Cousin Emmy

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Chapter 15

Chapter Description: In which Daniel is taken shopping for supplies, uses his diaper reapetedly in a way he couldn't imagine and realises just what is in those bottles he's been drinking.

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Emmy walked into a pharmacy after ducking down to make sure she didn’t hit her head on the doorframe. Daniel gasped as the bending motion stimulated his diaper area, the soreness was becoming a real problem but despite that his dick was reluctantly swelling again. He didn’t feel like he had anything left to give.

“We just need to get a few things for you.” Emmy said. She spoke like a mother talking to their baby, talking just to fill silence and not expecting any kind of response.

Daniel’s arms and legs swung uselessly in the air as Emmy picked up a basket from just inside the sliding door and began walking down the aisles. Daniel was desperate to distract himself from what was happening in his diaper and he silently watched what his cousin was picking up with increasing alarm.

“Wipes… powder… ooh, we need some bags for the diaper pail.” Emmy said as she slowly walked down the aisle and placed these items in her basket.

Daniel could only watch with a growing sense of dread. This very much didn’t seem like it was meant as a short-term thing. He was alarmed but as drool dripped from the pacifier he couldn’t do anything to either escape or help himself. As he was relentlessly pleasured he was nothing but a spectator to his future.

“And, of course, we’ll need plenty of diapers.” Emmy said as she faced the wall that had shelves filled with diapers from floor to ceiling.

Emmy placed one pack of diapers that appeared to be the same brand as the one Daniel was wearing into the cart. She paused for a second and then took a second packet as well. Daniel groaned as the vibrator seemed to pick up again, his junk felt bruised but was still reacting despite him wishing it wouldn’t. He saw the two packs of diapers in the basket and now knew for certain that Emmy wasn’t going to let him leave. If he was truly just visiting his cousin for a short trip she wouldn’t need this many. Daniel’s heart hammered and he felt as if he were hyperventilating.

Emmy now walked over to the counter where an older woman was standing behind a cash register. She smiled at Emmy as the latter put her items on the counter to be rung up. Daniel couldn’t understand why this woman wasn’t making a big deal about him. Regardless, he saw this as maybe his best chance to escape. Without another moment of hesitation he spat out the pacifier, it fell and bounced at the end of the ribbon slightly.

“Ewp ee!” Daniel tried his absolute hardest to get his mouth to work, “Ee ewp!”

Daniel stared at the cashier trying to desperately make her understand what he knew was incomprehensible gibberish. The woman in front of him gave a confused half-smile. Daniel knew he had failed as he felt Emmy shifting slightly, quite suddenly he felt the vibrations around his balls skyrocket.

Daniel moaned helplessly and as Emmy shoved his pacifier back into his mouth he came yet again. With a grimace of pain he felt a very small amount of semen pulse out of his cock and drip into the little reservoir at the end of the toy wrapped around his dick. As Daniel leaned forwards and bucked his hips Emmy reached around and picked up the pacifier and slipped it back into Daniel’s mouth.

“You’ll have to excuse the little one.” Emmy said with a sigh.

The woman behind the counter slowly nodded her head with the uncomprehending smile remaining etched on to her face. She finished ringing up the items and took Emmy’s card when it came to paying. Daniel wanted to cry as the vibrations mercifully relented a little. He was quite sure that after this he would never want to cum again.

With everything bagged up Emmy turned around causing Daniels limbs to sway in the air. He was just limp and exhausted as they left the store. Daniel knew for certain now that if he couldn’t escape this crazy woman he would never get to go home again.

Emmy walked back out into the sun and Daniel blushed red as he looked around and saw that most people were staring his way again. He looked down and tried to pretend he really was a baby because then this wouldn’t be half as embarrassing as it was for him right then. He was almost grateful to Emmy when she started striding away from the strip mall and back towards her house. It occurred to Daniel that Emmy was probably not all that fazed by stares, she probably got them a lot thanks to her height.

Daniel was covered in sweat as they walked home. The heat, the humiliation, the exertions of constant orgasms; it had all coalesced to exhaust Daniel who felt utterly defeated in that moment. He would never be able to escape Emmy if he couldn’t regain some strength. He needed to rest before he tried anything.

