Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024

Chapter 21

Chapter Description: Daniel is being kept under tighter surveillance than an inmate in prison. After a few days he feels like he's about to crack when Emmy tells him it's time sfor a special trip outside...

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The next few days were a nightmare for Daniel. If he thought Emmy was overbearing before his escape it was nothing like when he was brought back. Emmy didn’t let him out of her sight for a minute. He was constantly carried from room to room with his cousin and spent a lot of his time trapped in his walker. He constantly had a pacifier in his mouth and the only time it was removed was when he was given a bottle of milk or Emmy’s breast to feel from.

Perhaps even worse than this supervision was the toy that was almost constantly attached to Daniel’s penis and balls. More often than not Emmy had it turned on to that infuriating intermittent buzzing that left Daniel drooling with pleasure but never allowing him to orgasm.

After a few days of this buzzing Daniel was almost like a zombie. He was so desperately horny that his mind felt cloudy. He found himself thinking less and less about trying to escape or returning to his old life and more about just being allowed to cum. A part of his brain knew that this was Emmy’s intention.

Daniel’s days were now filled with mindless children’s television, mindless baby toys and mindlessly filling his diapers. Every day seemed to blur together and soon Daniel forgot how long he had been with Emmy. It was a big surprise then when Emmy walked into the living room dressed as if she was going out. The chest harness she used for Daniel was on her chest which concerned him.

“It’s a big day, baby.” Emmy said as she walked into the room with a smile, “We’re going to see some old friends of yours.”

“W-We are?” Daniel replied with a frown.

“We are.” Emmy replied, “But before we go we have three things we need to do.”

Daniel lifted his arms up allowing Emmy to lift him out of the walker and hold him on her hip. He saw her put her hand in her pocket and pull out a couple of pills. She held them up and waited for Daniel to open his mouth. He wanted to resist but he knew that one way or another he was going to be eating those pills no matter what they were. He reluctantly opened his mouth and let the pill drop on his tongue. Daniel was handed a bottle and he used the juice to wash the pills down.

“Good boy. Next we need to give you your special pacifier.” Emmy said.

Daniel watched his tall cousin reach into her pocket again and this time she pulled out a pacifier. Daniel could see there was some liquid on the amber bulb and he thought he knew what was about to happen. The soother was pushed between his lips and he immediately felt the horrible numbing feeling washing over his lips. As the bulb was flicked by his tongue more of the liquid came out of it and started covering his tongue as well. It wasn’t long before his mouth was coated with the numbing gel. The pacifier was taking out of Daniel’s mouth.

“Try and speak.” Emmy said, “Say “I love my big sister!””

“I wuw I ith iter.” Daniel tried but when he couldn’t feel his mouth it was nearly impossible. He blushed as Emmy giggled and pushed the pacifier back into his mouth.

Daniel was wearing just a baby blue t-shirt and nothing over his diaper. He was lifted up and he saw Emmy checking his diaper before lowering him into the harness. He was a little damp but it wasn’t like he could tell Emmy that, not that she would’ve expected him to.

Daniel was once again a passenger in his own life. The harness forced him back against Emmy’s chest and his head nestled between her voluptuous breasts. He didn’t feel particularly embarrassed by it anymore, after feeding from Emmy as much as he had the idea of his head being against her didn’t bring much shame anymore. Whilst Emmy walked out to the hallway and put her shoes on Daniel could only wonder how it had become normal for him to breastfeed.

Daniel was carried outside the house and had to shield his eyes from the sun. The huge emptiness that spread out in every direction from Emmy’s house made it clear how hopeless Daniel’s position was. He had run away to the only house in miles only to find she was apparently friends with Emmy. He sunk lower in the harness as Emmy started heading up the road.

It was a very warm day. Daniel wished he had his bottle as the pair of them made their way towards the shops from days ago. Instead of stopping at any of the stores though Emmy carried on past them. With a sudden jump Daniel realised Emmy was taking him towards the station he had originally arrived at on the way to Emmy’s house. Sure enough, after quite a while the station started looming up in the distance.

