Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 14

Chapter Description: Following his diaper change Daniel is presented with a new problem as Emmy decides he needs a special "treat". Is it a treat though? Or is it just a way to break Daniel down...

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Daniel knew it wouldn’t be good. He turned his head away in despair at the situation, he couldn’t believe he was going to be taken out like this. It didn’t make sense though, surely Emmy knew that he would start shouting for help as soon as he saw someone. If she was stupid enough to not realise that Daniel wasn’t going to bring it up for her.

Daniel suddenly felt something clipping around the base of his balls. It felt just like the last time and he was unsurprised to see the vibrating ring had been placed around him again. He let out a little whine, he remembered the forced orgasms well, he was still sore from it!

“Now I’ll just do this…” Emmy said as she pulled out her phone.

With a flick of Emmy’s finger the vibrator buzzed to life and Daniel jumped. He writhed on the padded tabletop but Emmy’s long arms stopped him from rolling off, he couldn’t even reach down with his hands as Emmy simply slapped them away as if they were annoying flies.

“Please…” Daniel whined.

Daniel couldn’t help but moan as he reacted to the pleasurable sensations. He couldn’t help himself as he lifted his hips off the diaper. His dick started to rapidly thicken and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. He whined as he rapidly grew to full length, the vibrations in the base of his penis and around his balls driving him maddeningly towards pleasure.

“Excellent.” Emmy said happily as she watched Daniel’s twitching member, “You’re doing so well for me.”

Daniel didn’t know why the praise for something he couldn’t control seemed to turn him on even more but he couldn’t deny the way his crotch tingled or the way he moaned. He wanted to pull himself away from the vibrations and yet he couldn’t, no matter which way he twisted or turned the buzzing continued. Daniel was so lost in his own mind he didn’t pay any attention to the sound of the box opening again.

“We just slip this on here and…” Emmy sounded like she was concentrating as Daniel felt the strangest feeling on his cock, “Voila!”

“W-What are you doing?” Daniel gasped in between waves of pleasure.

Daniel moved to sit up and look down but as he did so he nearly passed out as every nerve in his extremely sensitive penis lit up with pleasure. He wasn’t able to avoid moaning like a whore as he laid his head back down.

“It’s just a little toy.” Emmy giggled, “Just for you.”

Daniel lifted his head a lot more carefully and saw pink plastic enveloping his dick. On the inside he could feel the strangest sensations, it felt like there were little ridges and rubber teeth each of which rubbed against his sexual organ producing the strangest yet most pleasurable sensations. The vibrator caused the rubber device to move making the excitement almost continuous.

After just a minute of laying on the table and having the feelings reach a crescendo Daniel let out an almighty groan and felt himself cum. He could feel his cock twitching and pulsing as he shot his load into the sex toy. Predictably, there was no let-up in the vibrations.

“Well, I’m glad to see this is working.” Emmy said, “And don’t worry, this pocket pussy has a built in reservoir for all your sticky surprises.”

That wasn’t what was on Daniel’s mind as he felt the front of the diaper get lifted up over the sex toys that continued to tease him. The tapes were fastened and Daniel was lifted off the table. He staggered unsteadily with his feet wide apart. He could barely even think as Emmy went to get him some clothes. The excitement coming from Daniel’s crotch blocked out all over thoughts.

“What do you think of this?” Emmy asked as she turned around and held up a potential outfit.

Daniel looked up. His mouth was hanging open and he was hunched over forwards slightly as the vibrations continued. If anything the diaper had made the problem worse, the padding seemed to cause the sensations to spread out even more and with the sex toy on his dick constantly tantalising him Daniel was barely able to think straight.

“Guh…” Daniel grunted. He wasn’t able to form words as he looked up and saw Emmy holding a dark blue all-in-one with pictures of dogs dressed up as astronauts and little space ships and rockets. It would cover him from shoulder to toe and appeared to zip up in the back. It was just like the other outfits Daniel had been dressed in since he had arrived, entirely unsuitable for an adult.