“I think you’ve had enough fun with your toy.” Emmy said as they neared her large house.

Finally Daniel could feel the vibrations taper off and then die completely. After the multiple orgasms it was a godsend to finally have the incessant stimulation stop. Relaxing brought a whole different problem though and as he no longer worried about orgasms his brain refocused to concentrate on his overfull bladder.

Daniel barely tried to hold back as his body told him it needed to release. He shivered as he felt a very different warm liquid pour out of him than had been happening on the “walk.” It shot into the pocket pussy and, finding nowhere to go, poured backwards to escape the plastic and enter the disposable. He could feel the urine gushing out of him and swirling around the tightly-taped confines of his padding. The material absorbed everything and expanded as it filled with his pee. He could barely repress a relaxed shudder when the stream trickled to a halt. He had thoroughly soaked himself.

Daniel wasn’t sure if Emmy knew what he had done but she reached around with both her hands and cupped the harness underneath Daniel’s crotch. Daniel tried shaking his head but pinned between the large breasts as he was he didn’t have a lot of movement.

“Your hair tickles me when you do that!” Emmy giggled.

Daniel pouted darkly behind his pacifier. As if not content to just humiliate him Emmy seemed to want to make sure he knew she was having a great time. At least they were nearly back within the privacy of the house.

As soon as the door closed Daniel let out a deep breath. He felt Emmy fiddling with something before he was slowly lowered to the floor. Knowing the rules he immediately dropped on to his hands and knees. He hated how compliant he was but as the door was closed he knew biding his time was his only option. He turned over and sat on the warm padding around his butt. He almost gasped at what he saw.

“I’m just going to make you a bottle and then I’ll put you down for your nap.” Emmy said as she carefully went around Daniel and down the corridor.

Daniel could hardly dare to believe what he was seeing. At the top of the front door the bolt that had foiled his earlier escape attempt remained unlocked. His pulse quickened as he realised his chance may have arrived. He was sorely tempted to lunge for the door and try to get out right then and there but he had to be patient. He would have more time to get away at night.

Daniel was shocked as she was scooped up from behind. Emmy sat Daniel on her hip as she started up the stairs. It was all Daniel could do to not stare at the chance for freedom and risk alerting Emmy to her mistake. He sucked on his pacifier and heard the loud noise that caused Emmy to smile at him.

The pair went into the bedroom and straight to the changing table. Daniel was laid down and stared up at the ceiling as Emmy started pulling out a new diaper, he didn’t care how humiliating this was because his thoughts were already focusing on a plan for that night. The front of Daniel’s diaper came down revealing the sex toys inside still buzzing away at a low level.

“I think you can get one more release.” Emmy said as she prodded the pink plastic that wrapped around Daniel’s manhood.

“No…” Daniel moaned around the mouth-filling teat of his pacifier but it was already too late.

Daniel closed his eyes as he felt the vibrations growing in intensity again. There was almost no pleasure now as his aching penis slowly grew, it was a pathetic effort as the tired organ could only achieve a small proportion of it’s usual hardness.

“Such a good boy.” Emmy said quietly as she watched in fascination.

Even without the diaper the toys were doing their jobs and every small movement rubbed Daniel’s sensitive skin against the ridged inside of the plastic pocket pussy. It was impossible to lay still with the vibrations on his testicles so he was in a state of constant stimulation. Daniel writhed on the table with little grunts and gasps around the soother that he was biting down on.

When Daniel opened his eyes he saw Emmy watching him as if fascinated by what she was seeing. She was leaning on the edge of the table and watching Daniel’s straining private parts like a curious spectator at some event. Daniel didn’t want to perform for her but he didn’t have a lot of choice in the matter as he continued to twist and turn. The vibrations seemed to pulse through Daniel’s skin and went straight down to his core.

“Ma… ma…” Daniel was trying to say “make it stop” but the numbing and pleasure cut his words short.

“Silly baby, I’m not your mommy.” Emmy paused with the widest Cheshire cat grin on her face as she leaned in closer, “I’m your big sister.”

