Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 3

Chapter Description: After the embarrassing trip to the bathroom Daniel head back downstairs for dinner. If he thought his day was going to get less strange he was in for a surprise.

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Daniel stood by the large table awkwardly as Emmy took the potty over and emptied it into the kitchen sink. She filled the sink with warm water and submerged the toddler toilet to clean it. She washed her hands and then carried the two plates of food to the table. There were four chairs around the circular table and Emmy put the food down in front of two chairs that were next to each other.

“It’ll be nice not eating alone for a change.” Emmy chuckled, “I’m not very sociable and not many guys want to date a taller woman… Well, not this much taller at least.”

Daniel offered a nervous sympathetic smile. Emmy sat down on one of the chairs and used her foot to push the seat next to her backwards. Daniel cautiously walked forwards and looked at the seat with trepidation. It was much higher than he was used to and he almost had to pull himself up on to the padded seat. It was far from dignified but Daniel finally sat down with his legs swinging underneath him.

The next problem was how much higher the table was from here. He had to lift his arms above his shoulders to even reach the edge. He could feel Emmy watching him as he struggled and wondered just how silly he must look.

“Are you alright?” Emmy asked pleasantly as if she couldn’t clearly see Daniel’s struggles.

“Uh huh.” Daniel grunted.

Daniel shifted on to his knees to lift him a little higher. He could at least reach his plate now but it was still a stretch and Daniel was worried he was going to fall off his chair. He picked up his fork and stuck it in a sausage, he was biting his lip but even the forks were bigger than at home. He had to use both his hands on it due to the weight. The bottom of the sausage hit the bottom of the plate and fell off the fork, it landed on the table where it rolled to the edge and then fell all the way to the floor.

Daniel winced and looked cautiously to see if Emmy had noticed. She was looking at him with pursed lips, Daniel couldn’t help but duck his head feeling like he was about to get told off. It was so difficult to remember Emmy was younger than him and not an aunt or friend of his mother. She was his cousin, his younger cousin at that!

“You’re making quite the mess.” Emmy said as she put down her cutlery.

“Sorry…” Daniel muttered.

“Let Aunty help.” Emmy said simply.

Daniel was about to correct his cousin when he felt her hands on his side. She had leaned round the table to grab him under the armpits. Daniel exclaimed as he was suddenly lifted towards Emmy. He felt the hard bone of her leg underneath him as he was sat across her lap. He looked towards the table as the plate of food was pulled towards them.

“You don’t have to-” Daniel started mumbling.

“It’s no bother.” Emmy said, “It’s better to do this than to make a big mess.”

Daniel didn’t think the sausage on the floor constituted a “big mess” but he was too embarrassed to argue. He found it hard to believe how easily Emmy manhandled him. He felt one of her large hands on his back keeping upright whilst the other picked up the fork. She pushed the fork into another bit of sausage and lifted it towards Daniel’s face.

“Isn’t this much easier?” Emmy asked with a light tone, “No mess and no fuss. Open up!”

Daniel didn’t want to comply with the embarrassing instruction. He turned his head away at the last second and ended up with the sausage pushed against his cheek. Emmy tutted as she pulled it away. Daniel looked up at his tall cousin pleadingly.

“I can feed myself… I’m not a child…” Daniel complained sulkily.

“I saw you trying to feed yourself just now.” Emmy guffawed, “Come on now, it’s perfectly fine to accept help when you need it.”

Daniel saw Emmy lift the sausage up again. She bounced it up and down playfully a couple of times in front of his mouth. With reluctance Daniel finally opened his mouth and let Emmy feed him. He chewed the sausage and swallowed with some difficulty thanks to the shame that constricted his throat.

“Good boy!” Emmy said happily, “You keep that up and you’ll get a nice reward!”

Daniel didn’t know what Emmy meant but as her hand went down and briefly caressed his genitals he felt himself freeze in place. Just when he didn’t think he could get more embarrassed. Emmy was a beautiful woman for sure and her ample chest that was now right in front of Daniel’s face was enough to make any man drool but she was still his cousin!

“Come on, there’s plenty more to eat.” Emmy said as she loaded up enough forkful of food.

Daniel opened his mouth again as another mouthful of food was shovelled into his mouth. He chewed laboriously and swallowed again. The fork was huge and Emmy was fully loading it each time meaning it was hard for Daniel to chew it all. As a consequence some of the food fell down his front, a little sauce trickled out the side of his mouth.