“Nearly there.” Emmy said. She was a little out of breath, “Are you thirsty?”

Daniel nodded his head.

“Alright, we’ll sort you out when we’re sat down.” Emmy said as she reached up and rubbed Daniel’s hair.

Daniel couldn’t believe he was being taken to the station. He didn’t dare to have hope but the fact they were moving a long way from Emmy’s house made him think he had a chance of some sort of escape.

There were quite a few people walking around. The station was in a very rural area so it wasn’t extremely busy but there were still a dozen or so people buying tickets and waiting at the platform. Daniel tried to get people’s attention but no one seemed to do much more than stare for a few seconds. He couldn’t understand why no one found this strange. Yet again he slumped in his restraints, if anyone did find this strange they clearly assumed he wanted to be there or something because no one was intervening.

Daniel was blushing wildly as Emmy bought the train tickets. He could see people looking at him and all he could do was flail his limbs and mumble around the pacifier. It seemed Emmy had great timing because as soon as they stepped on to the platform a train appeared in the distance and slowly pulled up at the station.

The line was between two major cities but this stop was in the middle of nowhere so when the doors opened not many people got off but the carriages were reasonably full nonetheless. Emmy carried Daniel over to some free seats and finally lifted him out of the harness.

“Right, let’s get you sorted out.” Emmy said.

Daniel looked around. The seating was very open and he could see a lot of people looking his way. He was feeling very embarrassed.

“Ewe eathe!” Daniel tried to talk but the numbness and pacifier combined to make it impossible. A thin line of drool rolled down his chin.

“I know, baby.” Emmy said with a chuckle, “Just give me a moment.”

“Ooth a aby!” Daniel cried out.

Daniel looked around and saw only smiling sympathetic faces looking his way. Except they weren’t looking at him, they were looking at his giant cousin. It seemed they thought he was just a babbling baby. Was Emmy’s size creating an illusion where people thought he was a child? He didn’t know but it made him want to cry. Escape was available right there but he couldn’t do anything to grasp it. If only he could speak.

“Let’s get your little toy going.” Emmy said quietly so only Daniel could hear.

Daniel wondered what she meant for a second before the vibrator attached to his junk buzzed to life. He immediately gasped and the pacifier in his mouth fell on to the seat next to Emmy. His mouth remained open as he was instantly consumed by the feelings in his diaper.

“I know you’re hungry, sweetie.” Emmy said.

Daniel was looking up at the ceiling and laying horizontally across Emmy’s lap when he felt one of Emmy’s large hands turning his head to face her. Suddenly his whole vision was filled with Emmy’s large fleshy orb. His eyes went as wide as his mouth as he was brought forwards. Almost by instinct he latched on to his cousin’s breast though he couldn’t believe she was doing this in public!

The thick milk started flowing and filling Daniel’s mouth. He felt almost sick with embarrassment as he sucked automatically and swallowed the sweet milk. He couldn’t see anything but the large breast that was pressed against his face but he could feel the eyes of the other passengers watching him.

Daniel’s tummy rapidly filled with his cousin’s breast milk as it hadn’t been that long since he was fed breakfast. He was breathing heavily through his nose as the areas between Emmy’s breast and Daniel’s face became sticky with sweat. The breasts were so full of milk that even the smallest pressure was squirting the fluid into his mouth. He had to admit that after drinking it regularly for so long now he had grown to quite like the taste. The thick, creamy liquid was very filling but he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to stop until Emmy’s breasts were empty.

Daniel’s attention turned to the buzzing in his diaper. He couldn’t help but let out little pants and moans as his hops writhed gently. He knew people were looking at him, the large baby feeding from his caregiver without a thought in the world. He was almost glad that Emmy’s large chest was hiding his blushing face.

Between the thick warm milk, the buzzing and the gentle rocking of the train Daniel found himself getting quite sleepy. This was such a bizarre situation that his brain was struggling to comprehend everything that was happening. There was a rumbling in his tummy as it expanded and filled with the milk.

