Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 11

Chapter Description: Taken up to the nursery Daniel gets a little excited during his change. Not to worry, Emmy has just the cure for that...

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Daniel turned his head away in embarrassment. He was basically being cradled like a baby in a wet diaper having been spoon fed mush and a bottle. How could he deny Emmy’s words when he felt so incredibly infantile? He remained silent in the hope that whatever was to come would be an improvement on what came before.

Daniel jumped when he felt Emmy’s hand suddenly appear between his legs. He tried to squeeze his legs together but Emmy wouldn’t be dislodged. She poked and prodded the padding. Finally she laid her large palm against the plastic of the diaper and pressed the whole thing in. Daniel couldn’t meet her knowing smile. She could feel the warmth of his accident, she could feel the swollen padding and she knew everything that had happened.

“Right, let’s go.” Emmy said as she stood up from her seat. Daniel was held on to and sat on the tall woman’s hip.

“W-Where are we going?” Daniel asked fearfully. He had visions of Emmy carrying him out into public like this.

“I would’ve thought you’d like your diaper changed.” Emmy said airily as they walked past the living room towards the stairs, “If you would prefer to play in your wet diaper I can plop you in the playpen and leave you for a little while.”

What a choice to have, Daniel thought bitterly. He could feel the rivulets of urine running against his skin and tickling him slightly. Emmy seemed to already know Daniel’s answer as she carried him up the stairs without pausing. Daniel was humiliated at what had happened that day, he desperately wanted out of the house but it was feeling depressingly impossible.

Daniel was soon back in his bedroom But found himself gasping at how it had changed yet again. He twisted his head from side to side and clung on to Emmy like she was a lifeboat. Whilst he had been trapped in the pen Emmy had clearly been doing some DIY. The far wall had been bare but now there was a long flat table there. Shelves underneath were filled with diapers, baby powder, lotion, baby wipes and pacifiers. The padded surface left him in no doubt of what it was used for.

“W-What is this?” Daniel asked dumbly. He knew what it was but even despite everything it seemed impossible.

“A changing table.” Emmy confirmed Daniel’s worst fears, “Much easier for me than doing it in your crib, oops, I mean bed, of course.”

Daniel was too shocked to even react to this but the changing table, the barred bed, the feeding, the potty and the diapers. Daniel put his face in his hands as he was carried effortlessly to the table and sat on its edge. Emmy started undressing him with practiced ease until he was left wearing only his soggy padding.

“You called me a baby…” Daniel suddenly said. It was like his brain was having to catch up to everything that had happened over the last hour.

“Hmm?” Emmy didn’t really respond. Instead she prodded at the padding. The diaper didn’t crinkle as much now, the absorbent filling had swelled up and pulled the plastic shell taut.

“Whilst you were fee-…” Daniel stopped himself as blush crept into his face, “During dinner. You called me a baby!”

“I don’t think I did.” Emmy pursed her lips as she took the clothing Daniel had been wearing and piled it on the floor.

“You did!” Daniel exclaimed, “I’m not a baby! Why did you call me that?”

“Daniel, sweetie, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Emmy chuckled and shook her head, “I might understand why you feel like a baby with everything going on but I assure you that isn’t my intention.”

Daniel’s mouth hung open. He was sure he had heard her call him a baby. Had he imagined it?

“You… You called yourself my “aunty” as well.” Daniel frowned, “You’re my cousin!”

“I think you must be confusing some things.” Emmy replied, “Why would I say that?”

“I… I…” Daniel felt like his head was spinning. He was sure he had heard Emmy say these things but then he had been sure of a lot of things until recently.

“Now just lay back so I can change that soggy diaper.” Emmy said with a smile.

Daniel felt more confused than ever and the softly spoken instruction felt like something to grab on to. He slowly lowered himself against the padded table top, the vinyl covered padding was cold until his body heat warmed it up. He had barely flattened himself against the table before Emmy was between his legs and running her hand over the front of the padding.