“Can you walk over here?” Emmy asked patiently as if talking to a small child.

The small part of Daniel’s brain that knew he needed to act like an adult saw this as a chance. He wasn’t being told to crawl, he was being given the opportunity to walk. Drool rolled out of the side of his mouth as he put one foot in front of the other. He wobbled unsteadily and felt sure the vibrating in his diaper became more intense. As he took another step he felt his rock hard tool moving up and down inside the pocket pussy, every small bump and ridge sending excitement through his nerves like lightning.

Daniel’s steps were like an unsteady toddler’s. He held his arms out and nearly fell over as he slowly waddled across the room. By the time he reached Emmy his aching balls felt like they needed to release again, he desperately resisted the urge.

Daniel put his hands on the crouching Emmy’s shoulders. He lifted his trembling legs and put them in to the all-in-one. He was wordless but let out an involuntary moan as the clothing was pulled up, Emmy’s hand rubbed over his crotch deliberately. The clothing was zipped up and Daniel could look down to see himself completely encased in the infantile clothing.

“Ooh, you are drooling, baby.” Emmy said as she looked at Daniel’s face, “Here, take this.”

Daniel saw a pacifier get produced. He clamped his mouth shut but his resistance was weak. Emmy reached down and rubbed her hand over the diaper and Daniel started moaning again. This time he was pushed over the edge and for the second time in quick succession he felt himself cumming into the pocket pussy. The pacifier was shoved between his open lips.

“We can’t have you staggering around like that either.” Emmy said, “Don’t worry, I’m prepared for this.”

Daniel barely heard what his cousin was saying as his cock twitched and shot in his diaper. The orgasm ended and yet the never-ending vibrating continued. He felt like his heads, both the one in his diaper and the one on top of his neck, were scrambled. He was starting to see why Emmy was so sure he wouldn’t speak to anyone, it felt like every neuron had been rerouted to pleasure even as his poor tired dick ached. He sucked absent-mindedly on the pacifier which seemed to have an unusual taste to it.

Daniel was lifted up and sat on Emmy’s hip as she started carrying him downstairs. This hardly helped the problem going on in his diaper, with his crotch rubbing against Emmy’s side with each step. Daniel groaned and leaned into Emmy as he tried to ignore his diaper area, his hands became fists as he grabbed on to the taller woman’s clothes.

At the bottom of the stairs Daniel was put down and with shaky legs he sat down on the lowest step. He chewed on the pacifier as he tried to maintain control over himself, he didn’t look up as Emmy walked away and for a full minute. Daniel spent the whole time trying to stop himself from pawing at his diaper, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to bring himself to another orgasm or if he desperately wanted to get the toys off him.

“Here we go. This should mean we can get around easier.” Emmy said as she walked down the hallway.

Daniel was just starting to look up when Emmy reached down and placed her hands underneath Daniel’s arms. She lifted Daniel up and turned him away from her, Daniel kicked out his legs as he was manhandled with seemingly no trouble whatsoever. He looked down to see that Emmy was wearing some kind of harness and the knowledge of what was happening came too late to stop it. His legs were lowered through holes in the bottom of the harness and when Emmy let Daniel go he simply slipped into a position.

“Mmm wah goon.” Daniel tried to speak but as he did so he realised his mouth was numb. The pacifier that had been between his lips tumbled down until Emmy caught it.

“Ah, I see your medicine has kicked in. It’s just a little something to help you be a good boy that I put on your pacifier.” Emmy said, “Keep you paci in, good boy.”

Daniel couldn’t feel his tongue and everything felt numb, he couldn’t seem to make his mouth work the way he wanted. He tried speaking again but all that came out was useless babble. He could only watch as Emmy tied a ribbon to the pacifier and then clipped it to the front of his clothes. He was in shock, Emmy must’ve given him some kind of numbing gel or something.

“Right, I think we’re all ready.” Emmy said brightly as she picked up her bag.