As Daniel’s face was eventually pried off Emmy’s nipple his head rolled back and his eyes were only half-open. The sex toy that was constantly stimulating his genitals seemed designed to keep him occupied without allowing him to cum. He let his head turn to the side to see that people kept looking his way. In his constant state or arousal though he found it difficult to reach out for help.

“That’s a good baby.” Emmy said softly as she gently ran a hand down Daniel’s front.

The constant sexual teasing had clouded Daniel’s mind to the point that he could barely form coherent thoughts. He let out a milky burp that made Emmy giggle. All he could think about was his diaper area and the desperate need for release.

The train journey seemed interminable for Daniel as he laid across Emmy’s lap lost to the vibrations in his diaper. He wanted to beg to be allowed to finish but his numb mouth meant all he could do was gurgle like a helpless baby. Despite how excited he was his bladder eventually overwhelmed his body and he wet himself. The piss streamed out of him as he was gently cradled by Emmy. As soon as he finished flooding his baby pants the vibrations came back to the forefront of his mind.

“Nearly there.” Emmy said idly as she looked out the window, “Won’t it be nice to see all your little friends one last time.”

If Daniel hadn’t been practically hypnotised by the sex toy he would’ve heard the words “one last time” and freaked out. As it was they got lost in the fogginess of his mind just like everything else that wasn’t in his hot diaper.

As the train pulled in to the station Daniel had started to try and reach down to his diaper to desperately rub it in the hope of getting off. Unfortunately for him though Emmy was on top of such movements and was quick to pull his hands away. He whined and moaned desperately around the pacifier.

Daniel was paying almost no attention to anything outside of his diaper so when Emmy stood up and placed him easily back in her chest harness he didn’t really know where they were. It was only as Emmy stepped out into the sunlight on the platform that Daniel realised he was back in his home town. The knowledge that he was so close to home managed to break through at least some of the fog that clouded his mind. He reached out a shaky hand as drool rolled down his chin and dripped down on to his clothes.

“That’s right, baby!” Emmy said excitedly as if Daniel was an actual baby who had recognised something, “Do you recognise this place?”

“Ooo ah ow.” Daniel tried to speak but the buzzing, the numbing gel and the vibrations made it impossible to sound coherent.

“Good boy.” Emmy said with empty praise as she patted Daniel on the head.

Daniel’s head was pushed back between Emmy’s breasts again as he was walked through the ticket barrier and out on to the street. He saw more sights he recognised as Emmy confidently walked along the pavement. All Daniel could see was the myriad heads turning to watch them both pass. He saw people staring, frowning and whispering to their friends. He felt utterly humiliated and tried to press back into Emmy’s chest, if it had been possible he would’ve pushed all the way back until his head was engulfed by the breasts on either side.

Daniel whimpered as he tried to hide from the stares. He wished he could’ve called out for help but it was impossible, there were too many things preventing him from forming words. Next to the silence in and around Emmy’s house the sounds of the city now seemed so much louder and more hostile.

“It isn’t far.” Emmy said as she walked down the street with her long stride.

Daniel wasn’t sure where they were heading but his house wasn’t too far away. His attention was only briefly taken away from his diaper before he was brought back to his diaper. The vibrating sex toy surrounding his dick was now pressing against Emmy’s harness and making the feelings even more intense. It still wasn’t enough to make him orgasm even as he pressed the front of his diaper into the fabric harness.

Daniel felt like he could feel his aching tool dribbling liquid as it begged to be allowed full release. He stopped paying attention to the stares, he stopped looking at where he was going, his eyes glazed over as he moaned desperately.

“Here we are.” Emmy said several minutes later.

Daniel was brought out of his reverie by Emmy’s words. He shook his head and looked up to see a sight that shocked him completely. They were still on the street but the building in front of them was very familiar to Daniel. He had been going to this building five days a week for years. It was his work place.


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End Chapter 21

Cousin Emmy

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 14, 2024


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