Daniel blushed harder as he felt his tall cousin pressing into the front of the diaper harder. The warm and wet padding moulded around Daniel’s penis which, to his embarrassment, was starting to twitch. The combination of the warm and soft padding on his sensitive glans and the recent past seemed to be making his body react. Daniel felt embarrassed but there was nothing he could do.

“You’re doing this on purpose!” Daniel suddenly accused Emmy.

“Hmm?” Emmy had that look on her face again. The one where she pretended she didn’t know what she was doing.

Daniel closed his eyes in defeat. He could feel himself already hitting full mast inside his diaper, he didn’t want to be turned on at all but Emmy’s massaging hands were too skilled at kneading the swollen padding.

The tapes came off the diaper and then Emmy took hold of the top of the diaper. Daniel couldn’t bear to look as he felt the wet padding getting pulled away from his crotch. His dick, twitching and erect sprang free and into the air. The cool air of the room didn’t do anything to shrink things. As if having his wet diaper changed wasn’t bad enough now Daniel had to put up with his unwanted excitement.

“My, my… You were very wet weren’t you?” Emmy spoke as if Daniel was a child. It was obvious how wet he was, “And it looks like you enjoyed it…”

Daniel groaned in embarrassment as Emmy pointed out his engorged cock. It only got worse when he felt her fingers lightly dancing across his skin. Yet again he was faced with the conundrum of being able to stop it but not doing so.

“Lift up.” Emmy tapped the side of Daniel’s butt twice.

Daniel lifted his rear end and heard the used diaper getting pulled out from underneath him. As he lowered himself down he glanced to the side and saw the diaper that had recently been removed. He could see the discoloured padding inside. He knew it had been inevitable with how much he was made to drink but it was still difficult to look out without imploding with shame.

Emmy pulled out a fresh diaper from underneath the table and Daniel’s first instinct was to argue. He wanted to tell his tall cousin that this was silly and that he could use the toilet fine, even the potty would be an improvement. On the flipside Daniel knew exactly what the counter-argument would be. Nothing had changed in regards to why he had been put in diapers in the first place. Not to mention the fact that he had wet the diaper. It was hard to argue he shouldn’t wear them when he had already so thoroughly used one.

Daniel felt another couple of taps on his side and he lifted his butt into the air again. When he lowered it back down he could feel the fluffiness of a fresh disposable diaper underneath him. His dick was still hard though it had wilted just a small bit.

“Hmm, I have an idea for this.” Emmy said.

Daniel had no idea what Emmy meant and watched with trepidation as she left the room without another word. Naked on the changing table with an open diaper underneath him Daniel yet again found his thoughts drifting to how on Earth he had got here.

“Let’s give this a try…” Emmy said as she walked back into the room.

Daniel didn’t see what she had in her hands but he jumped when he suddenly felt her moving his genitals side to side. He was about to ask what was happening when he felt some slip down the outside of his penis and also over his balls. It felt tight but not enough to be painful.

“W-What are you doing?” Daniel asked nervously. He reached down with his hands and tried to sit up but Emmy’s much larger hands easily stopped him.

“I’m nearly finished.” Emmy said. She sounded as if she was concentrating hard on something and as her hands returned to Daniel’s sensitive area he wasn’t keen to interrupt her, “Stay still now. You don’t want me to slip down here!”

“What are you-… Hey! Ouch! That pinches!” Daniel tried not to move as he had been instructed but it was very difficult to stay still.

Daniel could feel something tighten a little at the point where his sack hung down from his body. For a horrifying second he wondered if Emmy wasn’t trying to cut off the blood supply but she stopped long before that stage. It wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable but it certainly felt odd. The ring Daniel felt around the base of his penis was similarly tightened. In between the two he could feel something, it felt smooth and plastic but also much weightier than the rest of the additions.

“There we go.” Emmy smiled, “Perfect.”

Daniel saw Emmy stand back and smile. She brought up her phone and started to flick through some apps, Daniel wondered if she was going to take photographs and he started trying to cover himself up. Emmy caught his hand and put it back by his side. Daniel whined as she held the phone up, he closed his eyes expecting the flash of a camera at any second.