Daniel felt the buzzing in his diaper intensify. As the door opened and the duo stepped outside he wondered if his cousin had her finger on her phone to turn up the intensity of the sex toy. He could feel his dick moving up and down inside the ridged toy and despite everything his body reacted predictably.

The sun was shining that day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Daniel couldn’t quite believe he was outside again, he had started to suspect this would never happen but has his legs dangled uselessly Emmy started walking out towards the road. Daniel’s head was forced back against Emmy’s chest, her two enormous breasts acting like neck cushions and forcing Daniel’s head upright.

It was hard for Daniel to know what to concentrate on. He had two huge breasts against the sides of his head, the sex toy and vibrator continuing more insistently than ever, his mouth was numb and he was suspended against Emmy’s chest. He was overwhelmed by everything that was happening and it felt like his brain was threatening to short-circuit.

Emmy was humming happily as she walked down the road without a care in the world. Daniel was like an overgrown toddler attached to her chest but it wasn’t long before he was entirely distracted by his diaper again. Emmy’s long strides were pushing his body this way and that, each small movement was making him moan around the pacifier he was absentmindedly chewing on.

“It’s a bit of a walk but we’ll make it in no time.” Emmy said cheerily.

Daniel could barely concentrate. Along the long empty road away from Emmy’s house there wasn’t a person or vehicle to be seen. It was only after fifteen minutes of Emmy’s long strides that they turned a corner towards a small strip mall. Daniel groaned as he saw people walking around ahead, he was torn between wanting someone to free him and utter humiliation at his situation.

Daniel shuddered as he was essentially forced to thrust in and out of the pocket pussy that was wrapped around his penis. He was sore from his recent orgasms but that didn’t seem to stop another one building. As Emmy took them closer to the crowds of people Daniel wondered what would happen, surely someone would help him out.

“How are you feeling?” Emmy asked Daniel quietly as they approached the shops, “Do you need me to turn up your toy.”

Daniel rapidly shook his head which just seemed to push him deeper between Emmy’s breasts. He mumbled and tried to make himself understood, he was desperate to convey that he wanted less vibrations rather than more!

Despite Daniel’s almost silent protest he watched as Emmy took her phone out and held it up in front of the pair of them. Daniel saw her swiping up and immediately felt the sex toy respond. The orgasm that had been bubbling under the surface burst out and shocked Daniel as he leaned forwards as much as possible and tensed his muscles. He could feel the sticky fluid squirt out of him and into the toy as he gasped. The pacifier tumbled from his lips again only for Emmy to casually reach around and push it back between his lips.

Daniel slumped in the harness. He felt exhausted and yet he wasn’t even moving. With the vibrating not stopping Daniel found himself zoning out for a few seconds, when he suddenly came back to his senses and he was reminded of where he was he saw that they were amongst other people. He looked around expecting people to be staring, to be talking about the strange sight and maybe even to help him.

“It’s busy today.” Emmy said, “That’s no problem, I only have a few things to pick up.”

People were certainly staring. Daniel looked around through eyes left hazy from his successive orgasms and saw that people were looking but not saying anything. It was as if having a twenty-three year old man strapped to a harness on a giantess of a woman was only slightly unusual. Daniel wanted to reach out and get someone to help him but between the vibrations and numbness he wasn’t able to make himself understood at all. He realised he looked just like an overgrown baby to these people.

Daniel could feel the heat of shame warming his face. As they passed a shop window he looked into it and saw a reflection of himself, he was as red as imagined. Despite this sight being unusual enough to get a few stares no one seemed to want to come up and ask what was happening, most just turned away and continued with their business.

The vibrations were continuing and Daniel was desperately trying to flail his arms and legs to either free himself or get Emmy’s attention. He failed on both accounts as Emmy walked along the row of stores.


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End Chapter 14

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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Can't wait for more!

NxK · Feb 13, 2024

Loving the story! I can't wait for more!

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