Daniel was too distracted to even be shocked. He wasn’t even sure if he was surprised by what Emmy said, in his mind she had gone completely crazy. His hips were bucking around on the table as he felt compelled to thrust into the fake vagina. He had no desire to orgasm again but he was going to do it regardless, he could feel the pressure building in the base of his dick.

Daniel moaned desperately as his poor cock started painfully twitching. He could only wince and move his hands down to the plastic toys as he spurted a final watery load into the reservoir inside the toy. It was with relief that he felt the vibrations slowly die away. He stopped moving and laid flat against the padded surface as sweat beaded on his skin. He had nothing left to offer as Emmy patted him on the head.

“What a good baby.” Emmy said softly, “Making so many milkies for me.”

Daniel just closed his eyes and looked away as he breathed hard. It was a profound relief to feel Emmy’s long fingers finally unlocking the toys and pulling them off him. He didn’t want to look down at his crotch, it felt bruised and battered as if someone had repeatedly been kicking him there. If he had looked down he would’ve seen Emmy taking a baby bottle from the shelf and opening the pocket pussy to let the cum inside drip into it.

Daniel jumped when cold baby wipes were pressed against his skin. He winced and whined as they wiped his aching genitals. Emmy cooed softly to him as he grimaced. His legs were lifted so that his rear could be quickly wiped and then the diaper was pulled away. Daniel’s legs were held in the air as a fresh diaper was slipped underneath him, he didn’t complain and just wanted this over with so he could rest. The trip out had drained him in more ways than one.

“Alright, baby, not long and you can have a nice little nap.” Emmy said as if sensing her cousin’s tiredness.

“Not a baby…” Daniel muttered but he didn’t even open his eyes as he did so.

The new diaper was pulled up between Daniel’s legs and taped closed. Having his junk free inside the diaper felt strange after having toys locked on them for so long. He was lifted up once the diaper was taped on and carried across the room to the crib. He was laid down gently and looked up at Emmy with sleepy eyes.

“I’ll fill your bottle.” Emmy said as she ruffled Daniel’s hair.

It said a lot about how tired Daniel was that the side of the crib was left down when Emmy left the room but he didn’t try to get out. He wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere anyway as the bedroom door was closed. Emmy was back a minute later with a bottle full of milk.

“Come over here for your milkies.” Emmy said as she sat on the edge of the mattress.

When Daniel didn’t move Emmy scooped him up and laid him across her lap. The pacifier was plucked out from between his lips and the tip of the bottle immediately replaced it. Daniel reflexively sucked, his memories of previous bottles and meal times meant he didn’t want to resist and spend even longer in these embarrassing positions than he had to.

The milk had a distinctly strange taste to it. He frowned wondering if it was going sour or something but he had tasted out of date milk before and it wasn’t like this. As he suckled on the bottle and swallowed the milk he tried to place what was wrong his mind turned back to what Emmy had said.

“Come over here for your milkies.”

Daniel stopped sucking on the bottle as his eyes widened with dawning realisation. Emmy had used the word “milkies” before, in fact she had used it only minutes before when Daniel had been on the changing table helplessly cumming into the pocket pussy. She had used it to refer to his semen…

A look of revulsion came across Daniel’s face as the source of the strange taste became clear to him. He tried to pull his head away from the bottle but Emmy’s grip was too strong and the latex teat remained firmly between Daniel’s lips. He could do nothing to stop Emmy from feeding him this bottle no matter what was in it and after a minute of fruitless fighting he ran out of energy and started quietly suckling on the bottle again.

Daniel wasn’t given any reprieve until he had drunk the last few drops of milk. The bottle was big so, as well as the knowledge that he had swallowed his own ejaculate, he felt completely full d gross. He was grateful when Emmy placed him back down in the crib and raised the side. The pacifier which had only recently left his mouth was pressed back between his lips.

“Have a nice nap.” Emmy said softly, “You’ve been a good boy.”

Daniel’s eyelids were heavy but he battled to stay conscious. He wanted to scheme and plan for his breakout attempt but he was so tired. After a couple of minutes of almost drifting off he could no longer fight back against the sleep that was clouding his mind. He gave up and fell into a deep sleep.


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End Chapter 15

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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