Daniel was tensed and ready but what actually happened still took him by surprise. Emmy’s finger touched the screen of her phone and gently moved up towards the top of the device. Daniel instantly felt a vibrating feeling on the base of his penis and his testicles that made him gasp. His hands flew down between his legs as he sat up.

“Take it off!” Daniel exclaimed.

“Hmm, maybe you need a little more.” Emmy looked down on her phone and flicked upwards with her finger.

Daniel reached out a hand and was about to complain when the vibrating suddenly grew in intensity. The vibrations seem to go straight into his nerves, pleasure started shooting through him, it was as if he was being masturbated from the inside and no amount of movement stopped the excitement, it was impossible to get away from.

Daniel let out a moan as Emmy lowered him back down on the changing table. He was red in the face and his cheeks puffed out as the fresh diaper was pulled up and over his crotch. Emmy giggled, she had some difficulty flattening the diaper down thanks to Daniel’s dick which was rapidly engorging. Eventually the tapes were closed and the diaper was taped on. Inside the diaper the buzzing continued leaving Daniel writhing and panting.

“Come on, let’s get you dressed for bed.” Emmy said as if nothing unusual was happening.

Daniel’s mind was whirling. He was so distracted by the vibrations he didn’t even question that Emmy was apparently already putting him to bed. He was pulled up and then lifted on to the floor. He could hear his shallow breathing as his cock rubbed on the inside of his fresh diaper. He stepped into the plastic pants as if he was on automatic and then let Emmy lock it closed.

“Having fun?” Emmy asked as she took Daniel’s hand and walked him towards the crib.

Daniel was hunched over slightly and walking with his legs wide apart. The faint buzzing noise coming from inside Daniel’s diaper was the only sound except for his crinkle. He couldn’t prevent himself from moaning as he approached the bed. His genitals felt incredibly sensitive, the vibrator pressed against both the bottom of his penis and his balls simultaneously.

“Have a nice long rest.” Emmy said as she lifted Daniel into the makeshift crib and lifted the side, “Be a good baby for Aunty Emmy.”

Daniel turned his face towards his cousin. His eyes and mouth were wide open and he had some drool running down his chin. Somewhere in a distant part of his mind Daniel knew he should be calling Emmy out. She had just convinced him she had never used the words “baby” or “aunty” and now seemed like she openly mocking him with them… Or maybe Daniel was hearing things. He was so distracted by the inside of his diaper that he could’ve misheard things.

“I… I…” Daniel tried to speak but found it difficult to form sentences.

Emmy flashed Daniel a big smile and looked down at her phone. She flicked up on the screen again and Daniel immediately bent over and put his hands on the front of the plastic pants, he couldn’t stop a slutty moan falling from his lips.

“Goodnight.” Emmy said simply.

Daniel watched his younger cousin leave the room. As soon as the door closed he reached over to the lock and chain. It was tight against his body, there was no way he was going to be able to get rid of this vibrating device, he couldn’t even slip his fingers in.

To Daniel’s embarrassment he felt an orgasm building before long. His dick was throbbing with need and Daniel was caught between wanting to rub the front of his plastic pants and not. It was becoming clear that whether he rubbed himself or not he was about to cum.

Daniel leaned forwards against the vertical bars of the crib. He grabbed two of the poles and put his forehead against the ones in the middle and gasped as he felt the most peculiar sensation. He had never used any kind of sex toy and feeling his cock about to explode without being touched was wild. He resisted the urge to rub himself but he ended up thrusting into the air, his sensitive glans rubbed on the fluffy insides of his diaper until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Daniel groaned in pleasure as he felt his dick twitching and then exploding. Daniel let out a long deep breath as his balls contracted and pushed his sticky goo out of his body and into the diaper. It was the strangest orgasm of his life. Entirely hands free and a very different feeling yet no less powerful.

As Daniel came down from his orgasm he quickly realised something that made him freeze. The vibrator wasn’t stopping. Daniel sat back on his mattress and felt the buzzing continue to stimulate him. His dick ached as it shrunk a little but the buzzing was still insistent.

“Emmy?” Daniel called out hesitantly.


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End Chapter 11

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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