most powerful orgasm he had ever had. He grunted desperately as his arms and legs became jelly and he slumped down to the ground. He hadn’t blacked out but it felt like every ounce of his energy had been drained and shot out of his cock and into the toy and diaper. The vibrator belatedly and mercifully turned off.

Long after Daniel finished spurting his special milk it felt like it continued to dribble out of him. He tried to get up and walk over to Mr. O’Malley. He tried desperately to clear the cobwebs and stand but his arms and legs were essentially useless and all he could do was awkwardly crawl like a baby who hadn’t quite mastered ambulation. When he looked up and saw Mr. O’Malley backing away and shaking his head Daniel knew he was lost.

Daniel pushed himself into a sitting position with his wet and sticky diaper underneath him. He reached out his hands towards his boss before realising it must look like he wanted to be picked up. With a trembling bottom lip borne from frustration, exhaustion and despair Daniel start sobbing helplessly. To be so close to his normal life but never further away was devastating.

“It looks like this has been a little overwhelming for my little baby.” Emmy said as she stepped forwards to put Daniel back in her harness, “I think we need to be going.”

“Pwe… Wao…” Daniel moaned incomprehensibly as he was put back in the harness.

“I don’t know what is going on here.” Mr. O’Malley said with a shake of the head, “But you don’t need to resign, Daniel. You’re fired. Take that freak show back on the road before I have to call security.”

Daniel reached out but Mr. O’Malley was already turning away. He looked around at the other employees but they simply stared, none of them seemed inclined to help. They eventually turned away and started heading back to their desks as Emmy started walking away. Daniel continued to cry all the way back to the elevator.

“Hush, baby.” Emmy said as the doors to the office slid closed, “You see? Now you don’t need to do silly things like escape.”

Daniel blubbered like a baby all the way out of the building. As Emmy stepped out into the sunshine humming happily Daniel felt the sex toy coming to life. He slumped forwards as he felt himself growing reluctantly hard again.


Daniel suckled from Emmy’s breast in the living room. He had his eyes open but all he could see was his cousin’s skin. In the background there was some laughter from a studio audience and Emmy’s chest rapidly moved up and down as she quietly laughed along with the television. Daniel had no idea what was happening on the television, ever since Emmy had brought him into the living room he had been feeding.

Emmy’s milk was thick and plentiful. Daniel thought Emmy must use drugs or something to simulate production because it felt like she had an inexhaustible supply. It seemed breast feeding was becoming more and more just how Daniel got his liquids. Whilst Emmy still brought him bottles when he was playing it felt like nearly all his drinks came directly from Emmy’s breast.

Daniel had a suction around Emmy’s nipple now and every time he squeezed, flicked or sucked on the breast he would feel a great deal of milk flooding into his mouth. His tummy rumbled, it was full but Daniel knew he would be held to the breast until Emmy was finished.

With a slight shifting of position and a sigh Daniel relaxed his bladder muscles and wet himself. Emptying his bladder seemingly making it a little easier to drink some more of Emmy’s creamy milk. He tried not to think about how easily he was soaking his diaper whilst breast feeding but it was difficult to concentrate on anything else.

It had been a week since Daniel had “resigned” from work in the most dramatic of fashions. It had truly knocked the stuffing out of his resistance. It felt like one of the few lifelines that still anchored Daniel in his old life had been quite comprehensively severed.

Daniel hadn’t given up escaping by any means but since returning to Emmy’s house from his work he had been locked down tighter than a maximum security inmate in a prison. He was practically never out of Emmy’s sight now unless he was left in the multi-coloured walker. In the last seven days he hadn’t seen any chances to escape and it was starting to grind him down. Every time he thought that he might be spending the rest of his life there as Emmy’s “guest” he wanted to break down into tears.

“Drink up, baby.” Emmy spoke down to Daniel, “We’ve got places to be today.”

Daniel wanted to ask where they were going but Emmy kept his head tight to her breast. He felt so full, a common feeling with Emmy who seemed to like to make sure he was regularly filled to bursting. The large woman’s massive chest would be enough to feed several people his size, Daniel thought.

Gasping Daniel was finally allowed to move away from Emmy’s nipple. The area around his mouth was covered in milk and sweat. Emmy allowed him to lay in her arms for a couple of minutes with one hand resting on his bloated tummy. Daniel always felt so lethargic after these giant feeding sessions, his body desperately trying to digest everything that had been put into it. He was lifted up and placed in the walker, his recently wet diaper hugged his crotch that much more closely in the hanging seat.

Daniel was too full to play or move so he sat in place just willing his body to process the milk faster. When Emmy came back down the stairs a little while later she was fully dressed and wearing that dreaded harness again. Daniel felt his diaper getting wetter again as he looked at his cousin. He was soon lifted up and put in the harness as usual.

“Where are we going?” Daniel asked hesitantly.

“To see some friends of mine.” Emmy replied simply, “We saw your friends last week so now we’ll see mine.”


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End Chapter 22

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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