“We’ll need to get you a bib if you keep on like this.” Emmy laughed.

Daniel looked over to the plate. The plate was, of course, much bigger than he was used to and it was piled high with food. Surely he couldn’t be expected to eat all of it. Emmy seemed to be giving no consideration to the fact that Daniel was only a little more than half her size!

To Daniel’s dismay it seemed Emmy did want Daniel to eat everything. Food was pushed into his mouth almost as fast as he could swallow it. He had no idea how much food he had swallowed when he started feeling full but when he looked at the plate he saw there was still much more to come. He let out a groan.

“I think I’m full…” Daniel said as he forced down another bite of, admittedly, very good food.

“There’s only a little bit left.” Emmy said as she stabbed the fork into more of the food.

Daniel forced his mouth open as more food came into his body. A fluffy lump of mashed potato fell out of his mouth and as he tried to stop it falling he smeared it against his shirt. He was getting increasingly sluggish. He didn’t know when it happened but he found himself leaning against Emmy, her breast becoming a pillow for his head.

Daniel felt like his belly was going to burst. He looked down at his shirt to see it bulging out, the belly underneath groaning in complaint. He put his hands on the bulging stomach as he lazily leaned against Emmy. It felt like the digestion of such a vast quantity of food was taking all of his energy.

“Just a few more mouthfuls.” Emmy cooed.

Daniel swallowed down the last of the food and then panted. He hadn’t even been aware his body could fit this much food in it, his hunger had been sated long ago and now he felt certain he would never eat again.

“Are you thirsty?” Emmy asked.

Daniel was looking up and had his vision filled with Emmy’s large smiling face. He only groaned in response to the question but the young woman seemed to take that as a yes. As she reached on to the table Daniel closed his eyes again. His hands rubbed against his swollen belly and he let out a loud belch.

“Sorry…” Daniel murmured.

“That’s OK. Here you go. Drink this, it’ll help wash down all that yummy food.” Emmy said.

Daniel reached out for a glass but only felt Emmy slapping his hands away. He didn’t protest but instead opened his mouth waiting for a glass to be tipped up into it. Instead he felt something soft and squishy push past his parted lips and rest on his tongue. Daniel’s eyes startled open despite his lethargy.

A large clear plastic bottle was pushed against his face. He could feel Emmy’s arm holding his head up as he was leaned back a little. She smiled encouragingly as she held the infantile drinking vessel in place.

“Mmm… No… Mmm…” Daniel tried to stop the childish feeling but his voice was muffled but the large latex teat. All that he accomplished was a squirt of milk as his tongue closed on the nipple.

“It’s OK.” Emmy said with a warm smile, “This is just because you’re so tired. I couldn’t give you a glass or anything, you’d spill it everywhere!”

The logic made sense to the tired and full Daniel but he still didn’t want to drink like a baby. He tried to tell Emmy he didn’t want this but it just left him spluttering on the milk. His belly was full to bursting and the milk was only making the situation worse. He finally gave up the resistance when he was unable to dislodge the bottle.

Daniel felt like between his food and the bottle he had ingested twice his body weight. With how full he felt it was a miracle he hadn’t somehow burst open. His hands rubbed his tummy which was bulging quite dramatically, his shirt no longer seemed to cover the entirety of his belly. Even as he moaned from the fullness Emmy kept cooing and encouraging him to finish the milk.

It was a relief for Daniel when he finally gave some tired sucks on the latex teat and felt nothing but air. As the bottle was pulled out of his mouth Daniel let out a groan. His hands clutched his tummy and he closed his eyes, he could feel everything churning inside him.

“You’re looking tired.” Emmy said after she put the bottle down, “Time to go to bed?”

Daniel didn’t have the energy to speak so he just nodded his head lazily. Sleep sounded amazing right then, time to digest everything that had happened both with the meal and everything around it. When Daniel had left the house that morning he certainly didn’t see this as the position he would be in when bed time rolled around.

Emmy stood up. Daniel was cradled in her arms still as she started walking down the hallway and back to the stairs. The young man squirmed a little but his complaining was limited to a few low grunts. In truth Daniel was both so tired and full he wasn’t sure he would’ve been able to walk the journey himself, especially with the mountain range which was the stairs.

“It’s been so great having you here.” Emmy said as she climbed the stairs, “I’ve been very lonely here, you know?”

Daniel opened his eyes just enough to see the large smiling face looking down at him. He didn’t know what to say, he should’ve put a stop to all this weird stuff when it started, he should’ve left the house whether there were any trains to take him home or not. Emmy was an old friend but she was also acting very strangely.

“But I think it’s been a great day.” Emmy said as she carried Daniel into the guest bedroom, “Everything I had hoped our reunion would be and more. I look forward to getting to know you again.”

Daniel felt the soft mattress underneath him and it felt like heaven. He felt Emmy sitting him up so she could pull his shirt over his head, he didn’t want his cousin to undress him but he remained limp. When Emmy’s large hands went down to his pants Daniel finally found his voice.

“I… can do it.” Daniel murmured quietly. His hands went down to his pants but they were lightly slapped away by Emmy.

Daniel’s hands fell to his side and he let out a low whine as his pants were undone and pulled down his legs. He felt embarrassment flooding his system but Emmy showed no sign of slowing down, she continued the undressing as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Daniel’s underpants were pulled down his legs next and he felt the tall woman manipulate his legs to leave him completely nude.

“You’ve been so good today.” Emmy said quietly, “You deserve a reward. Don’t you think?”

The only thing going through Daniel’s mind was confusion. He didn’t understand why he was so tired, he had certainly eaten and drunk more than he was used to but surely that wasn’t the only thing explaining it. He hesitated to think Emmy might’ve drugged him. He dismissed the thought as soon as it came to him but he still remained limp and exhausted. He was only brought out of his introspection when he felt a massive hand on his dick. Daniel’s eyes widened as he watched Emmy smile.

“So good…” Emmy repeated quietly as her hand tickled across Daniel’s penis.

Daniel felt himself blushing. Despite his tired state he could feel himself becoming engorged. Emmy was beautiful and he wasn’t used to any kind of contact down there, it had been a while since he had last been alone with a woman, his work had consumed him. He closed his eyes as he let the feelings wash over him, he heard Emmy chuckle quietly.

The bed was huge for Daniel and he felt the opposite end dip as Emmy sat on it. One of her hands continued to lightly brush against his stiffening cock whilst the other dipped lower. Daniel jumped as he felt a hand cup his balls gently. Emmy lifted them slightly as if appraising them, it felt amazing.

“Do you like that?” Emmy whispered. As she spoke her long fingers wrapped around Daniel’s twitching tool, “You can stop it at any time. Just tell me you don’t want it, just a shake of the head and I’ll stop.”

Daniel looked down at Emmy. He thought about stopping things simply because of how weird everything had gotten but after a couple of seconds he let his head drop against the pillow again. Any of the worries or concerns he had faded as he felt Emmy starting to rub her hand up and down his shaft.

Daniel felt the rhythmic movements and relaxed into the pleasure. He felt one hand continuing to massage him as the other very softly tickled his sack. He hadn’t ever played with that area before and he was only now discovering that he loved it.

Emmy’s pace stayed consistent and it wasn’t long until Daniel felt his pleasure peaking. As his breath became ragged and his hips started to move he felt something being placed over the head of his dick.

“Wha-” Daniel started to mutter. He didn’t lift his head or open his eyes.

“Don’t worry about it.” Emmy stated, “Just make your little milkies.”

Daniel was too close to finishing to really listen to what Emmy was saying. He opened his eyes and looked down at his crotch, he had a second to see the plastic container Emmy was holding before he felt his balls clenching. He could feel them twitching in Emmy’s palm as he shot his load. He grunted as he felt himself spurting into whatever container Emmy had held up to his penis.

“Good boy!” Emmy said happily as she milked the last drops of Daniel’s seed out of his balls. She didn’t seem satisfied until the last drops fell into the container.

Daniel was too tired to really react. Now that he was spent his straining hips fell to the bed and he quickly became motionless. He looked out through half-open eyes as Emmy took the cylindrical container away from Daniel’s crotch and held it upright. She smiled as the sticky cum inside slowly slid down towards the bottom.

“Goodnight Daniel.” Emmy said.

Daniel watched the tall woman turn and leave the room. Daniel was only conscious for a few more seconds before sleep finally took him away.


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End Chapter 3

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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